New ‘Obliquity’ Clip Premiers A Self-Reflecting Narrative Through Darkness of The Human Psyche

After several new videos to the film ‘My Vacation In Cincinnati’ released starring Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown lead Chris Corman, it was only a matter of time before we’d start seeing more from the yet-to-be-released psych thriller full-length feature from us here at Trippy Tran Films – and let me tell you, this is the Big Kahuna of our movies – the enchanting indie film that’s being planned to enter several film festivals and events takes several turns.

The imagery of the unknown is still a mystery since the movie is not out yet, (75 people came to a test screening in December 2013 and are the only ones who have seen a cut of the film – which is in the works for a final theatrical release), but with this new clip (see above) we get a better understanding as we take a dark dive into the human psyche. (Donate via PayPal to to help postproduction.)

Obliquity - Dark Title still

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Read more about the project –

Watch the official trailer below.

Watch the original teaser trailer:

Teaser 2

This new still is definitely creepy. What is happening to his face?

Obliquity - Dark Shower Scene - Exclusive Release 5.29.15

Dark Shower still feat. Chris Corman (My Vacation In Cincinnati) in “Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown”.


Yay, you kept on reading. Aren’t you just the best! In other news, a new short film is in the works from Trippy Tran Films, and rumor has it, it’s going to be called “My Vacation In LA” – a new vacation adventure project which could be the sequel to “My Vacation In Cincinnati”. We’ll have more on this story as it comes.

Watch MY VACATION IN CINCINNATI for free for 2 more days only! The new director’s cut is online for the month of May for no cost before we prepare the Official Trippy Tran Films Short Collection 2008-2015 DVD, but only until May 31, 2015 at midnight. Watch the movie starring Chris Corman and Amanda Eichelberger above and be sure to subscribe, like or dislike and/or comment! Thanks for checking out our 5 Fridays of May Trippy Tran Films video premiers. Have a great weekend!

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Let the 4th Friday of May Be With You….. Take A Trip!

A team of film makers created a movie in 48 Hours and traveled all over Cincinnati – from Sharonville to Clifton, Newport, KY to Milford, OH, the images that are captured here are shocking.

Take a trip to Cincinnati with the new behind-the-scenes look at the making of our My Vacation In Cincinnati film with the latest video release for May Fridays ’15: the photo slideshow. The crew is mostly all here, showing who did what on set, plus, see the props being prepped, the 48 Hour Film kick-off, and hear music by the very talented Cincinnati band The Front Runners and artist Elia Burkhart as they carry you through the whimsical journey of running around town to write, direct, produce, film and edit a short movie in 48 Hours. You’ll even see all the promotional images and production stills that really kick ass.

Enjoy the chaos and the excitement. We sure did.

Be sure to check out all our other bonus features to My Vacation In Cincinnati below.

Trailer –
Director’s Cut –
The Interview –
Outtakes –
DVD Promo –

*NEW* – BTS Photo Slideshow –

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MVIC Promo Still - Amanda Large - My Vacation IN Cincinnati  with logo

Interview Photo Credits: Lumiere

Music Credits:
“Copy Cat Killa” – The Front Runners
“Strangers” – Elia Burkhart

Edited by Anthony Tran

Assistant Editor: Brittany Ware

Word On The Street: New ‘Obliquity’ Clip Premiers Next Week

 There are 5 Fridays in May with 5 videos being released by Trippy Tran Films on every one of those days. Word has it, the full-length psychological thriller from director/writer Anthony Tran is seeing the day of light soon after finalizing all the ‘My Vacation In Cincinnati’ bonus features. With 2 more Fridays left, there are 2 special features for ‘MVIC’ to premier. One releases tomorrow (Friday) and the following week, a new clip for ‘Obliquity’ will premier featuring My Vacation in Cincinnati star, Chris Corman in a more serious and darker role.

New 'Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown' clip premiers next Friday, 5.29.15.

New ‘Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown’ clip premiers next Friday, 5.29.15 featuring Chris Corman.

