Singer/Rapper Trippy T Releases New Parody Tracks with Lyrics

Ever since he was in third grade, Anthony “Rory Man” Tran aka Trippy T wrote parody songs to popular radio hits. Nearly 20 years later, it’s still in his blood. Now he is in California recording new original songs and is celebrating his 2 year anniversary living in LA on St. Patrck’s Day March 17th with even more surprises hiding up his sleeve for 2016.


A new song about Tinder was wrote in October last year and has finally made its way to the internet – and it is hilarious! A Weird Al-style but is an even crazier version of “Turn Down For What” by DJ Snake and Lil Jon awith references to Lil Jesus, Google, dating apps and more, this full fledge song was made to the repetitive one-liner of the original. You can hear this fun song for the first time now! (Parental discretion is advised.)


Fire up that app!
Another waste of time
Turned down on Tinder

Muthafucka turned me down on Tinder
(You swiped left? Seriously?)
Asslicker turned me down on Tinder
Bitch (What!?)
Peckerfucker turned me down on Tinder (what!?)
Your mom, the MILF turned me down on Tinder

Chicken tenders
Muthafucker turned me down on Tinder

[verse 1]
She swiped left on Tinder
Turnt down on Tinder
She don’t know my agenda

That stupid bitch never messaged me back
You can’t see my swag with 5 pics
Hella dope with the dough
Got a dog pic
Pussy backwards in my arms
Makes it move
You’re so cute
Don’t you ever turn me down
Guess I’ll jump off a bridge now.. and maybe then we’ll be a fit

Like a puzzle baby

Wait Little Jesus
It’s little Jesús
And Lil Jon!
Humpty Dookin!

..Are you really gonna end your life?
Ber  da ber derrr!
I’ll keep rappin’
…. Even though

She swiped left! He swiped left!
(I look good with my Instagram filters!) (I swiped right)
Fire up that app – another waste of time
Turnt down on Tinder
Woo hoo hoo hoo!
Muthafucka turnt down on Tinder y’all
(Why is facebook my default pic?)
You turned me down on Tinder
Pecker fucker turned me down on Tinder
Muthafucka ain’t tyin’ me down!
The mutha fucka turned me down on Tinder
You turned me down on Tinder

Trying to meet new people
But nobody wants to roll
I’m so suppressed
Everybody – get off my back
‘Cuz there’s something that I need to
Get off my chest
Hey do you like my profile?
Has anyone said anything nice to you in awhile?
But you don’t give a chance
You’re just livin’ til your seconds up
Ding dong!
Grinder hoe

I changed my profile like 3 times this week
Can you believe that muthafucker turned me down on Tinder?
Can you believe that muthafucker turned me down on Tinder?
Who keeps comin’ up with this shit

Who the hell do you think you are (okcupid)
I have all the apps
I’mma try em all – eharmony
Who gives a shit?
But Tinder Swift
This muthafucker turnt me down on Tinder

You not turn me dowN!
You can’t turn me down!
You make me go on Tinder . Don’t let me go on Tinder  baby
It doesn’t even update
When they use your location for Google
And then they discover where you’re at all the time
And I ain’t giving you my shit like that
They just wanna sell you somethin’
You know like –
I would never do that shit
My location
Why would you do that shit ( I don’t do it)
Ya know?
Do you like Google to know where you’re at 24-7
Hell no!
Who is Google?
Who – Who are you Google?
(I never met ’em)
I know there’s a million faces behind it
But who

You turnt me down on Tinder once again
You turnt me down on Tinder when I wanna be
Friends or at least meet you
You turnt me down on  Tinder don’t you know
That we could see
A comedy show
A comedy show?
Ho ho ho ho
I’m trying to make you laugh
Once in awhile
WIth your boring self
(Don’t be boring)
I’m not bitter
I’m not sour grapes about it
I’m just –
(You’re a basic bitch)
Turnt up
Basic bitch
Turnt up
You turnt me down on Tinder (Turnt up!)
I’m tired of the app anyways
Turnt down! OW

All Music belongs to the respective artist and their label.
Lyrics ©2015 Anthony Rory Tran I Trippy T I Tripp T I Rory Man

2. Hermaphrodite

The zany song written about Avril Lavigne’s “Sk8r Boi” when he was 16 spawned the outrageous song about a male being a female and vice versa. The track will release soon.

3. Grindr

Hate another app? Or just frustrated? Well there comes the Taylor Swift’s “We Are Never Getting Back Together” is now “we are never getting back on Grindr”.

This song will drop the week after.

You can hear his funny songs and more at


His parody album Comedy Lunch is still being talked about. No word on when the food parodies and more will drop. Stay trippy.

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