New Seal Beach Long Beach 2 Episode of ‘My Vacation In LA’ Is “The Best One Yet” According To Audiences

Happy first official day of summer and you best believe it just got even hotter with the new beach-themed adventure of My Vacation In LA season 2 as the fairweather friends dive into a bright new adventure that has been acclaimed by fans and viewers as “the best episode yet” from this docu mini-series by filmmaker Anthony “Rory” Tran.

My Vacation In LA - Season 2, Episode 3 promo #MVILA2

Starring Erin Wilkin (Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown) and her honey Randy Roy with San Diego friend Adrianne, the colorful adventure includes classic California drives (with a gorgeous sunset and mountain view), a windy beach adventure, dipping toes in the Pacific Ocean, chasing seagulls, quick conversations and more in OC and LA County. And then comes conflict from Erin.

S2, Episode 3 – Chapter Titles

– Opening Credits “Turn This Around”
– Seal Beach (OC)
– Dip Your Toes Into The Pacific Ocean
– Can’t Stop The Wind
– Cali Driven
– Islands Away
– Top 10 Season 1 Spot
– Birds! Birds!
– You’re Going To Be Famous
– West Coast Sunset Cruise
– Backhead Bitchface
– Motorcyles Do What Ever The Phuck They Want
– Maru Maki Sushi
– Night at The Pike
– Broadway Bar Selfiganza
– Photo Slideshow
– Episode 4 Promo

My Vacation In LA 2 - photo slideshow palms still ep3

Photo Slideshow still from My Vacation In LA 2 – Episode 3  SEAL BEACH LONG BEACH 2

At this point in the adventure, Erin has landed on the west coast, traveled downtown at The Pike, and has had some tipsy moments (and also some rather bitchy moments) while being filmed. Knowing she had the opportunity to stay at long-term friend Rory’s place for free and in return would be in season 2 and give him Cincinnati favorites like Skyline chili cans, Montgomery Inn BBQ sauce and Grippo’s BBQ chips, she sure started distancing herself from any interaction on camera and it becomes apparent midway through this episode when Rory asks for a sunset photo with her.

Is this is the beginning of the end for season 2? Either way, this episode is filled with surprise and magic. And the birds! – a stellar connection to the original short My Vacation In Cincinnati is amongst the fun.

Several viewers have even voiced their opinion upon the release of this new episode calling it “The best one yet”, “So much fun!” and “Amazing.” What are your favorite moments? #MVILA2

My Vacation In LA s2e3 hashtag promoMVILA2 s2ep3 Trio and ferris wheel colors My Vacation In LA 2 Trippy Tran Films

Adrianne and I smileGlamour ep3 erin and trippy adrianne2

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“|Choices| An Interactive Story” Is The New Project by Escape West Films and Trippy Tran Films

Choices - An Interactive Story Teaser Poster - Ian Sideview MirrorWhat if you could change how each character interacted with each other right in front of your eyes? What if the outcome was somehow altered and perspective was at the mercy of your fingertips?

Choices ss Episode 1 Twisted Fates Car promo

There have been several attempts at creating an interactive film story on YouTube, but |Choices| An Interactive Story goes beyond just a game over per wrong choice. Viewers will be altering the whole story as the movie progresses in this new series from Escape West Films and Trippy Tran Films – and the actions are sure to trip you out. The interactive experience puts you, the audience, right in the director’s chair as decisions on where the film goes are in your hands. Strap in, it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Is anyone else getting Wreckfest vibes with the above image released for the show? (The driving of two guys rather than two gals this time?!) Though, not having any relation to the multi-genre short film, there is a mobile story game that anyone can play on their mobile devices with Wreckfest – An Interactive Story that’s based on the TTF movie, however, the game itself is a mobile exclusive.

JD and Tiffany - Choices Ep1 Twisted Fates still apt

JD (Mario Mendez) and Kate (Tiffany Rios) in |Choices| An Interactive Story – Episode 1

With |Choices| An Interactive Story planned for DVD and YouTube release, progression and changing the elements are easier for computer users and DVD/Blu-ray users to interact with wherever you are, but on the latter, this experience will not be currently available for mobile devices just yet. The new show is directed by Anthony T. Tran so either way you know that it’s going to be a unique and fun-filled journey.

Choices Charles Harris TF ep1 mountains ss

Charlie Harris plays Ian in |Choices| An Interactive Story – Episode 1 “Twisted Fates”

Our new short film is in Post-production and is slated for a July release date. Keep an eye out for |Choices| and be sure to catch Charles Harris in Denizen, the My Vacation In LA – Top 10 Countdown (Season 1) and My Vacation In LA – Season 2.

