40 Days of Success

Dreamers follow an unwritten journey leading them up different winding paths, opportunities and experiences as each passing day comes to light. Though, some believe everything is destined to happen, we continue to strive for collaboration, endurance, confidence and achievement to reach and make these goals. Sharing this unique experience we call life can be rewarding and even disappointing at times, but as we hold onto our inspiration and faith, we find that anything is possible.

As owner, director, producer and writer amongst many other roles (cinematographer, singer/rapper, editor, production assistant, etc.) for Trippy Tran Films and other production companies, I have been continuing the dream and doing my best to complete some of our projects in the balance. Our goal still includes releasing our feature film debut Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown to festivals and audiences worldwide.

I’ve always been open to joining forces with other people in the entertainment industry and our love for creating and connecting will only continue to expand. (We encourage everyone to never lose sight of what they want in life!) Here are some of my own biggest feats, a new entry showcasing 40 Days of Success and determination up to this point in my life. Check back for new entries starting March 1, 2017. Believe in yourself. Believe in others.

– Anthony T. Tran
“Rory Man”
Trippy Tran Films, LLC.

Day 1 – New Music from Trippy T

Trippy T - Anthony Tran - CXL Photography IMG_0311

True artists are always making music whether it’s publicly released, finalized or not. This image is taken from the photo shoot on location of my new music video TBA (shhh! – details yet to be revealed!) There are a lot of surprises with the new songs and the upcoming Centerpiece EP. Working with celebrity model photographer Chris Anthony of CXL Photography fall 2016 was refreshing. I felt as I could really be myself in this video, now having lived in Los Angeles for almost 3 years and loving the SoCal atmosphere.

You can check out my reverbnation.com/TrippyT page to hear potential tracks for the EP Centerpiece – which is currently in the works and be sure to follow  facebook.com/TrippTMusic

Day 2 – Co-Producer and Cameo Role in Sovereign Entertainment’s Devil’s Point

Throwback to the club scene in the new movie Devil’s Point that I co-produced and made a cameo in with these lovely stars of the film (Alexander Sedlak and Kait Stay). It’s been since 2011, but great things take time. We hope you can’t wait to see this supernatural horror from Sovereign Entertainment and Trippy Tran Films!

Watch the trailer here 

Day 3 – Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Sports Awards Post Party Staff (2015-?)

Working Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Sports Awards Post Party Event 2015 & 2016.

Growing up watching Nickelodeon myself, it brought me joy to pump up the youth for their photo op and was in overall exciting to be part of such an exclusive event for a second year in a row.
In 2016, I was teamed up with the basketball photo booth guys and helped kids and families get their star photo moment with their print used as the backboard for a mini-bball hoop and was also given my own hoop.

In 1 week, the Kids’ Choice Awards will be hosted and airing March 10, 2017 on Nickelodeon.

Day 4 – Director of Photography on Long Beach, CA web series MÆRY QUEENS


Maery Queens – Long Beach with Anthony T. Tran as director of photography.

Working with the cast of Mæry Queens as official Director of Photography on season 1 (available to watch for free) where I worked with MTV Brasil actor Anthony Moore (Malady, Into the Shadows), Kyle Mosonyi  (“Gone” Music Video) and Ashley Hernandez (My Vacation In L.A. – Top 10 Countdown) and of course the rest of the stellar cast involved.

Production took place throughout the month of August 2015 and the first 4 webisodes premiered in April 2016 with a red carpet premier at one of the filming locations: The Silver Fox. I used facebook Live during the event highlighting some of the star moments, interviews with most of the cast and even spoke on stage in front of the audience.

I became so passionate about this project that I ended up writing additional segments to the show with solo confessionals with each character in between episodes that started after episode 4. It also marked my first major role debut in Long Beach and first cinematography role in Los Angeles County.

Watch and subscribe to Season 1 

Day 5 – COEXIST wins Audience Choice award for CMF 2009 in Greater Cincinnati

Winning our first movie award in the city for our horror short COEXIST and pictured with legendary synth-funk group Midnight Star’s Bill Simmons who was also one of my instructors.

In my final project in college at Brown Mackie Cincinnati, I had already directed 3 original shorts and several other music video projects, etc. Before #ObliquityMovie was started, this was the film that encouraged me to continue following my passion as we won an Audience Choice Award for a horror film in 2009! If anyone remembers that Era, horror films were coming out left and right and it was hard to find anything original. To this day COEXIST by @trippytranfilms remains bold, thought-provoking and unique.

Watch the trailer 

Follow the Coexist movie page

Coexist dvd art 2009 Official

If you feel adventurous and want to see our original website before TrippyTranFilms.com was established, check out our 2008 website http://transistorfilms.tripod.com/index.html

Day 6 – Assistant National Contest Admin for iHeartRadio contests & Clear Channel Media + Entertainment (2011-2014)

Hired at Clear Channel Media & Entertainment AKA #iHeartRadio for 3 years with 3 different job titles for radio nation.

In the birthplace of radio, Cincinnati, OH I had a good friend who saw my passion and ambition for working in entertainment. In 2011, I was hired to run national contests including giving away $1000 more than 5 times a day as well as trips to the iHeartRadio Music Festival in #LasVegas, plus, exclusively with my boss ran the private show #contest for the Justin Timberlake 20/20 Experience debut and Miami and L.A. shows and pool parties with America’s top artists.

I then was hired for commercial dubbing then music in production tech. I trained and worked with original members of Blessid Union of Souls I left the job to pursue my film endeavors in #California. Here I’m pictured with KISS 107 FM host Jare E. J and WEBN legend Shroom. Also pictured is the UK’s Morning Parade and Brian Aubert of Silversun Pickups in the Coke Lounge. Both great guys to be studio neighbors with. For fun, you can hear my radio voice in our short film #MyVacationInCincinnati

Watch Morning Parade’s “Alienation” music video

It’s not been the same since and I do miss the main jobs I had, especially sending people to big festivals and hearing their excitement when awarding them. The festival played live yesterday on broadcast television.

Day 7 – 27 Bands and Artists on our upcoming film debut Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown

You may not be able to see all 27 bands and artists in this collage, but when we started our feature film debut, we never imagined networking with over 100 bands and artists talking submission, free posters that we’d provide to promote, and even some of the leading acts making a cameo appearance in the film. We ended up collaborating with over 150 people nationwide. Obliquity is a film that drew people in for having a positive outreach, wanting to unite several talents with the idea of us all promoting each other. A true collaboration – especially on the indie front.

When I was 21, I began another attempt at making a feature (my first was when I was 16 for an outrageous parody film The Dumbest Horror Flick Ever) after COEXIST had taken an audience award voted on by college students: the upcoming generation. I created a film that I wanted to resonate with people that went beyond some of the garbage that Hollywood was putting out by making a movie that spoke to the human soul with ideals to open people’s minds and showcase undiscovered talent (some that were well on their way) by bringing forth a colorful connection.

You can check out a list of bands and artists here and on IMDB for a full list of songs and names. The movie track “Obliquity” by ALTERED premiered on WEBN 102.7FM Greater Cincinnati local radio. Two music videos have been made so far for our upcoming psychological thriller including “Empty Minds” by punk rock band Killer Looks and Noise. Check out the work from affiliated bands & artists on our soundtrack and let us know your favorite tracks in the comments section.