First, let’s look back at My Vacation In Cincinnati for recently releasing so many videos in the last month. We’ve received the 18 minute interview special – which was full of great visuals and really told the story of making a 48 Hour Film Project in Ohio. (See The Interview here – Then, on May 1st, the official trailer debuted with promises of a DVD release soon. On May 8th, we got the reamped Director’s Cut of the film – which is only available to watch until the end of May this year for free as we plan releases to sell the film online and on DVD. And last week, on May 15th, we finally got to see the funnies on set with the Outtakes + Deleted Scenes reel.

     Only two bonus features remain (all of which will be on the upcoming DVD: Wreckfest – Official Trippy Tran Films Short Collection 2008-2015) and it’s either the behind-the-scenes featurette or the photo slideshow and we can’t wait to show you the newly released work! The remaining bonus will premier sometime in June. *See all the bonus features links below!*

My, oh, my did we get a lot of new releases, but the most riveting is that Obliquity is resurfacing after a small hiatus since the director’s cut theater debut in December 2013 at the Western Hills Danbarry Cinemas in Ohio. What makes it even more exciting is that we get to see actor Chris Corman play someone completely different from his spontaneous, charismatic loveable boyfriend role who won tickets to his girlfriend’s favorite band in My Vacation... What will his story be in Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown ?

We premier the exclusive new clip next Friday here at and on our and pages. Check out our @TrippyTranFilms on Twitter and Instagram for more also. #obliquityiscoming #myvacationcincinnati #obliquitymovie #newclip #indiefilms #TrippyTranFilms

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Trailer –
Director’s Cut –
The Interview –
Outtakes –
DVD Promo –

My Vacation In Cincinnati - Teaser frontcover

Working poster for ‘MVIC’. Featuring Chris Corman and Amanda Eichelberger. Design by Ren Hicks.



She Called The Director What!? Outtakes From ‘Vacation In Cincinnati’ Debuts

The outtake reel has finally come out, but here the main actress calls the director a name he never expected. See for yourself in the bloopers what she said and all the jokes on set from making this ambitious 48 Hour Film Project vacation comedy.

We promised a new video every Friday in May, and here we are halfway through May. Last week, we premiered the Director’s Cut of ‘My Vacation In Cincinnati’ in HD (online for free only in the month of May.) So what video are we premiering today?! Why, the outtake reel of course! But this isn’t your ordinary blooper reel. Extended scenes, jokes and clips that didn’t make the cut are available to view for the very first time and it’s got loads of laughs!

The reel is 10 minutes long, but the jokes and mess-ups get funnier as it goes. From the stoner bed and breakfast with extended items in the fridge like ‘hot sauce on cereal’, or the fake bird attempt to being thrown into the fan multiples times; we even see the outtakes of The Interview project, plus, some jokes in front of the green screen for the DVD promo with an added ‘Apple Turnover’ from the ‘Do The Apple Turnover’ commercial entry. At the end of the bloops, there is an even quirky weird moment between the couple on the Purple People Bridge that show character traits that were never expected. No wonder she hated Cincinnati and was a negative nancy the whole time! Do you agree?

Enjoy the outtakes from all of us at Trippy Tran Films and remember to share with friends. #MyVacationCincinnati to talk about your experience in the city and what they could have furthermore explored on their trip!

Comment below what your favorite parts of the outtake reel was and watch the bonus releases to the film below.

Watch the Director’s Cut (May 2015 Free Only):
Watch the Trailer:
Watch The Interview:
Watch the DVD Promo:
Watch HD Outtakes:

Official Trippy Tran Films Short Collection 2008-2015 DVD Coming Soon including bonus features like this.

Official Trippy Tran Films Short Collection 2008-2015 DVD Coming Soon including bonus features like this.


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‘Vacation In Cincinnati’ New Cut Releases, Taking Critiques From Viewers

Take a trip to Cincinnati as Troy (Chris Corman, Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown) and Gina (Amanda Eichelberger) suddenly win a contest to a killer concert in Ohio. As the girlfriend is unenthused by going to the ‘unheard of’ land, events turn inside out. Will they find out what the city really is about and enjoy what it has to offer? Find out in ‘My Vacation In Cincinnati’.

The Re-Mastered Film! Director’s Cut Official Release.

Get ready to jam out as this comedy adventure vacation drama unfolds! Trippy Tran Films has long-awaited the official release of ‘MVIC’ and below, we tell you what we did to make it the best possible movie and are also accepting critiques and feedback from viewers like you to tell us what you didn’t like or what you did like about the project.

