Bonus Features Revealed for The Trippy Tran Films Shorts Collection 2016

Since fall last year, the 7 short film collection with a list of bonuses have been announced for digital download and DVD release. Now, we’re giving you some of the goodies before the release – which is looking to come end of year.

The 7 movies included are

Wreckfest     (Comedy)
My Vacation In Cincinnati     (Dramedy, Comedy, Live Music)
His Name Is Walter      (Drama)
Coexist      (Horror)
Duality      (Psychological Thriller)
Universal Intelligence      (Sci-Fi, Spy, Action)

Let’s look at the bonus features slated with this limited edition collection.

Disc 1 

My Vacation In LA – Top 10 Countdown

The dramedy adventure My Vacation In Cincinnati rocked the city as it promoted it, made fun of it, and redeemed itself – all with a fun little twist and shout. Flash forward to February where 7 episodes were released for a new spin-off docu mini-series sequel-esque adventure now in Los Angeles with the director himself of the original film having fun in the sun with Alicia (who made a cameo in COEXIST) and PALS Key Grip named by Zachary Gordon himself: Legend. The episodes had so many fun moments west coast-style, that we had to do a top 10 favorite moment countdown with hosts Ashley Hernandez  (aka Ash Nicole from the Long Beach gay web series Mæry Queens) and V/O promo man from season 1 Charlie Harris (Screams Queens).

 My Vacation In Cincinnati – The Interview 

Tying in all the short films, actors from the film and the director Anthony Tran discuss making the film project in so little time and incorporating all the questions one may have about Trippy Tran Films. 

Interview with the Cast and Crew of Duality 

In 2008, the first DVD collection from us was sold in bookstores and distributed online and to the community. This was the first interview made with the cast and crew that went on to making some of the most unique short films with that Trippy style. Duality is also the prequel to Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown which is our debut feature film coming soon and this interview touches up on some of the mysteries in the original. 

Trippy Tran Films Trivia Game

Do you know our movies well? With fun new lines from our Wreckfest girls Vicki and Tori, don’t get a wrong answer or they will trip you up even harder!

All Trailers

The Trippy Tran Films Shorts Collection 2008-2015

Wreckfest Trailer 

My Vacation In Cincinnati Trailer 

My Vacation In Cincinnati DVD Promo

His Name Is Walter Trailer 

Coexist Trailer + DVD 


48 Hour Film Premier Cut w/ Audience Reaction 

Bloopers and Outtakes

Behind the Scenes Photo Slideshow

More to be announced here soon..!