Let the 4th Friday of May Be With You….. Take A Trip!

A team of film makers created a movie in 48 Hours and traveled all over Cincinnati – from Sharonville to Clifton, Newport, KY to Milford, OH, the images that are captured here are shocking.

Take a trip to Cincinnati with the new behind-the-scenes look at the making of our My Vacation In Cincinnati film with the latest video release for May Fridays ’15: the photo slideshow. The crew is mostly all here, showing who did what on set, plus, see the props being prepped, the 48 Hour Film kick-off, and hear music by the very talented Cincinnati band The Front Runners and artist Elia Burkhart as they carry you through the whimsical journey of running around town to write, direct, produce, film and edit a short movie in 48 Hours. You’ll even see all the promotional images and production stills that really kick ass.

Enjoy the chaos and the excitement. We sure did.

Be sure to check out all our other bonus features to My Vacation In Cincinnati below.

Trailer – http://youtu.be/dYTeiHi3gYU
Director’s Cut – http://youtu.be/7yVSj8GTuDU
The Interview – http://youtu.be/s8gG-4lJduY
Outtakes – http://youtu.be/g0f3n28JhLQ
DVD Promo – http://youtu.be/KUQ0tlqGbM0

*NEW* – BTS Photo Slideshow – http://youtu.be/8Mw-rk3gxF8

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MVIC Promo Still - Amanda Large - My Vacation IN Cincinnati  with logo

Interview Photo Credits: Lumiere

Music Credits:
“Copy Cat Killa” – The Front Runners
“Strangers” – Elia Burkhart

Edited by Anthony Tran

Assistant Editor: Brittany Ware

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