See the Killer Looks and Noise music video “Empty Minds”

Watch the new music video from Master T.C. and the Visitors “On My Own”

Watch the new music video from The Radio Broadcast – “Body”

Watch Cheech Mob “Andy Dalton” 

Lyric video for The Upset Victory “Don’t Give Up The Night”

Behind-the-scenes making of the “Empty Minds” music video

Day 8 – Official Videographer/EditorProject SpARCH (STEM) Fundraiser

SpARCHing a new change in our community and across the nation.

Continuing the journey in Ohio back in 2012, I was asked to help bridge the connection between the University of Cincinnati and Hughes High School by filming a crowd-funding video that would kick off the STEM program where college students mentored high school students for their next stages in life in their field by creating an academic bridge. Advocate David Mierke approached me about collaborating, and after a successful meeting, I asked Josh Luckett of EZ World Entertainment to assist me on the production that would soon start a positive spark in education.

Watch the Project SpARCH video

The two of us worked with Dave and Jenna as well as the principal of Hughes High and the director of SAID/DAAP teachers. We recorded a variety of students showcasing their skills regarding architecture and design, math and science as well as their excitement for the program. After the video was featured on indiegogo and facebook, STEM ended up coming to fruition by gaining national attention from Washington D.C. and broadcasts on network news.

Former president Obama spoke about encouraging college enrollment and programs that would make a difference in the community and this was proposed to him. Partnerships following this model have just recently began to take off and have helped several students in Cincinnati, OH to continue learning in a built environment with plans to tailor across the country.

Honestly, I myself just recently researched the impact this program has had in recent history and can not be more happy to have been a part of the seed that bloomed the STEM program community. Taking Digital Television in high school in junior year myself at Scarlet Oaks, I can say I fully support higher education. During those years, the vocational program helped me craft my production, marketing and business skills and has even helped make me who I am today. On a side note: In middle school, at the YMCA summer camp, I was once a Team Leader. I fully support role figures for people in the community.

A variety of videos have since been made on Hughes STEM High School and the University of Cincinnati STEM including full news reports on CBS and NBC in 2014. See those videos here.

Learn more about the success and details of the program at the official website. https://www.uc.edu/cce/student/hughes.html

Day 9 – Acting Roles – Over 30 Movies, Shows and Commercials featuring Anthony “Rory” Tran

40 Days of Success - (Day 9) Actor Anthony Tran

Images by Denise Fischer, James Rollo, Mitch Teemley, ReelVisual Productions, Mat Grimes and James Willis.

See the original acting demo reel of Anthony “Rory” Tran

Most filmmakers when they first start out, either star in their own films or maybe play a type of on-screen role in their own productions. This may be due to budget restraints, the “indie” factor, or in my case, wanting to see the world on the other side of the lens.

In Cincinnati, my first major on-screen role was in Crosses To Bare in my first year of college in 2007 when I was 19, I had only 5 lines to deliver. From there, I was “Sam” in When The Viper Calls, the hard thug in Liars, Cheats and Thieves, an alien in the superhero parody web show CAPES: The Series and then later to commercials, indie feature and short film roles and music videos like Zebras In Public – “Propoganda” and “John Doe” music videos.

Now in California, I am seeking to participate in even more music videos, short films, features, commercials, contest videos and more. I was given a bit role in Maery Queens after my audition and took on the director of photography role instead, which in my eyes, was even better.

Projects that still haven’t released that I’ve been featured in include Dreamline Pictures Escape: A Lonzo Jones Film (pictured above), or when I played Adult Zack in the new kid’s show PALS – which gave me my eligibility to join SAG-AFTRA.

I have, however, taken charge of several projects under the Trippy Tran Films name and have made several contest videos like the infamous rap-tastic flash mob Arby’s – “Do The Apple Turnover” or when I choreographed the cover video “Bad Girl Cincinnati”.

Fun fact: MTV came to 3 high schools in Ohio in 2003 and I just happened to be attending one of them. I was 16 at Anderson High School when the show MADE asked me what I wanted to be made into as they videotaped my response with 2 suits in a side classroom. I told them – during that pressured moment, that I wanted to be a model and an actor. I wanted to experience my passion in filmmaking in all aspects.

Having attempted my first feature in high school alongside several other school projects including the “Prom” – Mindless Self Indulgence music video (which you won’t see my resume), I took joy in filming all the other footage and also being featured in it. The Dumbest Horror Flick Ever music video also was made and a Weezer cover “Island In The Sun” (which I might add is hard to find!)

Here is a list of roles I have played and/or been involved with. This includes speaking roles, bit parts, music video acting, hand modeling, cameo appearances and more.

View my head shots over the years.

  • Benmark Productions – (Web Series) “Pals” – ‘Adult Zack’
  • Corzo Productions – (Web Series) “Maery Queens” – ‘Skylar’
  • Trium Entertainment – (Show) “We Are Champions” – ‘Cornerman’
  • Resistance Communications Network –  (Web Series) “Article 17” – ‘Randall’
  • Dreamline Productions – (Short Film) “Escape – A Lonzo Jones Film” – ‘Homeless Mexican’ / ‘Pioneer’
  • Moriah Media – (Trailer) “Notzilla” – ‘Asian Boyfriend’
  • ReelVisual Productions – (Web Series) “CAPES! The Series” – ‘Alien Det’
  • James Rollo – (Commerical/PopTent/Samuel Adam’s Commercial Contest) – ‘Social Patron’
  • Mat Grimes Productions – (Music Video) Cheech Mob “Andy Dalton” – ‘Patch’
  • Rainbow Tiger Media – (Music Video) Zebras In Public “Propoganda”  – ‘Student #3’
  • Tony Deemer – (Music Video) Zebras In Public “John Doe”  – ‘Robber #2’
  • Sovereign Entertainment – (Music Video/Arby’s Casting Call Contest Entry) “Do The Apple Turnover”) – ‘Trippy T/Self’
  • Sovereign Entertainment – (Feature Film) “Devil’s Point” – ‘Club Guy’
  • Hal-Carlton Ford – (Music Video) Jeremiah Clark “Practicing Lines” ‘Gay Boyfriend’
  • EZ World Entertainment – (Web Series) “Shoot ‘Em Dead” – ‘Gunner #3’
  • Bill Anderson – (Short Film) “Passages and Portals” – ‘AI #7’
  • James Willis – (Short Film) “Pizza Boy’s Fantasy” – ‘Pizza Boy’
  • World Famous Entertainment – (Short Film) “The Orphans” – ‘Gangster #4’ / ‘Cop #4’
  • Mr. Steele Productions – (Short Film) “Cyclone: Behind The Storm” – ‘Tiger Woods’
  • An Ides of March Production – (Short Film) “Liars, Cheats and Thieves” – ‘Thug #2’
  • NKU – (Music Video) “Mr. Saxo Beat (Cover Vid)” – ‘The DJ’
  • Midnight Star – (Music Video) “No Parkin’ On The Dance Floor” Music Video Remake – ‘Male Dancer’
  • DokWho Production & EZ World Entertainment – (Music Video) “Indian Giver” – ‘Director’
  • DokWho Production – (Short Film) “Crosses To Bear” – ‘Rebellion Leader’
  • Stephanie Hayes – (Short Film) “When A Viper Calls” – ‘Sam’
  • Marvel Studios – (Feature Film) “Captain America: The Winter Soldier” – ‘Mall Patron’

