My Vacation In LA – FULL EPISODES!

Watch the Season Finale with 2 NEW EPISODES!

Watch the 2-part season finale Monday, February 29th here at Trippy Tran Films.

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It’s finally here and you know what that means! My Vacation In LA is the new mini-series that is going to take you all over the golden coast of Los Angeles. From Santa Monica Pier to Hollywood, each episode will premier every Friday in February (the final episodes presented this leap year on Feb 29) and you can find all the adventure here at Like the page for exclusive updates and more at #MVILA


Check back often and enjoy these episodes of My Vacation In LA (Series)

Prologue/Intro – Alicia’s First Time in LA

Episode 1 – My Vacation In Santa Monica


Episode 2 – Venice Beach


Episode 3 –   My Vacation In Long Beach (New!)

Episode 4 – My Vacation In Knott’s Berry Farm


Episode 5 – My Vacation In Hollywood


Epilogue – In N’ Out of LA


Be sure to check out the short film My Vacation In Cincinnati for fiascos in the Midwest! Submit your vacation vids and travel to to be featured on our website!

Special thanks to Billy Burton for providing original music and Charlie Harris for doing the voice overs.

Check out more sounds of Billy Burton at

Spin-Off Releases Featuring Rory Man Tran aka Trippy T

Hard Summer LA Music Festival Compilation

LA Life

Tigerheat Tony

West Hollywood Nightlife

NoCal Adventures

(Coming soon!) Check back for updates!

San Diego Zoo

First (And Second) Time in Las Vegas (Part 1 and 2)

Wretches and Alleys: Don’t F With Hispanics or Homeless

The Long Beach Chronicles

Random Skits With Trippy T and Legend

Industry Updates 2016 (coming soon in March)

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