Wreckfest: The Director’s Cut

In celebration of the holidays, the official Director’s Cut of our multi-genre short film Wreckfest is now here! Almost every single scene is extended, plus there’s an alternate ending and even a list of all the genres used after the credits.

Wreckfest: The Director’s Cut is planned for a Special Edition DVD release with all 7 of Trippy Tran Films’ shorts from 2008-2013 with loads of bonus features, trailers, promos, interviews and more.

Vicki and Mason reminisce on their high school days in Wreckfest: The Director's Cut

Vicki and Mason reminisce on their high school days in Wreckfest: The Director’s Cut

WRECKFEST - The Showdown logoTori and Vicki in Wreckfest
WRECKFEST - Bradley Oliver Turnt BackWRECKFEST - Mr Baldwin Main

All the laughs are here! Including star characters Mr. Baldwin, Bradley Oliver, Daphne, Anton, the Homeless Man, Vicki and Tori and more! Don’t miss #wreckfestmovie and share with your friends. Online for a limited time only!

“I caught Wreckfest – funny sheeyut!” – Joshua Fisher, Actor

“I love the guy in the tin hat the best…that part …. oh man haha. Build something around that guy and I would watch (another Wreckfest) all day. (Marcus Jackson who plays Bradley Oliver) is a great actor (and) Jared is hilarious – he plays a good nerd. I love the story… I think it’s smart… good concept.” – Adam Bomb Engineering

See the 48 Hour Film Project version with the audience reaction audio track from the June 2013 premier. It’s like listening to a natural laugh track! View it here: http://youtu.be/HCshBq-sg_k

Vicki nametag glare

Wreckfest: A Trippy Tran Films Short Films Collection 2008-2013 is due to release in 2015 through online stores by Trippy Tran Films.

Special Edition DVD Coming Soon!

Special Edition DVD Coming Soon!

Partial sequences to make the Director’s Cut using FCP 6 is shown below.

FCP Editing - Wreckfest Director's Cut

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