And the ones with Trippy Tran Films:

  • Escape West Films & Trippy Tran Films – “Denizen” – ‘Post Man’
  • Trippy Tran Films –  “Obliquity: Imagery Of The Unknown” – ‘College Student’
  • Tripp T “2012/Shimmer Of Longing” Music Video – ‘Self’
  • Trippy Tran Films – “His Name Is Walter” – ‘Fanboy’
  • Trippy Tran Films – “Duality: The Battle Within” – ‘Bar Boy’
  • Trippy Tran Films – “InPersonNation” – ’Studio Manager’
  • Trippy Tran Films – “Wreckfest” – ‘Prom King’
  • Trippy Tran Films & EZ World Entertainment – (Music Vid/YG Family’s BigBang “Bad Boy” Cover Contest) “Bad Girl” – ‘Boyfriend #3’

You best believe that with the completion of our projects and with my debut album under the pseudonym Trippy T that I will be pursuing more acting roles in the entertainment industry on all fronts. Keep your eye out and follow my fan page for exclusive updates.

Twitter & Instagram @trippytran
Production @trippytranfilms

Day 10 – WRECKFEST Movie  – Multi-Genre Mayhem!

Our seventh original short film Wreckfest was a 48 Hour Film Project entry where we made this movie from script->production->editing->print in 48 Hours. We took on the additional challenge ourselves by implementing every single genre that was given (excluding Wild Card genres) making our smash comedy Wreckfest the first of its kind with 14 genres in a 7 minute short. The director’s cut is now 11 minutes long and is coming to DVD and digital downloads soon. You can watch the original 48Hr cut with the audience reaction audio on our YouTube.com/TrippyTranFilms channel and here.

Wreckfest was definitely in the running for a award when it premiered, but conservative Cincinnati couldn’t handle some of the comments made on that stage about the film. Can you count all the genres in the movie?

Teaser Trailer

The movie name became so popular that a racecar wrecking game took its name. We, however had our own game in the works – a “choose your own scenario” adventure game that gave Wreckfest 14 alternate endings, new dialogue, scenes, mini-games and more. You can play using the Episode app and then clicking our story link to enjoy the comedy! Learn more about Wreckfest – An Interactive Story here and at facebook.com/wreckfestgame

Happy Birthday to actress/writer Alesha Whitney Wilson who plays Clepto Cleo and my step-dad who helped raise me. Yeah!

Follow the Wreckfest movie page

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Day 11 – Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards 2017

It’s all about walking the orange carpet and throwing a welcome party kids and their families can all enjoy. With several different photo booths, games, dancers, food, slimeade and more, the 30th Kids’ Choice Awards has never been better. With an amazing staff (myself included – first time working this event), we were sure to deliver smiles, excitement and fun for everyone to pump them up for the awards show tonight on Nickelodeon hosted by WWE wrestler John Cena.

After watching the #KidsChoiceAwards, I didn’t realize how many celebrities I actually had talked to and helped get a unique keychain with the green screen Toyota photo booth keychain maker at the #WelcomeParty this weekend including Jojo Siwa and Jace Norman. Watching it tonight, I was happy to hear both, in particular, Jace Norman, have such a positive speech and after his Oscars gag, I believe he said it best basically saying to everyone to keep going for your dreams. One day they’ll all come true. As I always say, “Believe in yourself, believe in others”. Even when those seem to not. For a 16 year old, he sure was inspiring. I had such a blast being a part of this whole experience. Follow #40DaysofSuccess to see our original work.

On a side note, sorry Jace that we weren’t able to get another Keychain in time before they shut down the booth. Toyota has trying to get their green screen car as soon as the Welcome Party was over and I was just the messenger. Hope you guys still had fun!

Day 12 – Official Camera Operator for PALS Directed by Zachary Gordon (2015)

After being the DoP on Mæry Queens, I was put in touch with a team of people (thanks to A.D. Bobby Duncan) who wanted to bring back wholesome entertaining children’s programming for youth everywhere with a new show being directed by Disney star Zachary Gordon (Diary of a Whimpy Kid), who was 17 at the time of the project fall 2015.

Pals is the story of growing up and figuring out what it means to be a kid. The show was originally planned for a 2016 release, but like many finished productions seeking distribution or timing, there hasn’t been a confirmed date for this show, even though us crew have seen it edited and let me tell you, it is awesome!

Watch the trailer

Pals stars child actor Zachary Arthur (The Fifth Wave) and was produced by his celebrity singer mother Marci Herrera, with rumors to have been executive produced by the Arquettes.
One of my star moments was in the episode “Old Man”, where there is a scene outside in the yard. Being 1 of 2 camera operators working with a close-minded ego “filmmaker just there to make a paycheck” who contributed nothing creative, acted like a know-it-all and then stuck to simple tripod set-ups, etc., it left me to slide in and run most of the visual direction. I took initiative to talk to Zach about adding some color, depth, and movement with a scene with flower buds flowing gracefully past the frame, which also made the cut in the trailer among other aspects our side of the team implemented. Another exciting moment, which officially made me SAG-AFTRA eligible, was playing the role of adult Zach- which I’ll leave you to see when the show comes out!

There’s no doubt that kids need positive and well-rounded stories again and that kind of storytelling is what I strive for here at Trippy Tran Films and in all the work I contribute to. To work with people with similar heart is what I seek and is what I found in Pals. The hyperactive, brain-numbing idiocy of some television, kids shows and media makes me believe there is another agenda in the entertainment industry and I believe that bringing back positivity and morality is what will strengthen unity and also encourage the future generation to continue to inspire and find a pal in others – especially in a social media world full of likes and emoticons – where it seems more like a popular contest nowadays and less like a love for all life and the world we share with each other. Simply said: Be a pal.

Day 13 – His Name Is Walter (Official Selection of the Hamilton Film Festival) (2012-2013)

Not many short movies go online and then are contacted to submit for film festivals because they are so adamant about playing it. When Ren Hicks (Wreckfest) approached me about filming her senior thesis in college in 2012, I was happy to take a small hold on our feature film production #ObliquityMovie to produce, co-direct and edit this bold and touching story.

Watch the trailer 

His Name Is Walter took the hearts of many and was selected for the Hamilton Film Festival in 2013. With controversial topics about celebrities, society, the homeless and starving artists out there, our 5th original film is a moving drama that has had many shed tears.

See clips at YouTube.com/TrippyTranFilms and get it when it comes out with The Official Trippy Tran Films Shorts Collection 2008-2017

His Name Is Walter has 2 official posters. The one pictured above is the European poster. The image below is for the American DVD release.

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Day 14 – Trippy T – “(2012)/Shimmer of Longing” Music Video 

Having a passion for writing since I can remember, it was no doubt that my first official music video would reflect my belief system. With “Shimmer of Longing”, Sonanze and I wrote a poetic dark pop song, which is the first music video for the Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown soundtrack and tells a different story as the melodic electronic “2012 (Unfreeze)” begins.

