New Pop Album “Visitation Rights” by Master T.C. and the Visitors. ART’s Collaboration Interview.

It’s Independence Day and the steam punk-looking pop group Master T.C. and the Visitors have released their debut album “Visitation Rights” showing patriotism as well as social commentary on the U.S. of A. with songs like “On My Own”, “Gotta Be Free (feat. ART A Reasonable Truth)”, and “Mama Wouldn’t Like That” having a message to share with the listener that some could say are lacking in mainstream pop music and bring a breath of fresh air to the genre.

“Pretty Thang (feat. K-Phashon)”, and “Join My Party” play as feel-good songs for the summer that any pop fan would enjoy. Several songs on the album are dancy and electronic, however, T.C.’s vocals are strong and his higher-pitched voice makes for an energetically fun record. “Do You Want My Body?” may be reminiscent of early 2000’s pop songs as to “Standing Up” being a positive feel-good song about being on the right path. “You Promised Me” is a pop-rock jam that is what they are known from their live performances. The album showcases diversity with different vocal artists blending thematically.

And did we mention “La Dee Dah” was chosen for the Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown soundtrack back in 2010? The psychological thriller is still looking to release and it’s nice to see MTCATV putting this cool track, with a pinch of dubstep, on the record.

Watch the music video “Gotta Be Free (feat. ART)”

ART A Reasonable Truth released his new music video “SoCal Waves” the first week of summer after being featured in “Gotta Be Free” in January as the track and album’s initial vocal opener. We asked the singer/rapper a few questions about his experience on this collaboration.

When did you begin collaborating with the band?

It was back when I was reaching out to several bands and artists for our debut feature film Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown and both “La Dee Dah” and “Gotta Be Free” were candidates for the soundtrack. I was so impressed by how much talent Master T.C. and The Visitors have and how moved I was by these songs. Come find out to this day, almost every song they’ve released I’ve pretty much enjoyed. The EP Take Me To Heaven was good too.

So how did you get to be featured on “Gotta Be Free”?

I honestly just felt that intro was calling me and believed in what T.C. was saying. I wrote it, recorded it with my friend Ayem, and sent it to them. He released it and got it mixed and mastered with his people from different record companies and producers and then we shot the video last August at The Ohio State Reformatory.

Behind the scenes Snapchat story of making the video of “Gotta Be Free (feat. ART)”

Read that story here.

What are your favorite songs on the record?

I love all the original tracks, but all the ones he kept under wraps is what I’ve been looking forward to and they deliver some surprises. I’m so happy for their accomplishment. My favorites would be “Mama Wouldn’t Like That”, “Live N’ Learn”, and “We Are Golden”, which grew on me after hearing the lyrics. “Join My Party” is also a fun summer pool song amongst the ones I favor in our collaboration.

We are excited to be playing “Visitation Rights” and also your album “Centerpiece” on mad repeat!

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ART has not made any comment about them not including his name as a featured artist for “Gotta Be Free” on some title releases, including the digital album.

Happy Fourth of July, everyone. Be safe and remember you are all fireworks in the sky. #CenterPeace!✌

Watch the music video “On My Own”.