MÆRY QUEENS Teaser Trailer + “Caged Animals” Premiers

In August 2015, the new web series Mæry Queens was filmed and now, not even a year later, we have the first trailer. Whether you want to spell or call it Mary Queens, Maery Queens or connect that “A” and “E” together for the Columbian spelling of the series created by Corzo Productions, you can find the debut of this inventive new show on April 30th of this year. Watch the trailer below.

So where and when did it premier? Last night, Eddie Jelinet had an artist event premiering his latest music video release “Caged Animals” and had an an amazing turnout with special guests including his iconic “red rose man” (does he have a name or is he a representation of everyone?) as he played violin that transitioned with a “caged animal” spirit and even had a true full-blooded Native American on the stage. It was a world of color and heart that only the people in that room got to experience at Sevilla Nightclub in Long Beach, California.

See Eddie Jelinet’s music video trailer and art video below.

Afterwards, the cast and crew of Maery Queens went on stage and the trailer debuted. Actors that made an appearance at the event include the fabulous Ash Nicole (who is featured in the “My Vacation In LA” Long Beach promo and plays Rachel in MQ), Anthony Moore from MTV Brazil (who plays the best friend Andrew), Felix Aispuro (who plays the Columbian hearthrob Mario) and Alex Correa (who plays the quirky and hot-tempered LB native Jośe).

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Singer/Rapper Trippy T Releases New Parody Tracks with Lyrics

Ever since he was in third grade, Anthony “Rory Man” Tran aka Trippy T wrote parody songs to popular radio hits. Nearly 20 years later, it’s still in his blood. Now he is in California recording new original songs and is celebrating his 2 year anniversary living in LA on St. Patrck’s Day March 17th with even more surprises hiding up his sleeve for 2016.


A new song about Tinder was wrote in October last year and has finally made its way to the internet – and it is hilarious! A Weird Al-style but is an even crazier version of “Turn Down For What” by DJ Snake and Lil Jon awith references to Lil Jesus, Google, dating apps and more, this full fledge song was made to the repetitive one-liner of the original. You can hear this fun song for the first time now! (Parental discretion is advised.)


Fire up that app!
Another waste of time
Turned down on Tinder

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