Being my first music video, I was happy to work with Sovereign Entertainment and EZ World Entertainment again with Josh Gerrety making his directorial debut. Aside from “TripP T” or “Trippy T” (my artist name since 2011 with the Arby’s rap – coinciding with our production company Trippy Tran Films), I also produced, ran camera, and wrote story elements for this song that means so much to me.

In the music video, clips of the movie are obscured throughout the intro as people in the world are shown upset in life. We see a guy is randomly beaten, friends lose a pal from overdosing, and a girl with a busted knee. “Shimmer of Longing” features Christopher Corman, a star of #ObliquityMovie, who untimely passed in 2015 and Tyler Stroup and Selena Klaphake, stars of Wreckfest. The music video is also briefly shown in the new web series Mæry Queens in episode 4.

So why is this a #40DaysofSuccess entry you may ask? Well besides going practically viral, being released on the day that the Mayan Calendar expired (12.21.2012), I was also asked to return to produce and mentor for Brown Mackie College-Cincinnati’s AVP (Audio Video Production) program, editing it in less than a week. When it released, comments flooded with 85% haters dissing the video – I can say that means it’s a hit right there. I’ve never seen so much negativity on such a positive message about bringing people together.

“I know what you could be with me / We can do anything we believe / As we keep going through our hopes and our truths / Gotta feeling / You know it / Keep chasing it / Keep embracing it / You can taste it / We can make it / In the shimmer of longing”

The song itself was recorded in 2011. Recently, I’ve heard people are still a fan of the song and play it, really enjoying the melody and what the song has to offer. Make your own judgment about the song and comment your thoughts.

See exclusive behind the scenes making of “(2012) Unfreeze/Shimmer of Longing”

Be sure hear brand new music by visiting


Talk to me on Twitter, Instagram & YouTube @trippytran @trippytranfilms

Day 15 – Wreckfest – An Interactive Story (2014)

Who remembers choose-your-own-adventure books like Goosebumps and Hardy Boys?

From our hit movie Wreckfest comes the mobile game that will wreck your world. With endless alternate scenes and endings, the game I programmed through the app Episodes is my first  adventure game based on our films.

Characters are expanded from beyond the original 48 Hour Film Project entry with deleted scenarios, alternate universes, some crazy ish and a high school reunion that shows its true trippy colors – extending beyond the 14 genres of the film festival with over 15 alternate endings implemented in style. Play the game here after downloading Episode to experience the movie game!

As noted, you must download the Episode app first and then after it’s on your mobile device (Android, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Kindle, Smartphone, etc.) you will need to click the link to our story-game to experience our trippy multi-genre mayhem to the nth degree.

Who will you wreck today?

Follow the Wreckfest – An Interactive Story page

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Day 16 – Arby’s “Do The Apple Turnover” by Trippy T – Contest Entry (2011) Commercial

Flashback to to our flash mob, it was 2011 and the Arby’s oven mitt wasn’t cutting it for their marketing apparently. Inside every restaurant on their table tents was an ad about winning $10,000 by entering their cast calling video contest. Wanting to raise money for our projects, I got with Josh Luckett  (EZ World Entertainment) and together we made a hilarious fun and silly Arby’s rap. I recorded the track with Sonanze and then recruited a flash mob of diversity to dance with that “good mood food”. We had a complete ethnic cast from Asian, African American, Irish, Latin and of course vanilla white; taped by Christopher Wesley of Sovereign Entertainment. How could this 30 second spot not win?

It was the day of the featured entries on the Arby’s website and our video wasn’t even selected in the top 10 (is it because we mentioned the 5 for $5.99 deal that stopped happening around the release?!) and was won by a guy who was allegedley friends with Owl City with his “Hey Arby’s” video. After he won, he was never shown in any Arby’s commercials. So can we say he honestly really won the cast calling? I think not.

However, our video did gain mad popularity after its release becoming the most viewed video on our YouTube.com/TrippyTranFilms channel reaching almost 5K views up until recently making it now the second-most viewed. People have even come up to me telling me how much they love our Arby’s commercial and think it should have won and could indeed be an actual commercial. In all realness, I do love this video. I once walked into a bar and before I sang karaoke, got introduced to the crowd with this video on all the TV screens. Now that’s a different kind of success!

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Included in the flash mob is Aleasha Whitney Wilson  (Wreckfest, His Name Is Walter), Amanda Eichelberger (My Vacation In Cincinnati), Iabou Windimere (Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown) and Josh Luckett (Universal Intelligence). 

Watch behind-the-scenes and outtakes of “Arby’s – Do The Apple Turnover” by Trippy T

Be sure to check out all our skits, parodies, fun and more also at YouTube.com/TrippyTran

Skits Page 1                         Skits Page 2

Watch “Conan, Please Blow Up My Car” contest entry for Conan O’Brien

Watch my improv rap “Bread on My Nipples”

Watch our Dorito’s contest entry with MMA Fighter Chad “H-Bomb” Hinton

Watch my junior year of high school cover of “Prom” by Mindless Self Indulgence 

Radio Shack Commercial Abridged

For more zany comedy, keep it posted here with #40DaysofSuccess only at TrippyTranFilms.com

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Day 17 – Producer and Editor of Denizen (2016)

Happy luck of the Irish day to everyone who’s reading and happy 3 year anniversary to me for living in Los Angeles County since my move from Cincinnati, OH on St. Patrick’s day 2014. I found it appropriate to make our 17th entry on March 17th with the first film I’ve produced in California with our mystery Denizen affiliated with Escape West Films and Shake The Sky. This, like many of our other short films, was made for the 48 Film Project, which is only slightly different from the midwest version of the 48 Hour Film Project.

Production Manager Liz McQueary is Scotch Irish, actor Charles Harris is Scottish and I am an eighth Scotch Irish myself. I even have some freckles on my face! #semiGinger #HappyStPattysDay And yes, I make a cameo as the postman. Funny because in editing I was the post-production man. Get it? Teeheehee #LuckoftheIrish☘

Watch Denizen here

Denizen is a mystery that came out exactly 4 years from the release of “Shimmer of Longing” music video and is a mystery that leaves even more questions at the end. #Whodunnit? With eerie atmosphere, a story of a new girl in West Hollywood and a gorgeous location overlooking downtown Los Angeles right on Sunset Blvd, this Scooby-Doobie is unlike any other film.

Denizen definition: An inhabitant or occupant of a particular place.

And just for the record, there is an indie flick called Denizen online that isn’t this film, and only after brainstorming a good title for our short with our team and chosen by Liz, had I discovered after that there was another movie with the same name. Remember folks, you can only copyright an idea, not a title or content, though our movie completely differs from this project. I almost wanted to change the name to Denizens as they are all occupants, but the director Alex Harris was happy with the singular title and it went to enter to win the 48 Hour Film Project with hopes to be screened at the Director’s Guild. How triptastic!

The greatest success of this project was that since Charles and I talked beginning of 2016, we set a goal to collaborate. The result became a cinematic psych mystery shot on an Epic Red Dragon cinema camera in the notorious West Hollywood Hills on Sunset strip. It doesn’t get any better than that trippers.

