Top 10 Countdown for ‘My Vacation In LA’ Hosted by Ash Nicole and Charlie Harris


Watch the countdown video below!

SoCal just got sunnier with the new docu mini-series My Vacation In LA which premiered this past February. Now Californians Ash Nicole and Charlie Harris are counting down the candid, the monumental, the hilarious, the zany, the uniquely beautiful and interesting travel moments plus, our special guest hosts show us plenty of fun surprises sprinkled all across this journey ever so sweetly- and it debuts here at Trippy Tran Films. (Watch it below!)

The dramedy of a trio traveling was a quiet smash amongst Cincinnati residents with the film My Vacation In Cincinnati when it premiered in the 48 Hour Film Festival 2012 starring the late Chris Corman. The short, being mostly an improv film with 5 locations in 2 days, was based on a screenplay by Shane Stephens (who played the outrageous magician, Tom Rococo.) The film received a director’s cut after the competition and promoted local bands and artists.


Throughout the process of completing our debut feature film, the psych thriller Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown, writer/director Anthony ‘Rory’ Tran (who now lives in L.A.) was editing bonus features for MVIC (My Vacation In Cincinnati) when Alicia became his first Ohio visitor on the west coast. They made a joke about filming their adventure traveling all over LA (and the OC too with Knott’s Berry Farm) making a new series out of it to share with the world.

The series was officially born as Legend, Alicia and Rory all contributed videos from their fun-filled week of vacation. Almost a year after the adventure, Tran decided to spark the project into life releasing 7 episodes made from the cell phone footage. With long-time best friend Alicia plus, roommate and pal Keith Legend, a new trio took a trip, and it became its own spinoff-style sequel and documentary-like mini-series.


Watch ‘My Vacation In LA’ for more fun in the sun!

My Vacation In LA shows people who don’t get to travel or have the means to be in Los Angeles by showcasing a different travel destination in each episode while following these colorful personalities. From Santa Monica to Hollywood, Long Beach to Venice Beach, a fun experience at In N’ Out Burger, train rides, being inside LAX, riding roller coasters, hanging out by Cali mountains and a whole week trip for the debut of season 1 – which includes a prologue and epilogue – the fun is gorgeous as it is relevant in each and every adventure.

Original music in the series is by Billy Burton, with voice overs by Charlie Harris, and elaborate photo slideshows edited by the Trippy Tran Man himself. Amy Cooper, who composed a big chunk of the score in Obliquity, submitted a ton of new tracks for this Top 10 Countdown which are included in the video (above).


Ash Nicole (MVILA Top 10) also stars in MÆRY QUEENS.

Being on the beach, Ash Nicole and Charlie Harris both had fun on location with Anthony ‘Rory’ Tran🦁, who was the cinematographer on the countdown vid and opted not to make a special guest appearance to keep focus on our 2 hosts as they lead us through each vibrant moment.

Tran, however, does appear sonically as a voice over announcer for when the numbers count down.

Fun fact: Tran worked at Clear Channel Media (iHeartRadio, now iHeartMedia) as an assistant contest administrator. The job was to pump up contest winners by representing radio stations across the nation for the leading radio corporation, awarding people to the iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas, an exclusive Justin Timberlake 20/20 Experience debut and more. He had worked 3 titles in various departments there in Cincinnati before he moved to LA to pursue entertainment even further.



Official News:

It has been announced a My Vacation In LA season 2 is coming later this year with Obliquity co-star Erin Wilkin. Not many details have yet to be revealed, but new locations are to include Seal Beach and the Hollywood Walk of Fame this time around. There’s nothing like being around a studio lot with these actors and filmmakers! We will also be showing more of Hollywood and various LA gems during the day this time, since what was only captured in season 1 was the tour bus at night after being audience members of Comedy Central’s @Midnight with Chris Hardwick (who just so happens to share the same last name of Tran’s friend Johnny aka ‘Trendy’ – a film friend who was in Rory Man’s first cover music video in high school 2004 with Mindless Self Indulgence’s “Prom” song – and another fun fact – also features Erin Wilkin from MVILA Season 2!)

Why not a throwback to Rory when he was 17. What a sweet little baby. (Parental discretion is advised.)

There are 100’s of videos to be seen throughout our site here and on both our pro channel featuring our movies, music videos, behind-the-scenes and more at or Rory’s personal vlogs, skits, parodies, covers, singing/rapping channel What kind of videos interest you? What do you want to see in LA or in your town? Or in general? Comment below and be sure to share, subscribe and say hi to your neighbors. Toodaloo transcendental tripsters.

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