“QK-Hilltop” Trailer Release Has ‘Trippy’ Fans Shocked and Excited

It’s been almost 2 years since the release of our last short Denizen and now Trippy Tran Films has partnered with Escape West Films again for a subject not many are willing to talk about: Government experiments in mind control. The film is being entered into festivals and will most likely premier on Amazon Prime early 2019. In the meantime, a trailer has been released getting us both shocked and excited for the thrills to come.

Starring Charlie Harris, Jessica Larkin, Richard Watkins and Gregg Milano, the movie has already been tested on small screen audiences who have called it a “mindf*ck of a movie”, “creepy”, “intense” and, of course: “trippy af”.

Written by Charlie Harris and co-written by Anthony T. Tran, what do you think will happen in the film based on the trailer? Leave your theories below and get ready to ‘trip’ with us again in QK-HILLTOP.

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