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Trippy Tran Films has made 7 short films from 2008-2013 and only one DVD has been released – the Duality and Other Movie Challenge Films released at the end of 2008 so now in 2015, after all the unique ideas like the multi-genre wrecked-out comedy Wreckfest, the eerie psychological thriller about sleep deprivation and the forces in our world in Duality, the dark comedy horror of people being deliberately aggressive and cruel in the twist-title Coexist, or the touching drama about a homeless man and a tabloid photographer in the Hamilton Film Festival’s Selection His Name Is Walter, you are sure to find a movie you’ll enjoy. To top it all off, the DVD will include complete bonus features release for every single one of these films and is being released sometime this year.

Films Include:

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You can see a majority of the bonus features here for a limited time only.

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Now during the process, we all know Anthony Tran is a busy man. While editing all these features, preparing the ultimate DVD collection of Trippy Tran Films, writing music and mixing tracks, plus preparing the final theatrical cut of Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown – which includes someone from each of the 7 shorts – Tran is also working on his life
in Long Beach, CA, where he moved to last March. On February 9th, he turned 27.

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Watch the DVD Promo –

MVIC - Chaz Promo 2015

MVIC Promo Still - Amanda Large - My Vacation IN Cincinnati  with logoSpecial Edition DVD with Bonus Features Coming Soon 2015 Special Edition DVD with Bonus Features Coming Soon 2015 (click to enlarge)

Celebrate this month with the dramatic comedy adventure with a touch of quirk coming at you to DVD as director, producer, editor Anthony T Tran aka Trippy T of Trippy Tran Films prepares the complete special edition DVD release of all 7 of his short films during his birthday month. Tran’s birthday is the 9th of February.

The DVD will include interviews, behind-the-scenes featurettes, bloopers, trailers, slideshows, music videos and montages, plus interactive menus and more! Subscribe to our pages to stay updated.

My Vacation In Cincinnati - DVD cover

Incomplete DVD art – final art coming soon

This will be the first complete collection release and is planned to be a double-disc set and will be available for a limited time only with a cover option choice for the DVD collection including any cover from Duality, Coexist, His Name Is Walter, My Vacation In Cincinnati and Wreckfest. This will be the second DVD ever to be released from Trippy Tran Films, the first being the Duality Movie Challenge Collection, which included 3 films plus bonus features. The Trippy Tran Films short films collection 2008-2013 also will include an exclusive clip from the new film Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown, which also stars Chris Corman.

See the Duality and Other Movie Challenge Films  DVD art below – another option when purchasing this collection, coming soon.

Duality DVD art