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Choices TF still

©Escape West Films, LLC. ©Trippy Tran Fillms, LLC.

My Vacation In L.A. season 2 Premiers with Actress Erin Wilkin and Director Anthony “Rory” Tran

My Vacation In LA season 2 Official Poster MVILA2 - PHOTOSHOP UPDATE 2 FINAL

Official poster for ‘My Vacation In LA’ season 2

The memorable adventure of My Vacation In LA returns today with a new season featuring Erin Wilkin (Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown), Ashley Hernandez (Mæry QueensMy Vacation In LA – Top 10 Countdown) and director, producer, filmmaker, actor, singer, songwriter, rapper Anthony “Rory” Tran as the gang take us on a new trip in spots like Sunset Blvd, Union Station, Universal Studios, the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Seal Beach, DTLB and more.

The sequel docu miniseries spin-off to My Vacation In Cincinnati goes beyond what season 1 of last year’s My Vacation In LA had with even more drama, travels, comedy and more plus, mentions of Erin’s role in Trippy Tran Films’ debut feature film coming soon. And it premiers exactly a year after the travels took place here on April 20th.

What’s not only exciting is the adventure, but all the music that was submitted for this season. Artists like Cat MagickThe Radio BroadcastRenegades of BassAmy CooperTronnicaKodak859Dustin BrittonThe Comatoads and more signed up to compliment the show’s soundtrack.

SoCal Gets Even Sunnier with My Vacation In LA. Watch episode 1 now of season 2 and be sure to watch all of season 1 as new episodes release.

See Erin Wilkin in her character promo for Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown.

My Vacation In Cincinnati 2 is slated for a late summer release starring Anthony “Rory” Tran AKA Trippy T as he journeys back to his hometown after living in Los Angeles for 2 years.

Watch the season 1 Top 10 Countdown video.

Hear the full theme song to #MVILA2 “Turn This Around” – Cat Magick.

Be sure to catch season 1

‘MÆRY QUEENS’ Season 1 Finale Premiers January 17, 2017

In April, the first 4 episodes debuted and in October, we were given 3 new episodes of the 5-7 minute LGBT fiasco drama, mystery, comedy. In November, we got 3 more right before the 2-part finale that came out as a December release at the red carpet season finale at Paradise Bar & Grill, which was hosted by OnTheRocksOnAir in Long Beach, CA before the global world wide Web premier January 17 at 7PM (Pacific Time.) Now you can say you know “Which Bitch Did It!”

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Mæry Queens Season 1 – (Episodes 1- 12)

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Kyle Mosonyi as Nick – Behind the Scenes of MÆRY QUEENS episode 4 “Alien Queen”. Image by Anthony Tran.

What we know:

So Nick is having a birthday party, Mario is moving back to Colombia, Ian is upset that Nick told Andrew he cheated on him, Brandon could want to be the manager at Nick’s restaurant, Rachel was planning a surrogate baby with Nick,  Dustin was kicked out of the house after the breakup, José only seems to like white boys (but recently has dated Latinos) and Andrew is in real estate and in the presence of an ex. With the threat saying “put the house up for sale or kitty gets it” and then later the kidnapper threatens the guests if they keep prying – it really could be any queen.

Watch all 12 episodes and character promo commentary streaming now!

View the extended final episode of season 1 above.

Still from the season finale, episode 12 “Guilty Queen”

Top Moments of “MÆRY QUEENS : The Web Series”

Nick is hosting his 35th birthday party in Long Beach, CA with some of his most beloved friends. But not everyone is out for Nick’s best interest, it seems. A threatening message demanding that he put his house up for sale or they’ll kill his kitty cat Hotto and possibly the guests at the party leaves the group shaken and blamin’ as everyone gets an unexpected surprise.

Pointing figures and deciphering the mystery, let’s take a look at some of the best moments that shaped this season into the drama-fest mystery and find out some exclusive behind the scenes juicy info on MÆRY QUEENS : The Web Series (Season 1)

Image courtesy of Anthony “Rory” Tran

1. The Pilot

Episode 1 “Birthday Queen”

In the pilot, Nick is excited to have his diverse gay pals (plus one thirsty faghag) at his birthday celebration, even though one of his best friends Mario is looking to move back to Columbia. When he opens a box with a film noir-esque magazine cut message inside, he finds out that someone wants him to move far away and will do anything it takes whether it means hurting his only pet, or someone at the party.

