Dirk Kubala Runs For U.S. Congress 2018 Libertarian Party in Cincinnati, OH

Politics. Some people love them, some people can’t stand it. Though it affects us in different ways, voting season for the mid-term election is just around the corner, and Libertarian Dirk Kubala wants to take a stand for his city and country running for Congress in Cincinnati, OH here in 2018.

View his website and key issues.

Director/Cinematographer/Editor Anthony “Rory” Tran (also Anthony T. Tran) was hired to create his campaign commercial that’s going to air on local broadcast. Dirk Kubala is in District 1 of Cincinnati.

What are your thoughts on a third party running and the issues he wants to work on? Are you voting on November 6th? Comment below and leave your thoughts about his campaign ad and the issues you stand for.


New Pop Album “Visitation Rights” by Master T.C. and the Visitors. ART’s Collaboration Interview.

It’s Independence Day and the steam punk-looking pop group Master T.C. and the Visitors have released their debut album “Visitation Rights” showing patriotism as well as social commentary on the U.S. of A. with songs like “On My Own”, “Gotta Be Free (feat. ART A Reasonable Truth)”, and “Mama Wouldn’t Like That” having a message to share with the listener that some could say are lacking in mainstream pop music and bring a breath of fresh air to the genre.

“Pretty Thang (feat. K-Phashon)”, and “Join My Party” play as feel-good songs for the summer that any pop fan would enjoy. Several songs on the album are dancy and electronic, however, T.C.’s vocals are strong and his higher-pitched voice makes for an energetically fun record. “Do You Want My Body?” may be reminiscent of early 2000’s pop songs as to “Standing Up” being a positive feel-good song about being on the right path. “You Promised Me” is a pop-rock jam that is what they are known from their live performances. The album showcases diversity with different vocal artists blending thematically.

And did we mention “La Dee Dah” was chosen for the Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown soundtrack back in 2010? The psychological thriller is still looking to release and it’s nice to see MTCATV putting this cool track, with a pinch of dubstep, on the record.

Watch the music video “Gotta Be Free (feat. ART)”

ART A Reasonable Truth released his new music video “SoCal Waves” the first week of summer after being featured in “Gotta Be Free” in January as the track and album’s initial vocal opener. We asked the singer/rapper a few questions about his experience on this collaboration.

When did you begin collaborating with the band?

It was back when I was reaching out to several bands and artists for our debut feature film Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown and both “La Dee Dah” and “Gotta Be Free” were candidates for the soundtrack. I was so impressed by how much talent Master T.C. and The Visitors have and how moved I was by these songs. Come find out to this day, almost every song they’ve released I’ve pretty much enjoyed. The EP Take Me To Heaven was good too.

So how did you get to be featured on “Gotta Be Free”?

I honestly just felt that intro was calling me and believed in what T.C. was saying. I wrote it, recorded it with my friend Ayem, and sent it to them. He released it and got it mixed and mastered with his people from different record companies and producers and then we shot the video last August at The Ohio State Reformatory.

Behind the scenes Snapchat story of making the video of “Gotta Be Free (feat. ART)”

Read that story here.

What are your favorite songs on the record?

I love all the original tracks, but all the ones he kept under wraps is what I’ve been looking forward to and they deliver some surprises. I’m so happy for their accomplishment. My favorites would be “Mama Wouldn’t Like That”, “Live N’ Learn”, and “We Are Golden”, which grew on me after hearing the lyrics. “Join My Party” is also a fun summer pool song amongst the ones I favor in our collaboration.

We are excited to be playing “Visitation Rights” and also your album “Centerpiece” on mad repeat!

Buy “Visitation Rights” | “Centerpiece” on:

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Sample their music on:






ART has not made any comment about them not including his name as a featured artist for “Gotta Be Free” on some title releases, including the digital album.

Happy Fourth of July, everyone. Be safe and remember you are all fireworks in the sky. #CenterPeace!✌

Watch the music video “On My Own”.

“SoCal Waves” Music Video by ART A Reasonable Truth is this Summer’s Jam

It’s officially summer and the Centerpiece singer/rapper ART A Reasonable Truth knows “the time is right” with the new summer anthem music video “SoCal Waves”. We won’t spoil the adventure yet, but you can read the interview with ‘Rory Man’ aka Trippy T below. Starring Anthony ‘Rory’ Tran and Karlee Marie, here’s the world premier video:

Be sure to comment your favorite parts and Centerpiece theories below!

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Interview with ART A Reasonable Truth

What was your inspiration behind the track and now the video?

