OBLIQUITY Track Premiers on Cincinnati Rock’s 102.7FM WEBN on Native Noise w/ Shroom Tonight

Tonight on Cincinnati’s rock station 102.7 WEBN on Native Noise at 11pm ET – a radio rock show dedicated to bringing local rock artists on the air, Shroom and Nudge will be playing the self-titled movie track ‘Obliquity’ by hard rockers Altered. The song was written for our debut feature film of the same name.


After working 3 years in radio at Clear Channel aka iHeartRadio, director/writer Anthony Tran moved to southern California to pursue film and finalize the theatrical cut of Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown and the Trippy Tran Films Shorts Collection. When the movie was being made, we knew we had to have a killer soundtrack.


Hard rock band ALTERED was excited about the project and began writing and recording the soundtrack-themed title hit ‘Obliquity’ (available on iTunes). The result became an obscure, bellowing, cry through the chaos where both Meyers Cage and Brandon Rubenoff roar “I scream out loud: Obliquity!”Team Roster Production Stills and BTS


See Altered tracking ‘Obliquity’ in our behind the scenes video playlist.
Altered – Obliquity Behind the Scenes Tracking



Anthony Tran standing in front of Clear Channel Media Inc. in Kenwood, OH. Photo by A Tisch Photography.

Previous co-worker Nudge with the Native Noise show posted on facebook that he is working with legendary radio jocky Shroom of WEBN in Cincinnati and is looking for local bands to play on their station. We contacted him and contacted Cage of Altered about playing the track on the air.



We just got word that they will officially be playing the song to our film on rotation! Be sure to tune in tonight or use the iHeart app to listen to the show. You can also purchase the song on iTunes. The movie is being planned for a 2017 release.


Hear more Altered at www.alteredrocks.com and ‘like’ them at Altered .

2015. Trippy Tran Films.
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