Most of the ensemble cast is featured here. Ali Cesur, Daniel Donnie Flores, Alex Correa, Felix Aispuro, Kyle Mosonyi, Ashley Hernandez and Allan Carter. Where is Anthony Moore and Fernando Gonzalez?!

Watch a clip from the production of episode 2 “Bitchy Queen“:

Also pictured is the creator/writer Henry Corzo as he looks into the lens and directs the scene that kicks off the dramedy and mystery and the Director of Photography aka singer/rapper Trippy T also known more professionally as Anthony T. Tran.

Image by Keithopher Webb.

2. The Silver Fox

Episode 3 “Racist Queen”

Not only is this the location of where the show premiered webisodes 1-4 in April 2016, but was also the place used as a flashback scene location for episode 3 and again later in episode 8 “Gossip Queen”.

In these scenes, we learn that they gang used to smoke outside the bar and then that Ian was making out with a stranger while dating Andrew. Could either one be seeking revenge against Nick?

It was fun setting up the two lights we had and hearing people get excited as they drove past watching us on our production. When we hosted the red carpet event here, the show gained more of a following and now marks the spot as one of our official ‘MQ’ landmarks.

Pictured: Anthony Moore, Felix Aispuro, Kyle Misoyni and Allan Carter

Photo by Anthony Moore

3. Closer to Midnight

As each episode progresses, a new hour has occurred until the last episode hits midnight and everything must be in place for the tricky kidnapper to be satisfied. In episode 10, “Family Queen”, Mario talks to his father about his trip to Columbia when he finds out when or if his other friends have come out to their parents. Finding family around is important, but then who would want to hurt the group?

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Tis the season for the complete release of the colorful and fun web series Mæry Queens and the debut short film suspense mystery Denizen – both begging the audience to figure out who has been naughty –  and who’s not been very nice. But all jokes aside, there are a lot of suspects and a whole lot of excitement in both the web show and the movie and it’s just in time for the holidays. 


“Denizen” was shot on a RED DRAGON cinema camera.

When a young woman Marsha Harvey moves into a lavish apartment in Los Angeles, she learns that the previous tenant who lived there died. At a dinner party, will she uncover the truth behind the denizen? 

See exclusive clips and more at

Everyone is trying to figure out the cause of death…

Who is the denizen? Find out December 21, 2016

California sun. New friends. Great location. What could go wrong in L.A.? #DenizenFilm

Discover “Denizen” by Trippy Tran Films & Escape West Films in association with Shake the Sky this Christmas season December 21, 2016.

Mæry Queens

Photo by Anthony ‘Rory’ Tran

Watch all 12 webisodes of Season 1 this holiday January, 2017

Colombian director Henry Corzo of Corzo Productions has created a quirky over-the-top LGBTQ mystery based in Long Beach, California and not only does it have mouth-watering juicy drama, but also touches on important issues for any sexual orientation with a group of pals. Trippy Tran Films cinematographer and singer/rapper Trippy T, also known as Anthony ‘Rory’ Tran, guest stars and is the Director of Photography. Corzo Productions is bringing a lot to the LB community, even with its risqué themes at times.

Tran also wanting to give back to the community in his new hometown in Long Beach, CA as he did when living in Cincinnati, Ohio, there was no doubt that the collaboration with a “non-West Hollywood” vibe and a more of an “LB” LGBTQ color would have the group making a stand-out comedic and mysterious web series. 

The season finale gets a little steamy! Find out on Mæry Queens! Season finale red carpet premiere December 10th @ Paradise in Long Beach, CA.

Are you a person on the go with the holiday rush? Each episode is only 5-7 minutes long and with a total of 12 episodes this season, you can watch the whole mystery dramedy in a little over an hour if you wish- or simply per webisode.

Pictured Daniel Donnie Flores and Alex Correa with Anthony Rory Tran (DoP).

Mæry Queens Christmas party in episode 7. 

Get Merry with Mæry Queens this holiday season! 

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A.D. Bobby Duncan slating the shot.

Director Henry Corzo with Felix Aispuro

Director of Photography Anthony ‘Rory’ Tran snapping a behind-the-scenes pic of episode 5 “Competitive Queen” with actors Felix Aispuro and Kyle Mosoyni.

Everyone could have a reason to threaten the birthday boy. Which person at the pool party is trying to scare Nick to moving out of Long Beach? 