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Day 18 – My Real Life In L.A. (mini-series) (2016-)

Now before you go asking about My Vacation In Cincinnati or My Vacation In LA” or the upcoming series sequels (both coming soon), there is an updated series of vLogs, snapchats and videos that make up My Real Life In L.A. showcasing different California events, locations, friends, concerts, networking and more that you may not have seen yet including behind-the-scenes of my new music video shoot for Trippy T. Wherever I go and whatever I do that is snap-worthy is included whether it’s videos, pictures or commentary, my recent journey around Los Angeles is revelealed. This is also for all my friends back in Ohio, Kentucky and the Midwest/east coast who haven’t seen me much since my move . California. Yesterday on St. Patrick’s Day, I celebrated my 3 year anniversary living in L.A. That video will also be coming soon. ☘🌴

Here I am pictured with singer/actor/model Dustin James aka Cat Magick who makes a cameo in Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown and has his song “Party Love” featured in the movie and soundtrack. I will be hanging out with him tonight in Hollywood to celebrate another night of achievements.

Watch My Real Life In L.A. here!

Hear Cat Magick’s new song “Turn This Around”

Hear the music of Trippy T

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Day 19 – My Vacation In Cincinnati  (2012)

A couple wins a radio contest to see their favorite band along with a trip to Cincinnati, OH. Not impressed, they both find ways to enjoy their adventure in the overlooked Midwest city that was the birthplace of radio, national baseball, where director/producer Steven Spielberg and myself are all originally from, plus the Ohio River, a magic show and a B&B that delivers laughs, rockin’ music and more in this acclaimed fan-favorite dramedy.

In 2012, we entered our second 48 Hour Film Project after having done the CMF in 2009 and our first being Universal Intelligence in 2008 and was made just months after His Name Is Walter. When we picked the genre out of a hat, we ended up getting ‘Vacation or Holiday’ film and it was May – so no holiday materials were as accessible. We decided to do a vacation where we were at: Cincinnati, though we implemented Christmas stockings in the opening scene to cover our basis of utilizing the requirement.

Having worked at iHeartRadio for 3 years, it was so fun to make a movie about my hometown and cheese it up. Because when you hear Cincinnati, how many people really want to take a trip there? Originally called “Stonehouse”, My Vacation In Cincinnati has this charm that Cincinnati natives and people around the globe alike have enjoyed. A special interview about the experience came out in 2015, just months before actor Christopher Corman passed away.

You can rent or buy the director’s cut here at TrippyTranFilms.com A spin-off called My Vacation In L.A. came out in 2016. Both series have sequels coming out soon including my recent journey returning back to Cincinnati for 2 weeks and actress Erin Wilkin (Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown) visiting Los Angeles for the first time.

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Day 20 – My Vacation In LA (mini-series) (2016-?)

It’s International Day of Happiness and the first day of spring! Shortly after 2012’s short hit dramedy My Vacation In Cincinnati, I made the move to L.A .on St. Paddy’s Day 2014 to pursue my career in the entertainment industry. A year later, I received my first visitor, a really good friend, Alicia, who played a small role in 2009’s COEXIST as a nurse. I, myself, was still familiarizing with what Los Angeles had to offer, so Legend and I planned a week of adventure for her vacation and went to several cities within L.A. County including Santa Monica, Hollywood, Knott’s Berry Farm, the Aquarium of the Pacific and so much more.

In February 2015, every Friday, I released a new episode of #MVILA totaling 7 episodes with our 2 -part season finale premier on leap year February 29 – which also featured a preview of Trippy T’s new song. Each episode was also complete with opening credits and photo slideshows. Soon after, I wrote a script for the “My Vacation In L.A. – Top 10 Countdown” and I cast actor Charles Harris (Denizen), and Ashley Hernandez (Mæry Queens) making my first major release in L.A. After the countdown premier, Erin Wilkin (Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown) and her boyfriend Randy came and visited me for a few days and was asked to have some of their vacation taped – since her role in our upcoming psychological debut was so impacting.

Season 2 is planned to start airing in April and goes back to the My Vacation In Cincinnati roots by implementing a couple and friends now in the City of Angels.

Watch mini-episodes of My Vacation In L.A. 

Watch the My Vacation In L.A. – Top 10 Countdown

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Day 21 – DJ Trippy Tran

For over 3 years, I was a karaoke DJ that made my own playlists for some of the hottest and most fun college bars gay and straight alike in the Cincinnati area. Starting at Stormin’ Norman’s, I then became the most loved DJ at Arlin’s in Clifton, Murphy’s Pub, the Northside Tavern seasonal DJ, the Diamond Palace and I ended my run with the infamous Below Zero Lounge.

I still make playlists to this day, and some of my favorite song choices can be found on my fan page. I loved setting up and running the DJ booth, taking requests and showing the world some amazing music they may not have heard. I’ve always been musically inclined and believe music is therapy! I still enjoy singing karaoke. What songs would you want to hear me sing? See some of my covers at reverbnation.com/TrippyT Shout out to DJ Sam for being my assistant on most of these gigs.

You rocked it with me!

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Day 22 – Master T.C. & The Visitors “Gotta Be Free” featuring Trippy T

“Gotta Be Free” featuring Trippy T – Master T.C. & The Visitors 

After working on 2 albums under my pseudonym/artist name Trippy T and while finalizing Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown, I contacted pop artist Master T.C. and The Visitors about collaborating on his song “Gotta Be Free”, which had a musical intro that on whim, I had wrote and recorded a rap for. I submitted my feature on the track while I was living in Cincinnati and while he was in Los Angeles working with writers and producers who have credentials with Katy Perry and Justin Bieber among other number 1 top selling pop artists. Master T.C. loved my rap and the song was slated to be their debut music video. But because I moved to L.A. and he moved back to northern Ohio, it has been hard to schedule our shoot.

Watch the new music video from Master T.C. & The Visitors “On My Own”

Master T.C. & The Visitors have been on the radio and just released their debut music video “On My Own”. They just had 2 shows in Los Angeles and I’ve seen them perform quite a few times here at venues like The State Social House and House of Blues on Sunset Strip. I’m a huge fan of Master T.C. and it’s always a pleasure to hang out with him and the band, especially since both come originally from Ohio. His music is so catchy and produced at industry quality that I’m ecstatic to be featured on the track with a possible future collaboration. When he performs my rap on stage, he even mentions my name beforehand. It’s such an exhilarating and surreal experience to hear something I’ve wrote performed by someone I admire and am such a fan of. Even more exciting, there are still plans for the “Gotta Be Free” music video.

Also pictured above with us is Meghan Morgan, an actress and voice over artist. I once recorded a voice over commercial audition for her and she ended up getting the part. Way to go Meghan!

Master T.C. and the Visitors are also on the Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown soundtrack with “La Dee Dah”.

Master T.C. and the Visitors on Reverbnation

Trippy T on Reverbnation

Day 23 – Official Videographer of 2nd Annual OC Pride featuring Steve Grand, Courtney Act, Laganja Estranja and Gia Gunn

The call came to me from journalist Stephen Paul who got the word from J Hollywood that he was going to cover the event and then asked me to be the solo camera op. Having done Project Nunway LA the year before, I was more than happy to capture the show, which was hosted at Yost Theater with celebrity superstars from RuPaul’s Dragon Race season 6 and openly gay country pop star Steve Grand.

