‘MÆRY QUEENS’ Season 1 Finale Premiers January 17, 2017

In April, the first 4 episodes debuted and in October, we were given 3 new episodes of the 5-7 minute LGBT fiasco drama, mystery, comedy. In November, we got 3 more right before the 2-part finale that came out as a December release at the red carpet season finale at Paradise Bar & Grill, which was hosted by OnTheRocksOnAir in Long Beach, CA before the global world wide Web premier January 17 at 7PM (Pacific Time.) Now you can say you know “Which Bitch Did It!”

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Mæry Queens Season 1 – (Episodes 1- 12)

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Kyle Mosonyi as Nick – Behind the Scenes of MÆRY QUEENS episode 4 “Alien Queen”. Image by Anthony Tran.

What we know:

So Nick is having a birthday party, Mario is moving back to Colombia, Ian is upset that Nick told Andrew he cheated on him, Brandon could want to be the manager at Nick’s restaurant, Rachel was planning a surrogate baby with Nick,  Dustin was kicked out of the house after the breakup, José only seems to like white boys (but recently has dated Latinos) and Andrew is in real estate and in the presence of an ex. With the threat saying “put the house up for sale or kitty gets it” and then later the kidnapper threatens the guests if they keep prying – it really could be any queen.

Watch all 12 episodes and character promo commentary streaming now!

View the extended final episode of season 1 above.

Still from the season finale, episode 12 “Guilty Queen”

Top Moments of “MÆRY QUEENS : The Web Series”

Nick is hosting his 35th birthday party in Long Beach, CA with some of his most beloved friends. But not everyone is out for Nick’s best interest, it seems. A threatening message demanding that he put his house up for sale or they’ll kill his kitty cat Hotto and possibly the guests at the party leaves the group shaken and blamin’ as everyone gets an unexpected surprise.

Pointing figures and deciphering the mystery, let’s take a look at some of the best moments that shaped this season into the drama-fest mystery and find out some exclusive behind the scenes juicy info on MÆRY QUEENS : The Web Series (Season 1)

Image courtesy of Anthony “Rory” Tran

1. The Pilot

Episode 1 “Birthday Queen”

In the pilot, Nick is excited to have his diverse gay pals (plus one thirsty faghag) at his birthday celebration, even though one of his best friends Mario is looking to move back to Columbia. When he opens a box with a film noir-esque magazine cut message inside, he finds out that someone wants him to move far away and will do anything it takes whether it means hurting his only pet, or someone at the party.

Most of the ensemble cast is featured here. Ali Cesur, Daniel Donnie Flores, Alex Correa, Felix Aispuro, Kyle Mosonyi, Ashley Hernandez and Allan Carter. Where is Anthony Moore and Fernando Gonzalez?!

Watch a clip from the production of episode 2 “Bitchy Queen“:

Also pictured is the creator/writer Henry Corzo as he looks into the lens and directs the scene that kicks off the dramedy and mystery and the Director of Photography aka singer/rapper Trippy T also known more professionally as Anthony T. Tran.

Image by Keithopher Webb.

2. The Silver Fox

Episode 3 “Racist Queen”

Not only is this the location of where the show premiered webisodes 1-4 in April 2016, but was also the place used as a flashback scene location for episode 3 and again later in episode 8 “Gossip Queen”.

In these scenes, we learn that they gang used to smoke outside the bar and then that Ian was making out with a stranger while dating Andrew. Could either one be seeking revenge against Nick?

It was fun setting up the two lights we had and hearing people get excited as they drove past watching us on our production. When we hosted the red carpet event here, the show gained more of a following and now marks the spot as one of our official ‘MQ’ landmarks.

Pictured: Anthony Moore, Felix Aispuro, Kyle Misoyni and Allan Carter

Photo by Anthony Moore

3. Closer to Midnight

As each episode progresses, a new hour has occurred until the last episode hits midnight and everything must be in place for the tricky kidnapper to be satisfied. In episode 10, “Family Queen”, Mario talks to his father about his trip to Columbia when he finds out when or if his other friends have come out to their parents. Finding family around is important, but then who would want to hurt the group?

