Trippy Tran Films Shorts Collection FAQ

Trippy Tran Films Shorts Collection FAQ

Want to discover The Official Trippy Tran Films Shorts Collection? Find it here!

wpid-wp-1444462982623.jpgHow many movies come in the collection?
7 original shorts of various genres all in the style of Trippy Tran Films.
See the collection features or Movies.

How long are the movies?
The shortest film is Universal Intelligence at 7 minutes (the music video afterwards brings it to 11 minutes.) The longest film is Duality at 18 minutes. The rest of the films run somewhere in between. (Wreckfest is 10 minutes.)

Wreckfest - Trippy Tran Films shorts collection yt thumbnail5

What are the bonus features?
There are several behind the scenes featurettes, outtakes, deleted/alternate scenes, live music, trailers, promos, music videos, photo slideshows and more. Each film has at least 2 of these. An exclusive new look at Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown is also included. Performances by Lying In Ruins, Professor Willie, Trippy Tran, making of the movies AND songs, plus a trivia game is slated for the release.
Bonus Features:  For the full list of announced special features, trip here.

Which is the best film to watch?
That all depends on your own personal taste! If you want some zany comedy with surprises around every corner, WRECKFEST is sure to make you smile. If you want something scary, COEXIST and DUALITY do the job and has even been labeled as traumatizing and scary as ****. If you want a light-hearted adventure/action flick, check out My Vacation In Cincinnati or Universal Intelligence. Prefer a controversial contemporary drama, His Name Is Walter is the way to go. Each film has something unique about it which is why it is a part of The Official Trippy Tran Films Shorts Collection!

Vicki Wreckfest promo DVD 2015 yt

Who is in it?

Most of our films feature an ensemble cast. Jonathan Gaietto plays the celebrity in His Name Is Walter – he was the star in an episode of ABC’s Final Witness. Chris Corman plays Troy in My Vacation In Cincinnati and his work includes Autumn Leaves and Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown. Marcus Jackson plays Bradley Oliver in WRECKFEST and has recently moved to Los Angeles with roles coming in left and right. Blaque H.U.S.T.L.E. plays The Taunt in COEXIST and reprises his horrific role in Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown. Other stars include Steven Durgarn, Aleasha Whitney Wilson, and model/actress Christina Murnen who is the lead in DUALITY.

$15 bucks! That’s a lot!
We understand it’s tough to support independent filmmakers and their aspirations, but this collection is literally a compilation of 7 years of work with several updated director’s cuts, never-before-released special features and the manufacturing of the collection alone is costly. You can individually buy a film for $1.99 on digital download but for a dollar more you get the DVD and all the bonus features you can’t afford to miss adding to your movie collection. Discounts and promotions will occur occasionally. You can get a $1 off if you rent My Vacation In Cincinnati  right now!

What’s different from this release than what was posted online over the last 7 years?
This is an exclusive collection where we have sat down and remastered all the films with fixed sound design, coloring and never-before-released bonus features. You will NOT be able to find these releases on YouTube anymore.

OBLIQUITY teaser poster

Does this movie relate to Trippy Tran Films’ upcoming debut feature film Obliquity?
When Tran finished COEXIST in 2009, he knew after winning an Audience Choice Award in the College Movie Festival that a full-length film was the next big step in making movie magic. Originally, the first 4 films (iNPERSONNATION, Universal Intelligence, DUALITY and COEXIST) had room to expand and so the a script was written to tie-in the mysteries that weren’t explained. What happened to Tiffany after DUALITY? How closely related is DUALITY and COEXIST? The original screenplay to Duality 2 (now named Obliquity) featured a lot more of the celebrity impersonator “Titney Spears” tripping the sleep deprived students and the “hunter” was the alien spy in Univeral Intelligence.

Seemingly too much and with producer Christopher Wesley, Tran decided to cut a lot of those scenes, even though several were filmed and was slated for a side story film. The original ideas also included students doing a movie challenge competition, since the 4 original films were made for competitions that required the films to be made from script to edit to print in less than a week and sometimes even, 48 hours.

Many don’t know, but there’s actors with full-on roles or cameos from each of the 7 films in the Trippy Tran Films Shorts Collection that appear in Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown:

Actress Khrys Styles (owner of non-profit the K.A.S.S.I.E. project) plays ‘Obliquity’  Lacretia Jones, rapper/filmmaker Hapless aka Josh Luckett makes a cameo and even William Alexander does some voice work in our feature and they all were in Universal Intelligence. The story of Tiffany is expanded from DUALITY, Blaque H.U.S.T.L.E. reprises his role as The Taunt from COEXIST, Jonathan Gaietto who played Alex Dublivay in His Name Is Walter plays Bar Guy #1 and Charles Pierson who played Fanboy #1 plays Liam. Chris Corman from My Vacation In Cincinnati is one of the leads in Obliquity, Brian Brinker, who plays the superhero in Wreckfest and, Ren Hicks who plays Vicki also make a cameo, plus Titney from iNPERSONNATION performs a trippy scene in Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown*. Their previous roles do not necessarily coincide with the elements in the feature.

*Originally, the cast from DUALITY was going to be in OBLIQUITY, but when time began to pass, an actor would flake and then it seemed to cause a chain reaction. There are rehearsal photos with the original cast members involved, but we are happy with the way it has turned out. OBLIQUITY calls out DUALITY as being a movie project for their school and show the ensemble living the real situations.
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Titney Spears (from iNPERSONNATION)

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