Watch Courtney Act perform “All the Lovers” and “Kaleidoscope”

Watch Laganja Estranja and Gia Gunn at OC Pride 2016

The video has yet to be released, but to celebrate #40DaysOfSuccess and covering the 2nd gay pride parade and event in Orange County in history (or herstory if you’s an RPDR fan), it was super damn exciting to have a great view and a behind the scenes scoop. I would even love to collaborate with Steve Grand on a song one day. And Laganja!

The Newsgayper interviewed Steve Grand, but there’s no word on the release yet. We’ll have updates on our website as it comes. Enjoy the live performances I captured that’s meant for quick clips and montage edits for J Hollywood to release.

Additional images by CXL Photography.

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Day 24 –Official Videographer of Project Nunway LA featuring Bianca Del Rio, Wendy Ho, Chad Michaels and More

Is it sickening or what?! Tonight on Friday March 24, 2017 premiers RuPaul’s Dragon Race season 9 (but is the 11th season counting All Stars and All Stars 2) and it is gonna slay your bae before Aunt May if you know what I say as Ru’s SuperStars continue their success following in her heels-on heels-off legacy and footsteps. Let’s bring ito the Nth Degree #ToTheNines

If there was one queen who reigned them all on RuPaul’s Drag Race (now broadcasting new episodes on VH1 instead of its traditional start on Logo, can anyone say money talks?) it’s the infamous Adore Delano! And of course winner of season 6, Bianca Del Rio. I mean she sounds like Gilbert Gottfried in Aladdin but is twice the laughs (jk G.G. You’re still funny Feb boy!)

With Bianca’s own tour Not Today Satan, plus, starring in a charity for AIDS research and being loved by people all over the world including myself, running the front camera for Project Nunway LA 2015 was fascinating as it was breathtaking as so many people united in The Mayan Theatre. Then came the drag. Fierce is tame compared to what we saw on that runway. Each queen was given a tarot card to represent. The results are coming soon from a new documentary from Film Gage Productions – who had another documentary on Netflix regarding Prop 8.

After running front camera with the kindness of Corzo Productions  (watch the colorful new LGBT Web series Mæry Queens online #WhichBitchDidIt), our team had a photo op with the comedy queen herself. Bianca Del Rio was very pleasant to talk to. It was a fun experience, especially at The Mayan Theatre since my debut music video “2012 (Unfreeze)”/”Shimmer of Longing” premiered the day the Mayan calendar expired. Life has a funny way of coming full circle. It’s another success I’m happy to share.

Watch RuPaul’s Drag Race season 9 tonight at 8pm.

See All Stars 2 winner Alaska Thunderfuck crowned at The Precinct in LA with Willam and Jackie Beat.

Cincinnati season 5 RPDR superstar and friend Penny Tration and I.

Day 25 – Universal Intelligence – Winner Best Choreography – 48 Hour Film Project (2008)

In 2008, I directed 3 short movies during my second year in the Audio/Video Production program at Brown Mackie College-Cincinnati and entered my first city competition, a 48 Hour Film Project entry written by William Alexander called Universal Intelligence. Produced by the director of the BMC’s 48 Hr entry the year prior, Onarae “Dok” Heath, a music video for his song “Indian Giver” was also made within that window of time.

UI ended up making it as one of the Top 10 movies in the city for the competition and ended up winning Best Choreography for a pretty stellar fight choreographed by Rayshawn Allen. Though, not one of my favorite movies that I’ve done as a director, my second film seems to grab the attention of many with its action and sci-fi elements. The film stars Khrys Styles (Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown) and Josh Luckett, director/actor of EZ World Entertainment. It’s been said that one of the actors has unfortunately passed away that played one of Krybesa’s alibotz.

And you know I typically make a cameo in all of our films (with the exception of COEXIST – due to its specific concept) and though I’m not actually in Universal Intelligence, I have some fun scenes in the music video.

You can see Univeral Intelligence when it comes to The Official Trippy Tran Films Shorts Collection 2008-2017 on DVD and digital downloads coming soon.

See my major debut acting performance with star of COEXIST Bobby Long in the 2007 48Hr Film Project entry by DokWho Productions Crosses To Bare.

Day 26 – Guest Speaker at Ohio Center for Broadcasting (2013)

During my journey of making our debut feature “Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown” and co-producing “Devil’s Point” among several other projects (see #40DaysOfSuccess”) whilst working at iHeartRadio, I was asked by Southwest Ohio’s leading broadcast college to speak to students and answer any questions about striving and taking steps into the entertainment industry. It was great to hone my public speaking skills, representing our production company Trippy Tran Films and sharing experiences to people who may have long-term goals like myself in this field. Though I was taped during this, I’ve never seen a copy of it circulate.

Being a mentor is all we ever need to grow and succeed. I’m happy that I was able to have a couple along the way myself. I can’t say even 4 years later that I’m truly where I want to be (even with 3 years in Los Angeles) and it all takes time, commitment and drive. Never give up! Please support and like all of our pages and whatever else on social media including our website TrippyTranFilms.com our Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook @trippytran + @trippytranfilms and help us grow and continue making creative work. Much love to all. – Anthony T. Tran aka The Rory Man

Images by Frenzy Photos, Ren Hicks, Jimmy Heck and Kyle Chaney

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Day 27 – Official Videographer for Cincy Productions & Chef Dan (Promotional)

In Cincinnati, I wasn’t the only one making business plans to help better the community. My friends Dan Wells and Brad Bresser needed commercials and I was the man for the job. 

Chef Dan started a series of tutorial classes for Sushi Bears, Bolly Bears, Thai Bears, Classy Beading and recently has just opened his own bar. He even taught The Hunger Games star Josh Hutcherson how to make his style of sushi. (Glad to see ‘Peeta’ happy again!) Every person got a full tutorial DVD of how to make unique cultural dishes. Josh most likely has a Trippy Tran Films made DVD in his possession. People could play it when they wanted to have their own sushi parties. Also, Sippy Bears is the most viewed video on both my YouTube channels with over 21K views! 

DJ B Squared was the karaoke king at several college bars, gay bars and more. Having weekly nights at Arlins, Murphy’s Pub, Club Bronz, Below 0 Lounge and more became huge hits . A night on the town. RuPaul’s Drag Race superstar Penny Tration hosted shows above with The Cabaret on nights Cincy Productions hosted karaoke. The torch was passed down to me to become DJ not long after these promos were made. I hosted karaoke up until I was cast as an extra in Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

I have done plenty of commercial work both as a filmmaker and actor. See #40DaysOfSuccess at TrippyTranFilms.com for more!

#commercialwork #promotional #SushiBears #ChefDan #PandaChefs #JoshHutcherson #TheHungerGames #Peeta #CincyProductions #BradBresser #DJBSquared #TrippyT #filmmaker #videographer #food #foodie #cookingclasses #tutorials #karaoke #DJ #BelowZeroLounge #Cincinnati #celebrities #Ohio #FindlayMarket #OTR #downtown

Day 28 – Extra In Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2013)

Some may call this a success some may not, but after waiting for 4 hours in the cold with Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown co-star Taylor Marie in Cleveland, having to fill out a random 1-page questionnaire, and having a photo taken next to a random stranger in a classroom, getting the callback and being a part of a major motion picture was just the thrill I needed before heading to California in 2014. For 1 full day, I was in an “extras” holding cell with at least 100 others before prepped for an escalator scene in the Tower City Center mall in Ohio less than 5 feet away from Captain America actor himself, Chris Evans (who I’ve been a fan of since Not Another Teen Movie) and the Black Widow actress Scarlett Johansson. I also had the pleasure of seeing her stunt double. 

