She Called The Director What!? Outtakes From ‘Vacation In Cincinnati’ Debuts

The outtake reel has finally come out, but here the main actress calls the director a name he never expected. See for yourself in the bloopers what she said and all the jokes on set from making this ambitious 48 Hour Film Project vacation comedy.

We promised a new video every Friday in May, and here we are halfway through May. Last week, we premiered the Director’s Cut of ‘My Vacation In Cincinnati’ in HD (online for free only in the month of May.) So what video are we premiering today?! Why, the outtake reel of course! But this isn’t your ordinary blooper reel. Extended scenes, jokes and clips that didn’t make the cut are available to view for the very first time and it’s got loads of laughs!

The reel is 10 minutes long, but the jokes and mess-ups get funnier as it goes. From the stoner bed and breakfast with extended items in the fridge like ‘hot sauce on cereal’, or the fake bird attempt to being thrown into the fan multiples times; we even see the outtakes of The Interview project, plus, some jokes in front of the green screen for the DVD promo with an added ‘Apple Turnover’ from the ‘Do The Apple Turnover’ commercial entry. At the end of the bloops, there is an even quirky weird moment between the couple on the Purple People Bridge that show character traits that were never expected. No wonder she hated Cincinnati and was a negative nancy the whole time! Do you agree?

Enjoy the outtakes from all of us at Trippy Tran Films and remember to share with friends. #MyVacationCincinnati to talk about your experience in the city and what they could have furthermore explored on their trip!

Comment below what your favorite parts of the outtake reel was and watch the bonus releases to the film below.

Watch the Director’s Cut (May 2015 Free Only):
Watch the Trailer:
Watch The Interview:
Watch the DVD Promo:
Watch HD Outtakes:

Official Trippy Tran Films Short Collection 2008-2015 DVD Coming Soon including bonus features like this.

Official Trippy Tran Films Short Collection 2008-2015 DVD Coming Soon including bonus features like this.


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