My inspiration for the song comes from a string of events. When I moved to the west coast, my friend Alicia visited me and we filmed our adventures at several iconic SoCal spots – that became the first season of My Vacation In LA and while editing, I had posted on social media the need for music. Billy Burton submitted 3 tracks and all 3 ended up on my debut album Centerpiece.

“I want to see you make a move like the waves of the ocean” – ART A Reasonable Truth

SoCal Waves” is a love letter to California, how oceanic and beautiful it can be and how I want to join you on this journey and experience more now being here 4 years. The video features a girl on a farm who dreams about being in California and gets to share this time with me until she wakes up and finds a seashell on the farm. Not to spoil too much yet, but there’s a reason for the end and what could happen after.

Karlee Marie plays a farm girl who gets transported to the City of Angels.

Your album Centerpiece is a concept album. How will this translate in future videos?

I plan on doing each song and releasing Centerpiece music videos at different times and pieces. The videos will be released out of order; “SoCal Waves” is track 5. Once all the videos release, you can piece together the album’s story. From start to finish, I plan on doing big things with this project while having a fun, original visual album.

Album available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Music and more.

You’re naturally a film maker. What got you into music?

Music has always been a passion of mine since I was a kid. It went along with TV and movies. I just didn’t thoroughly explore it as much until I finished this album, though I have wanted an album out over several periods of my life. When I was about 8, I wrote parody songs being a Weird Al fan. In 2009 for our first major short film Duality, I wrote the eerie poetic song “Within” and performed and recorded it with the help of musician Izal Mane.

“‘SoCal Waves’ is a love letter to California.” – ART

I did another song after called “Mind ArC” for the Coexist film credits and released my first music video “(Unfreeze) 2012″/”Shimmer Of Longing” for an album I still plan on releasing called Belief System.

What will Belief System sound like in compared to this album?

Belief System is a more serious electronic/trance album which will have pop songs that are more inspirational. Centerpiece is a sonic adventure of a pop star on the rise wanting to take on the industry as to Belief System is how I view things more deeply and I am excited to share that in the future as I work on other tracks and films.

We have to know, what are your favorite songs on the album?!

Each song holds a special place with me as they are all unique and tell different stories as a connective piece. I’d say moreso my favorites do come to last tracks like “Trip Zone”, “Jubilant Soul” and “Le Movies” as those were written lastly and more recently, so I had a lot more to share and say in Decemeber 2017 when they were being recorded. Some people may not favor the bubblegum fun pop of the first few tracks or so, but those songs lead to a level of growth that really conclude the album and is begging for a part 2. On this album, the first half is fun, the second half is more mature and “SoCal Waves” nears the halfway point.

ART and Karlee Marie walk the red carpet in “SoCal Waves”.

What was it working with Karlee Marie?

Karlee Marie is fantastic to work with. She’s positive, motivated and really shined in the video with me. She literally was 20 turning 21 the week we filmed and there are Easter eggs in the video. I’m sure she’ll never forget hitting this milestone while filming and the lyrics speak to her and all generations: “Let’s go far / No one can tell us we can’t make it”. She made me laugh a lot and I can’t wait to work with her again.

“SoCal Waves” takes you on an unforgettable west coast adventure similar to the series it’s based on: My Vacation In LA.

Tell us some fun facts and secrets put into the making of “SoCal Waves”.

Okay: The Red Carpet is similar to the one I walked at The Silver Fox as cinematographer of MÆRY QUEENS. Long Beach is where I’ve been residing for the last 3 years. The beach performance footage is mostly shot in OC at Redondo and Hungtintgon Beach. Karlee Marie was cast not even a week before the shoot. People wanted to be in the video and even asked us about the song while we were filming around Rainbow Harbor. It was a very fun experience! Oh, and every meeting and meal seemed to include tacos. (Laughs)

Production credits

Director: Bobby Duncan

Producer: Anthony Tran and Charlie Harris

Cinematographers: Cody Williams and Christopher Anthony

Starring Anthony ‘Rory’ Tran, Karlee Marie, Charlie Harris, Sal Vega, Jessica Larkin, Tony Soto and more.

Hair/Make-up/Wardrobe: Amy Casazza

VFX: Tony Soto

Special Thanks to Hamlet for the Homeless and CXL Photography.

Filmed in the City of Long Beach, Orange County, The Silver Fox and Mystic Canyon Stables.

Get “SoCal Waves” on all major music platforms including areasonabletruth.bandcamp.com and watch My Vacation In LA and My Real Life In L.A. to see the ART man’s adventures.