Behind the scenes of Episode 2!

Night scenes were fun to do in open spaces to showcase the ensemble cast. Using a gorgeous Long Beach housing location, most night scenes were shot per scene – so – we would film all our day material and then utilize the night scenes, changing the tipsy level between certain characters to make sure each scene fit each hour that occurs. Who is the culprit?

Image by Keithopher Webb

4. Let There Be (Rainbow) Lighting!

When approached to do the cinematography on the project, Anthony “Rory” Tran knew the show was gonna be full of personality and color. Incorporating several different looks using the gels for the indoor scenes, he opted to give it an almost theatrical look at times. The key was avoiding the mirror and showcasing the own colors of our wonderful talent.

In episode 9 “Fair-Weather Queen”, Ian and Rachel talk about being friends before his break-up with Andrew – who she would hang out with moreso after. Originally, Mario was supposed to be in the scene, but actor Felix Aispuro had to leave early. The moment we discovered how Rachel felt about her friends seemed to lead even more suspicion onto her. Did she take Hotto? Is everyone else playing the fair-weather friend?

Image by Anthony “Rory” Tran

5. The Queen Mary: Origins of a Mæry Queen

When the Mæry Queens celebrate a ‘Merry’ Christmas, we learn the origins of Mario’s nickname. He talks about the beautiful historic boat of Long Beach calling it “The Mary Queen” and then is soon corrected. I guess these guys couldn’t let it go as they decide to keep calling him “Mæry Queen” – which is pronounced in Columbian as “Mary” with a rolled “R”, but who knew Hotto meant “queer”?  Sorry Mario, but you are what you are #MæryQueen!


From here on out (including the following images) there may be spoilers leading to character discovery and details on the reveal of the culprit. We suggest you watch all 12  webisodes before reading any further. #MæryQueens

MÆRY QUEENS Season 1 – (Episodes 1- 12): http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3SmLp-jjEwIdkMdlRjzUdRfOxNR-yyUg

It’s kind of heart-warming to see them all get along in this flashback as opposed to the negativity and drama that ensues between them later in life. Mario doesn’t like the name, but at the end of the night, eventually gives in and even shares how he will miss these queens, saying “…You will always be my Mæry Queens” in episode 10 “Family Queen”.

Speaking of the Queen Mary, the legendary boat is also in the opening credits, even signifying how Long Beach is one of (if not the biggest) gayly-populated cities in the U.S. (next to its step-sister of sex, drugs, bitter, proud and muscle that make up most of West Hollywood or even in comparison to the Key West scene in Florida…Though Boys Town in Chicago and the gay scene in San Francisco and Vegas also deserve mentioning.)

Mario saying this not only ties into the title of the show, but represents the city as a unique and diverse environment known as Long Beach, California.

Image by Henry Corzo

6. Bartender

Director/Writer Henry Corzo made a unique and entertaining story of friendship in his latest drama-mystery splashed with comedy, sex (including safe sex practice), and an ensemble of diverse cast and rising stars, plus, a story that gay, straight, bi or whatever you may be – can easily relate to as it’s in a way, a coming of age story. A journey of people are together in a community and they’re all trying to be there for each other – even though sometimes seemingly against each other, and their true colors all begin to shine. The only one that doesn’t fit in so perfectly is… the bartender.

Exclusive behind the scenes including the Bartender!

If not a joke to the character itself, in the opening credits we see each actor with a character name but Fernando, however, is listed simply as “Bartender”. In episode 7, “Proud Queen”, we learn that Columbian Mario is debating on making his move back to his homeland while Mexican man José thinks he’s just into white boys and maybe even into the birthday boy Nick – which is why he’d want to stay. Ignoring his games, Mario then tries to message the cat kidnapper back, but he receives a nasty life threat via Grindr. And who happens to be on the phone at the same time? Yup, you guessed it….