Watch the official new release of the Director’s Cut above for free for a limited time only (available until the end of May 2015.)

MVIC - My Vacation Promo Collage 2015 - Coming Soon DVD

It began in 2012, Tran was scheduling and filming ‘Obliquity’ so much, it was like part of him believed that on December 21, 2012 the Mayan prophecy was going to be fulfilled and that he had to get it done. In the midst of doing this, 2 new projects were presented to him: in February, the drama ‘His Name Is Walter’ was made and then in May, Brown Mackie College-Cincinnati asked him to produce for the first time since he graduated college with ‘Coexist’ in March 2009. The film we made in association with students at BMC-C then became ‘My Vacation In Cincinnati’.

With big budget movies nowadays, how do we separate ourselves from the rest? As independent film makers, we find quality in uniting talents, some aren’t as discovered, so by discovering  and collaborating with them,  we get to promote their work – which then makes our project even greater as a whole giving us additional music or talents to pull from and utilize effectively.

Recently, Tran added 2 new songs to this director’s cut. The homely “My Ohio”by Elia Burkhart (who also contributed ‘Mr. Rabbit’ to Obliquity) and Tran’s own under his current artist name in the music industry, Trippy T with a new one just recorded a few weeks ago, “Discover”.


(left) Sonanze (Michail Sinenko) & (right) Anthony Tran (Trippy T) features new song “Discover”

What else is new in the cut you ask? Everything has been brightened up and color corrected, audio has been EQ to match between cuts a lot smoother than the previous release, a lot more clips were added to the mix and even new sound effects and longer sequences are all here to wet your appetite for adventure. This is the release we plan on putting on DVD with a few minor changes.

If you want to express any changes you think need to be made (especially if you are a Cincinnati native) write a comment below or email

We are currently accepting all reviews, critiques and any feedback on the Director’s Cut before we finalize the DVD Collection. You have a voice! Thanks for watching!

What can you expect:
A magician, a stoner bed n’ breakfast, and a rockin’ band from Cincinnati making this dramedy a fun rockin’ adventure! Share with friends and support local artists everywhere.

MVIC - Stoner Edit FCP

Official Trippy Tran Films Shorts Collection 2008-2015 also planned for DVD release later this year.

Music by:
“Discover” by Trippy T & Sonanze – *NEW SONG*
“My Ohio” – Elia Burkhart
“Copy Cat Killa” – The Front Runners
“Letting Go”, “Tease” – Lying In Ruins

Director’s Cut online for free. Limited viewing. Only available to watch in the month of May 2015.


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Watch the original 48 Hour Director’s Cut to see the differences between the new two cuts and check out the new bonus features released so far to the film below:


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My Vacation In Cincinnati (Director’s Cut) Releases 5.8.15 for May Only

Tomorrow, Trippy Tran Films is releasing the official new director’s cut to My Vacation In Cincinnati for audiences this month only. This release is to get people pumped for the Official Trippy Tran Films Short Collection 2008-2015 coming later to DVD this year with over 100 minutes of bonus features to all 7 films, plus an inside look at Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown as we get ready to finalize the feature.

Get Ready to Jam Out! Director's Cut Releases Friday, May 8, 2015.

Get Ready to Jam Out! Director’s Cut Releases Friday, May 8, 2015.

Get ready to jam out and share the vacation journey to Greater Cincinnati!
You can see the trailer and the exclusive interview featurette below.

Trailer –

Interview –

My Vacation In Cincinnati – Official Trailer [HD]

In preparation for the Official Trippy Tran Films Shorts Collection 2008-2015, we decided it was about time we released  the official ‘My Vacation In Cincinnati’ trailer.

Get ready to jam out as this comedy adventure vacation drama unfolds! Take a trip to Cincinnati as Troy (Chris Corman, Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown) and Gina (Amanda Eichelberger) win a pair of tickets from a radio contest to go to the forgotten city.
Director’s Cut coming soon! Official Trippy Tran Films Shorts Collection 2008-2015 also planned for DVD release later this year.

Note: Scenes were filmed in both Cincinnati, OH and Newport, KY, all part of the Greater Cincinnati Area.

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