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Compare & Contrast Britney Spears Impersonators Derrick Barry & Titney Spears


There is no doubt that Derrick Barry looks just like Britney Spears or that comedic parody impersonator Titney Spears raises plenty of glances from the size of her “ladies”. Both fabulous in their own way, we compare and contrast how “Britney” these gals are.

As people are becoming more accepting of dress-up, zaniness, randomness (watch any kids shows lately – somebody please bring back wholesome shows like Rugrats, Doug and Digimon for the youth of America please!) and of course the unity of man/man and woman/woman now being accepted with gay marriage in 2015 and now with, of course, the new icon from the trans community Catlin Jenner, why not watch a little of Logo’s RuPaul’s Drag Race to see who will be the next superstar as they do fun and creative industry challenges.

Caitlin Jenner at GLAAD awards (Photo by Life and Style)

Recently, long-time Britney Spears impersonator, Derrick Barry has made it on the show for season 8, but the judges are worried, is he just an impersonator? Or more versatile than that, honey child?

Derrick Barry as Britney Spears (Photo from

In 2007, director/writer Anthony Tran (owner of Trippy Tran Films LLC. – not to be confused with films on trannys btw) was in his first year in college at age 20 studying at Brown Mackie College-Cincinnati when he signed up for a movie competition. (See Movies) Assigned as the writer who had to implement an Elvis impersonator, Tran (being a longtime Britney fan since she debuted) thought it was the perfect chance to co-star a Britney impersonator for a competition of celebrity impersonators fighting for the top spot. Genius right? There still isn’t a movie quite like iNpersonNation and surprisingly, Titney Spears is played by a female after originally being written for a male actor.

Watch the inPersonNation movie trailer below

iNpersonNation (Like it on facebook) was such a hit among classmates and friends of generation X that he landed a directing role for several movies after, which led to working on his debut feature film Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown – which is in post-production looking for investors and help to complete it. Now in 2016, RuPaul’s Drag Race season 8 features an impersonator, 8 years after “I”, so the question is, is Derrick Barry a good impersonator based on the show? Let’s compare and contrast the 2 Brit’s.

‘Totally Titney!’ Spears playlist featuring music videos, promos, movie scenes, bloopers and more.

Derrick Barry began impersonating Britney in 2003. He moved to Hollywood and auditioned for America’s Got Talent and even though he didn’t win, he performs consistently (just like the real Britney) in Las Vegas. He really does look like her. He can move and dance, but is he as funny or referential based on what we’ve seen on RuPaul’s Drag Race?

Overall viewers of the Snatch Game and seem to say “meh”, “ok” and “snoregasm” about last night’s fiasco. For Derrick, saying “yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah” isn’t necessarily original, but was charming and the celebrity impersonators on Snatch Game do their best to look, act and twist the part making it entertaining and ‘bombastic love’ fun. (See what I did there?) But would more Britney references make it better or worse for a queen trying to explore other elements?

Honey, you haven’t seen it all until you’ve watched the new Long Beach gay web series okurrr?

The synth look Derrick Barry went with a couple episodes ago definitely showed versatility. Now we can only hope next week, he brings it stronger, than yesterday, everytime, with perfume and pretty girls as he werks bitch, till the world ends.

Compare & Contrast Britney Spears Impersonators

Let’s count how many references Derrick Barry’s had up to episode 5 of RDR.

1. “Oops I Did It Again” was mentioned in the dressing room.

2. “Gimme More, I’ll give you more.” During judging.

3. “Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.” On the Snatch Game.

4. Mentions showing vajayjay like Britney did in 2007.

Now grant it, there are probably loads on the cutting room floor. If we missed any other references, please comment below! We are super excited to see Derrick on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

Let’s count the Titney references in iNpersonNation (excluding promos, Obliquity and screenplay sequel)

1. Huge boobs/implants. Introduction to character in dressing room.

2. Gimme More. As she cooks spaghetti with a Perfect Pancake maker giving more spices and parsely.

3. Newborn child neglected in dangerous environment while cooking foods. She is oblivious.

4. Drinking problem. Bacardi bottle in background.

5. Tells Elvis she loves Vegas.

6. Gets called ‘Britney Spurrrsss’ by the MC at the awards. Refers to her switch to urban music.

7. Says she’s so “lucky”. At awards.

8. Whips out and exposes herself to the public like Britney did with her own Snatch Game.

So in a 13 minute movie alone, we have referenced 8 solid Britney references. Derrick Barry has the potential and drive to win and we would even love to see him in our sequel to iNpersonNation as the lead Britney, but as far as Drag Race is going, the A-game needs to be more present between these contestants. We want more Britney!!!

Check out our Totally Titney playlist above and comment your thoughts on what you would like to see with Brit below!

Anthony Tran has been a long-term Britney fan since she debuted “…Baby One More Time” and has collected all the singles and imports from different countries costing anywhere from $2-$15 a single plus remixes and more when CDs were purchased in-store and not online at a young age. When he was a teen, his family was hurting for money and his mom made him sell his entire collection of Britney singles and remixes from her first 3 albums for less than $2 a piece, which Anthony always wanted to get back one day.

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