Pictured is Henry Corzo, Felix Aispuro and Fernando Gonzalez

Image by Anthony “Rory” Tran

7. Rachel the Hag

Yes it’s a whole bunch of hot gay guys in their early 20’s to early 30’s sometimes shirtless or making out, yes it’s about people of all backgrounds who end up on the west coast, and yes it’s about that one chick who just happens to love her some homosexual men and begs to have a surrogate baby with the lead hottie Nick (played by Kyle Mosoyni) to lock him in an everlasting relationship while she sticks to booze and loses a strap or two.

In episode 4, “Alien Queen”, we learn that Rachel is from Miami and that she is also part Cuban. This faghag was voted the most likely to be the culprit at the red carpet season finale poll hosted at Paradise Bar & Grill in Long Beach, CA December 10, 2016 and the reasons are obvious. Which bitch did it? Why, the only female of course! We’re not going to spoil this one for you, but when you watch “Mæry Queens”, Rachel is definitely someone to keep a close eye on. She may be one of the few to get so messed up at this party… but one may question why that is. One thing’s for certain though. She is one with the queen! #MæryQueens

Still from MÆRY QUEENS season 1 finale! (B&W version)

There’s nothing but love for this girl played by Ashley Hernandez aka Ash Nicole aka Casanova. See Ashley in the ‘My Vacation in L.A. – Top 10 Countdown”

The top photo was taken from actress Ashley Casanova’s day 1 of production and is in episode 11 “Drunken Queen”.

Image by Anthony “Rory” Tran

8. The Hollywood Real Estate Debate

Nick’s buddy Andrew works in Real Estate in Long Beach and after Nick and Mario find the appraisal in episode 5 “Competitive Queen”, Andrew is ready to get offers on the house. Nick will do anything it takes to get his beloved pet kitty back and that includes saving his friends from the kidnapping drama queen. What’s gotta be done has gotta be done as Nick plans to move far away from his friends in California.

Andrew (played by Anthony Moore) is even called the “Perfect Queen” in episode 6 by Dustin because his motives could mean high commission for him. Andrew denies this and in his confessional to the camera calls these people “blow-hole bitches” making fun of them for being by the ocean and near whales and perhaps insinuating how loose these canons are. As we learn more about Andrew, he seems to be thinking of Nick’s best interests despite his ex, Ian, being there who cheated on him. Is he the queen who’s in it for money? And where diid he come from? Brazil or West Hollywood?

Anthony Moore is known for being on MTV Brazil as a celebrity and befriended Felix Aispuro. They both currently live in West Hollywood, CA.

Image by Anthony Moore

Watch season 1 of MÆRY QUEENS and find out Which Bitch Did It! All 12 episodes are now available for free streaming.

Mæry Queens Season 1 – (Episodes 1- 12): http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3SmLp-jjEwIdkMdlRjzUdRfOxNR-yyUg

9. California Queens

Everyone is a suspect and each person could want Nick to move far away… and won’t return his cat, Hotto, if he doesn’t. Taken from episode 2 behind the scenes, the friends and partygoers try and comfort poor birthday boy Nick. That’s when they learn that everyone – besides José – is a transplant to Long Beach in episode 4 “Alien Queen”.

Nick is from Boston, Andrew is from Brazil, Rachel is from Miami, Brandon is from Atlanta, Mario is from Columbia, Dustin is from San Francisco and the cameo from singer/rapper Tripp T (Trippy T) – Anthony Rory Tran comes from Cincinnati in real life. #MæryQueens

Each webisode (usually around 5-7 minutes each) delves deeper into the relationships and the mystery of who could have caused all of this drama and commotion. When you find out who is behind all of this, it leaves it open not only for a season 2, but may even hit home for many with its satisfying and emotional tie-in ending.

10. Guilty Queen


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