We were given the option to either race down the elevators like hurrying mall shoppers or take a chance and hope for a shot on cam (and next to the actors) riding the escalator down. I chose the latter. After each take, we reset and the actors had to also ride the escalator back up. As I was making my way toward the entrance so was Captain America himself, out of costume.


Chris Evans and I ended up stepping on the escalator at the exact same time from two separate directions and rode it to the top together. It was a one-of-a-kind experience as I began to quote Not Another Teen Movie about the poor football player Marty when Chris then turned and started reciting lines to what would be my guess was this scene in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I gave the man his space, respecting not taking photographs or asking for a selfie on the escalator with several producers and camera operators in every direction (even though some moms and random foreign people seemed to not care about that rule.)


It was fun to see both actors in real life in between takes making movie magic, especially on the east coast where Steve Rogers is closely from. Mall shoppers on other floors that weren’t considered a hot set were snapping away like the paparazzi. I personally was just happy to be there. 

In another cutaway shot by a non-working fountain, a select few (including myself) walked past a few good times. 

I’ve only seen the movie once and unfortunately didn’t see my likeness in any shot – though the cuts were extremely quick. My dream is to make movies of that budget and give someone else a similar experience, especially back home in Cincinnati, where right after I moved, James Franco, Mariah Carey and others have shot movies. Funny because our team posted several times about Cincy filmmaking for years all over social media and industry groups on Facebook and LinkedIn prior. 


Now that I’m in L.A., success (and failure) is guaranteed. Even if I’m not shown in this film, the memory of my first Hollywood film experience will never be forgotten. 

Check out all our original works and contact us to collaborate at TrippyTranFilms@gmail.com

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Day 29 – First Production Assistant Job on Redlegs (2011)

A team from New York was in the Nati for 2 weeks filming Cincinnati-native Brandon Harris’ new feature – and yes! It’s even about Cincinnatians. Redlegs was the original name of the first national baseball team in the U.S. to ever register, but you won’t see a whole lot of baseball here (although there is a scene at Great American Ball Park). Instead we’re presented a gritty drama as black-on-black violence leave a group of friends reminiscing their time in Ohio and dealing with the loss of a good friend. 

I was hired for 5 days as a production assistant. Some cast and crew I recognized (the guy who dies was played by my friend Gad Asher.) I had so much fun with these guys from New York and Cincinnati I even took some behind-the-scenes photos. Filming locations include Frisbee Golf (Disc Golf) at Burnett Woods (where His Name Is Walter was later shot), Northside and Alexandria, KY. The film showcases GCA favorites like the infamous ice cream shop UDF, and Skyline is even mentioned making the movie more nostalgic to me now having been home only once in 3 years since my move to Los Angeles. 

In my real life in L.A, I have done P.A. work for The Amazing Race 25, We Are Champions with MTV’s David Lingwood, Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards and Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Sports Awards with plans to do plenty more leading to production work in camera, editing, writing, producing and directing.
Be sure to look for my name in the credits! Best wishes to Brandon Harris and the team on all their future work and thanks for giving me my first production assistant role. 

You can buy Redlegs on DVD on Amazon or rent/buy a digital download.

Watch the trailer.

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Day 30 – iNPersonNation Director/Writer/Editor (2008)

My very first short movie was originally made for Brown Mackie College-Cincinnati’s Big Movie Challenge but instead debuted as my first film. Starring celebrity impersonators Elvis Presley, Napoleon Dynamite and Britney Spears, “InPersonNation” is a pop culture parody that leaves a smile on what connects past and present. 

Titney Spears (as they so rudely call her) is in the upcoming feature “Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown” from Trippy Tran Films with her psychedelic “Circus, Baby” performance. A sequel and several more promos also feature this whacky fun ridiculousness of a character. Not every actor has been the same impersonator. Watch “iNPersonNation” on the Official Trippy Tran Films collection coming soon to DVD and digital downloads.

Dollar Bill was the MC of the awards bit shot at BMC. Be sure to check out his music (featured in Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown) and stay trippy! Thanks for your support. #40DaysOfSuccess

Also, a spinoff is in the works. Which Titney is your favorite?!

#TitneySpears #BritneySpears #impersonator #celebrityimpersonator #Elvis #ElvisPresley #NapoleonDynamite #iNPersonNation #shortfilm #comedy #popculture #TrippyTranFilms #TOTTFSC #ridiculous #boobs #bigboobs #Titney #theOriginalTitney #LasVegas #Cincinnati #Ohio #indiefilm #collegemovie #tits #fakeboobs #LA #NY #FL #OH MY #GOD

Day 31 – Co-director/DoP of The United Estates of America (coming soon)

Bobby Duncan approached me after we had worked on Mæry Queens together about making a new reality show that’s currently in postproduction. Not much can be revealed, but a music producer from The Black Eyed Peas is involved and the debut episode features Ashley Hernandez (Mæry Queens/My Vacation In L.A. – Top 10 Countdown). The show stars a mom whose daughter is a lead in Step Up.

#40DaysofSuccess #show #realityshow #TheUnitedEstatesofAmerica #Estates #TUEOA #filmmaker #director #LA #CA #Hollywood #BobbyDuncan #AnthonyTran #ComedyCrusaders #AshleyHernandez

Day 32 – Modeling Beginnings in California

Photography by Jonathan Ison

#model #actor #white #asian #mix #mountains #Cali #California #talent #photography #looks #ocean #AnthonyTran

Day 33 – CMG Film Festival Committee 

In 2015, I went to L.A. Pride and met the CMG Film Festival committee and a year later, I was asked to join and help screen several LGBT short films and share my opinion on how fitting it would be. Every week, I traveled to West Hollywood to help select the films. We all went to OutFest at The Director’s Guild and saw a feature called “I Promise You Anarchy”.

It was so cool to be asked to be a part of the committee and give my two cents. 

#40DaysOfSuccess #CMG #CMGFilmFestival #CaliforniaMensGroup #filmfestival #filmfestivalcommittee #lgbt #Outfest #Hollywood #WestHollywood #DirectorsGuild #IPromiseYouAnarchy #California #LA #TrippyT #AnthonyTran #westcoast @CMGfilmfest #brothers. #filmcommittee #film #screening #DirectorsGuildofAmerica #festival #summer event and watch #MaeryQueens the Long Beach #gay web series now available at facebook.com/maryqueenswebseries #DGA

Day 34 – Wedding Videography Services & DVD Packages 

Putting together several wedding packages including full videography services, DVD menus, chapters, montages and a supreme cut to the newlyweds’ favorite music (and by request shot and edited a music video for Chef Dan’s sister to “Don’t Stop Believin'” by Journey), making these videos was a joy knowing that their special moment was captured by a team of people who care to make a memorable wedding video. See more at TrippyTranFilms.com

#40DaysofSuccess #wedding #weddingvideography #videographer #specialday #bride #groom #filmmaker #dance #suitandtie #TrippyTranFilms #DustinJames #DanWells #ChefDan #portrait #OH #LA #CA #red #spiky #blonde #behindthescenes #bts #brideandgroom #memories #passion #jackofalltrades #DVDencoding #team #DontStopBelieving

Day 35 – Articles, Broadcasts and Events with Trippy Tran Films and Director/Producer Anthony T. Tran

Once our 4th short gave us recognition in the community and word got out that I was building a team for our feature “Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown”, people began interviewing me for their websites, our movies were asked to be broadcast on several local television channels in Ohio and Kentucky, and events were held at Blue Rock Tavern with Halloween Hell (sponsored by Allen Watts and the MyFriendPassedOut.com owner)  as well as other bars and clubs where a series of promos, movies and Trippy Tran Films exclusive material were released.