Creepy Finds In Episode 4 of My Vacation In L.A. Season 2 At Ripley’s Museum Hollywood

Episode 4 Ripleys MVILA2 Sunset tag promo poster

When Erin Wilkin, Randy Roy and Anthony “Rory” Tran head for adventure on the west coast, the plan was to contrast and compliment the previous adventures that Alicia, Legend and Rory had experienced in season 1. In the first of a 2-part episode, the distance, drama and weirdness start emerging closer and closer to the end, continuing from some of the energy shown by our lead girl in episode 3: Seal Beach Long Beach 2 and this new episode 4 kicks off with a special message from The Sorting Hat. 

S2, Episode 4 Chapter Titles

– Opening Credits – “Turn This Around”
– L.A. Travels
– Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!
– The Tall Man
– The Sorting Hat
– Dinosaurs!
– Musical Stairs
– Cannibal Skull
– Two-Headed Cows
– Pandora’s Box
– Project Frog
– Dancing In Hollywood
– Illusions
– The Birth Of Film
– Diamonds
– Frozen Shadow
– Star Wars And Fat Tires
– Tiki Jungle Room
– Photo Slideshow
– Episode 5 Hollywood Walk Of Fame Promo

Upon arriving in Hollywood, the doors open with that crazy fountain that never ends and the Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! adventure begins SoCal style. From a cannibal skull, musical stairs, mutated animals, a jungle with shrunken heads, strange interactive booths and a fun “The Birth of Film” wheel (Trippy Tran Films fans will be pleased to see), the museum adds a sort of bizarre incline that’s been setting the mood of this season of our docu mini-series.

Tiki and Trippy ep4 ripleys pic long

Last season, the 2-part finale included a horror wax museum and dances with wax celebrities. This time, there is real life “horrors” and weirdness at Ripley’s Believe It Or Not! Hollywood and amongst the friends themselves. Erin actually told Rory after his phone died that he could use her phone if he didn’t take any video. Well, the agreement was to be in season 2 for them to stay without paying him a dime for lodging and so he did what any filmmaker working on a series would do and shot some footage anyway. Our sources tell us that additional b-roll was filmed later to complete this episode which hits around the 10 minute mark.

Sorting Hat - Ripleys ep4 promo MVILA2

The next episode looks to be the drama the fans are all looking for and is slated to premier sometime in October. A weekend plan to Brokechella – a music concert with several stages for only $20 instead of the high prices of Coachella was mentioned and the pals all wanted to go. All but Erin. What will happen in the next episodes of #MVILA2 and will Erin try to have fun or will the trip become sabotaged? Will it come full circle and end in Santa Monica? Keep watching and see if they “Turn This Around” like the theme song performed by Cat Magick.

Also be sure to check out Rory’s recent travels back to Ohio from his snapchat just last week with My Vacay In Ohio 2017 as he raps in the new music video “Gotta Be Free feat. ART”.

2017. Trippy Tran Films, LLC.

New Seal Beach Long Beach 2 Episode of ‘My Vacation In LA’ Is “The Best One Yet” According To Audiences

Happy first official day of summer and you best believe it just got even hotter with the new beach-themed adventure of My Vacation In LA season 2 as the fairweather friends dive into a bright new adventure that has been acclaimed by fans and viewers as “the best episode yet” from this docu mini-series by filmmaker Anthony “Rory” Tran.

My Vacation In LA - Season 2, Episode 3 promo #MVILA2

Starring Erin Wilkin (Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown) and her honey Randy Roy with San Diego friend Adrianne, the colorful adventure includes classic California drives (with a gorgeous sunset and mountain view), a windy beach adventure, dipping toes in the Pacific Ocean, chasing seagulls, quick conversations and more in OC and LA County. And then comes conflict from Erin.

S2, Episode 3 – Chapter Titles

– Opening Credits “Turn This Around”
– Seal Beach (OC)
– Dip Your Toes Into The Pacific Ocean
– Can’t Stop The Wind
– Cali Driven
– Islands Away
– Top 10 Season 1 Spot
– Birds! Birds!
– You’re Going To Be Famous
– West Coast Sunset Cruise
– Backhead Bitchface
– Motorcyles Do What Ever The Phuck They Want
– Maru Maki Sushi
– Night at The Pike
– Broadway Bar Selfiganza
– Photo Slideshow
– Episode 4 Promo

My Vacation In LA 2 - photo slideshow palms still ep3

Photo Slideshow still from My Vacation In LA 2 – Episode 3  SEAL BEACH LONG BEACH 2

At this point in the adventure, Erin has landed on the west coast, traveled downtown at The Pike, and has had some tipsy moments (and also some rather bitchy moments) while being filmed. Knowing she had the opportunity to stay at long-term friend Rory’s place for free and in return would be in season 2 and give him Cincinnati favorites like Skyline chili cans, Montgomery Inn BBQ sauce and Grippo’s BBQ chips, she sure started distancing herself from any interaction on camera and it becomes apparent midway through this episode when Rory asks for a sunset photo with her.