Monday Night Movies did a special on our horror and psych thriller films “DUALITY” and “COEXIST” and interviewed me, but had me sign a contract where I couldn’t release the broadcast for some reason. Halloween Hell allowed me to create my own Trippy black light illuminated beer pong table. A lot of memories are held in that video which you can see at our website TrippyTranFilms.com featuring Titney Spears actor Crystal as a nun, Dustin James, Dan Wells, The Radio Broadcast and a whole bunch more.

#40DaysOfSuccess #article #broadcast #publicaccess #bars #events #TrippyTranFilms #shortfilms #compilation #Halloween #HalloweenHell #TheRadioBroadcast #DustinJames #articles #filmmaker #director #producer #actor #artist #DP #beerpong #trippy #TrippyT #TeamTrippy #interview #MondayNightMovies #AnthonyRoryTran #AnthonyTran #videographer #collaborate

Day 36 – Live Bands and Artists Videographer and Collaborator 

I know it’s mentioned quite a few times, but during the process of making Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown, we were also networking with several bands and artists to promote them and/or have one of their songs in the movie. The result spawned requests for me to film live bands/artists and events including Miami River Days with Molly Hatchet, The Front Runners, Lying In Ruins and @theupsetvictory, filmed Brian Aubert of @silversunpickups in the Coke Lounge at #iHeartMedia, Cheech Mob, The Taylor Shannon Band and more at #BeerFest plus #TheRadioBroadcast in Columbus and more. I even went backstage and had my first press badge in 2011.

When I moved to Los Angeles in 2014, I went to several concerts over the years and was surprised who close I was to most of my favorite artists. I recorded several performances from HARD SUMMER LA, @orgyofficial @ashermonroe @wallpaper @brycevine Purity Ring, @rlgrime, Black Lab and more. I even got to meet a lot of them! 

You can see the Live Music Playlist here.

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Day 37 – The Dumbest Horror Flick Ever – Director/Writer/Actor/DP/Editor

When I was 16 at YMCA Camp, they hosted a talent show at the end and in my weight lifting class, I met 3 blonde bombshells – Cydney, Jodie and Heather. I ended up writing a skit called “Scream Again, Yo” and rehearsed with them this page and a half skit in 2004 making it our talent show entry with our African-American friend Eren – who hilariously played the white girl’s mother. 

When I got home from camp, I began writing a full script, parodying several more horror and psych thrillers as well as pop culture references that became a hit sensation in my DTV (Digital Television) class my junior year of high school and I began filming scenes for the movie. 

The first scene was “Hungry Potentials”. Two heavier set girls are to become the new slayers from Buffy season 7 but use their powers to beat up a guy with groceries in this ridiculous parody. More and more scenes were taped, but not until 2015 did I release a compilation cut with all the footage – since the script itself was never fully filmed. 

YouTube banned the video due to the use of copywriten music (I was never trying to sell it anyway since I was so young making it, just wanted it out there) and so only a few scenes are out there unless you’re able to view it on my YouTube.com/TrippyTran channel. It was my first attempt at making a feature and with an edited runtime of 50mins, I call that a first attempt at success.

Also, I wrote my parody song “Hermaphrodites” an Avril Lavigne “Sk8r Boi” parody which you can find on my SoundCloud.

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Day 38 – The Official Trippy Tran Films Shorts Collection 2008-2017

In 2015, it was announced that our official collection was coming to DVD and Digital Downloads with all 7 shorts (See #40DaysOfSuccess ) plus over 100 minutes of Bonus Features, trivia games and more. Now in 2017, it’s planned for release with now 8 shorts (a possible 9th to be added) and the all the awesome bonus features and will be available only for a limited time! The collection also features an exclusive preview to the tie-in psych thriller “Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown“.

You can also rent or buy the short “My Vacation In Cincinnati” at our website. 

Poster by Adam Roades. 

Photography by Kate Chi-An Lin

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Day 39 – DUALITY and Other Movie Challenge Films DVD – Director/Producer/DP

Can’t go to sleep at night sometimes? Racing thoughts keep you awake? Imagine being given a sleep deprivation study in your 20’s and staying up for 3+ days. What will you see? Our short “Duality” explores this concept in psych thriller detail as Tiffany Hayes chooses a path that pulls her into a split. Based on a short film I made for the Apple Insomniac Film Festival in 2007, originally titled “Split”, my third short film marked the “trippy” in Trippy Tran Films with its unique imagery, practical camera effects, and a movie that has had people even scream while watching. The film stars model Christina Murnen, who I went to high school with.

Coming to The Official Trippy Tran Films Shorts Collection 2008-2017, “DUALITY” is also the prequel to our debut feature film coming soon “Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown”. The first 3 shorts were released as a collection and was sold at our college bookstore. We sold and printed just over 100 copies. The design itself took 3 months by graphic designer Mark Loveless and won 10 awards in the Big Movie Challenge competition. 

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Day 40 – Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown – Director/Producer/Writer & Theater Premier

In the midst of winning several awards for short films, I began writing a spin-off “sequel” to the Trippy Tran Films universe in the making with our community-based feature debut Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown – a psychological thriller drama mystery that follows Duality as a group of students take on the sleep deprivation study that Tiffany did a year prior. 

You can read about the journey of making Cincinnati’s first biggest independent community psych thriller.

Casting actors from our previous works include Khrys Styles (Universal Intelligence), Jonathan Gazetto (His Name Is Walter), Christopher Corman (My Vacation In Cincinnati), BLAQUE H.U.S.T.L.E. (Coexist) and even Titney from iNPersonNation makes a cameo trip-out dance performance. With over 40 locations, 200 people involved including 27 bands and artists on our sountrack and we gave over 10 free photoshoots which paid to print ourselves to promote as set background and other promo videos and website materials. 

We premiered a 150 minute Director’s Cut at Danbarry Saver Cinemas in Cincinnati, OH on December 27, 2013 selling tickets with a Q&A afterwards. In 2016, I hired an intern to edit a theatrical cut which made a runtime of 105 minutes. We’re still currently seeking professional sound design so we can prepare film festival releases. The movie is meant to be a unique mind-bending trippy film that puts back what made cinema so good: a great story, relatable characters, and solid cinematography. Obliquity is my baby and I cannot wait to show the world all our hard work. Donate via PayPal to @trippytran to help this movie get a proper release.

Believe in yourself. Believe in others.

Anthony T. Tran
Trippy Tran Films, LLC.

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