Is this is the beginning of the end for season 2? Either way, this episode is filled with surprise and magic. And the birds! – a stellar connection to the original short My Vacation In Cincinnati is amongst the fun.

Several viewers have even voiced their opinion upon the release of this new episode calling it “The best one yet”, “So much fun!” and “Amazing.” What are your favorite moments? #MVILA2

My Vacation In LA s2e3 hashtag promoMVILA2 s2ep3 Trio and ferris wheel colors My Vacation In LA 2 Trippy Tran Films

Adrianne and I smileGlamour ep3 erin and trippy adrianne2

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“|Choices| An Interactive Story” Is The New Project by Escape West Films and Trippy Tran Films

Choices - An Interactive Story Teaser Poster - Ian Sideview MirrorWhat if you could change how each character interacted with each other right in front of your eyes? What if the outcome was somehow altered and perspective was at the mercy of your fingertips?

Choices ss Episode 1 Twisted Fates Car promo

There have been several attempts at creating an interactive film story on YouTube, but |Choices| An Interactive Story goes beyond just a game over per wrong choice. Viewers will be altering the whole story as the movie progresses in this new series from Escape West Films and Trippy Tran Films – and the actions are sure to trip you out. The interactive experience puts you, the audience, right in the director’s chair as decisions on where the film goes are in your hands. Strap in, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Is anyone else getting Wreckfest vibes with the above image released for the show? (The driving of two guys rather than two gals this time?!) Though, not having any relation to the multi-genre short film, there is a mobile story game that anyone can play on their mobile devices with Wreckfest – An Interactive Story that’s based on the TTF movie, however, the game itself is a mobile exclusive.

JD and Tiffany - Choices Ep1 Twisted Fates still apt

JD (Mario Mendez) and Kate (Tiffany Rios) in |Choices| An Interactive Story – Episode 1

With |Choices| An Interactive Story planned for DVD and YouTube release, progression and changing the elements are easier for computer users and DVD/Blu-ray users to interact with wherever you are, but on the latter, this experience will not be currently available for mobile devices just yet. The new show is directed by Anthony T. Tran so either way you know that it’s going to be a unique and fun-filled journey.

Choices Charles Harris TF ep1 mountains ss

Charlie Harris plays Ian in |Choices| An Interactive Story – Episode 1 “Twisted Fates”

Our new short film is in Post-production and is slated for a July release date. Keep an eye out for |Choices| and be sure to catch Charles Harris in Denizen, the My Vacation In LA – Top 10 Countdown (Season 1) and My Vacation In LA – Season 2.

Follow |Choices| TV official facebook

Twitter. Instagram and YouTube:

Choices TF still

©Escape West Films, LLC. ©Trippy Tran Fillms, LLC.

My Vacation In L.A. season 2 Premiers with Actress Erin Wilkin and Director Anthony “Rory” Tran

My Vacation In LA season 2 Official Poster MVILA2 - PHOTOSHOP UPDATE 2 FINAL

Official poster for ‘My Vacation In LA’ season 2

The memorable adventure of My Vacation In LA returns today with a new season featuring Erin Wilkin (Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown), Ashley Hernandez (Mæry QueensMy Vacation In LA – Top 10 Countdown) and director, producer, filmmaker, actor, singer, songwriter, rapper Anthony “Rory” Tran as the gang take us on a new trip in spots like Sunset Blvd, Union Station, Universal Studios, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Seal Beach, DTLB and more.

The sequel docu miniseries spin-off to My Vacation In Cincinnati goes beyond what season 1 of last year’s My Vacation In LA had with even more drama, travels, comedy and more plus, mentions of Erin’s role in Trippy Tran Films’ debut feature film coming soon. And it premiers exactly a year after the travels took place here on April 20th.

What’s not only exciting is the adventure, but all the music that was submitted for this season. Artists like Cat MagickThe Radio BroadcastRenegades of BassAmy CooperTronnicaKodak859Dustin BrittonThe Comatoads and more signed up to compliment the show’s soundtrack.

SoCal Gets Even Sunnier with My Vacation In LA. Watch episode 1 now of season 2 and be sure to watch all of season 1 as new episodes release.

See Erin Wilkin in her character promo for Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown.

My Vacation In Cincinnati 2 is slated for a late summer release starring Anthony “Rory” Tran AKA Trippy T as he journeys back to his hometown after living in Los Angeles for 2 years.

Watch the season 1 Top 10 Countdown video.

Hear the full theme song to #MVILA2 “Turn This Around” – Cat Magick.

Be sure to catch season 1