Premiering December 10th, after a full season of drama you can watch the last 2 episodes of this gay webseries and find out who really kidnapped Hotto. The kidnapper even threatens to do worse to the cat and the people at the party if the birthday boy doesn’t put his LB house up for sale before midnight. 

The final episodes will appear online at the Mæry Queens YouTube channel this Sunday. See all the ho ho ho’s and Prep for mystery.

Mæry Queens Season 1 – (Episodes 1- 10): 

Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown

The sleep deprivation psychological thriller has been in the works for quite some time. Since it’s Director’s Cut premier in 2013 at a private test screening, a theatrical cut has been announced but not complete – until now. An intern from Columbus State has taken over the edit and is working on a new trailer for the release. 

The cut is being prepped for film festival submission, distribution overseas as well as in the U.S. and then the public release. It’s been a process since the project started in 2009, but the feature film is now seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. With 27 bands and artists on the soundtrack, a wide range of participants including actors, filmmakers and VFX from its production location in Cincinnati, OH to collaboratives from New York to L.A., Obliquity is going to deliver a mysterious mind-bending trippy world with color, contrast and thrills that will take you on a journey of the psyche. 

We’re excited to announce some new movies and releases for 2017 including the new short The Remnants by director/writer Alex Harris (Denizen), Trippy T’s new music video “SoCal Waves” from the miniseries My Vacation In LA, plus new skits, projects and InPersonNation 2. Follow our page and check us out on social media. Have a great holiday season folks! And thank you always for visiting and showing continued support for and our affiliates.









Be sure to discover these unique new releases and connect us with here at and as always, we appreciate beyond greatly for your continued support in all our entertainment endeavors. Stay sunny tripsters! 

From the Obliquity soundtrack, check out “Shimmer of Longing” music video the first music video release.

Mystery 48 Film Project “Denizen” Coming Soon

There’s been a lot of mystery with what’s going on in the world, including (dare we even mention it – the election), but that doesn’t stop the creative forces behind Trippy Tran Films, Escape West Films and Shake the Sky from making a killer new short in the –  An international competition where teams create a 4-7 minute movie from start to finish  (script -> production -> editing and final upload) in just 2 days.

With Alex Harris as writer and director, this marks Trippy Tran Films’ short film debut in the City of Angels and our 10th movie (2 features, 8 shorts See Movies) and producer Anthony ‘Rory’ Tran’s 4th 48. Denizen is sure to leave a lasting impression that will send chills and thrills.

Charles Harris helps uncover the dark mystery in ‘Denizen’. Image by CXL Photography.

The team began on 11/11/2016 with the plan to make a $100,000 winning film. 

Synopsis: Marsha Harvey moves into a lavish Los Angeles apartment when she learns that the previous tenant who lived there died. When her neighbors invite her over for a dinner party, can she uncover the truth about what really happened that night? 

Genre: Mystery
Character: Marsha Harvey, Recruitment Consultant
Prop: Black and White Photo
: “Do not worry. They are faking it.”

Have a murder mystery dinner party with us in ‘Denizen’.

Starring Charles Harris, Simone Valentine, Briana Amlin and Shammara Buchanan 

Produced by Anthony Tran
Directed by Alex Harris

Great location. Great everything. She lucked out.


“It was really good and suspenseful…loved it.” – Alan W., Long Beach, CA

“It was creepy and very suspenseful…great job.” – Ren Hicks, Cincinnati, OH

“The actors and actresses played their parts excellently. Love the script. The editing was great. It kept my attention 100%!!!! The music was edited in perfectly. I believe this film will WIN. I love it !!!” – Amy C., New York, NY

“…’High quality!’ It is suspenseful and it was kinda scary at the end, too…The camera work was very clean and professional…Great job, to all those who worked on it!!” – Deanna S., California, OH

Behind the scenes at the production wrap 11/12/2016

Find out more about the film when it premiers December 21st where you can vote until the 27th at the 48FilmProject website and subscribe to connect with us here and at for updates!

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Can’t wait for DENIZEN? Here’s some behind the scenes from the producer’s snapchat.

And watch Charles Harris in our Top 10 Countdown video!


Mæry Queens is the official selection of the 2016 Web Series Festival Global in Hollywood.

If you’re celebrating your birthday party with some of your best friends, what do you do when you get a threat and can’t find your beloved pet kitty? Not be a queen about it of course. But in Mæry Queens, everyone has a reason to force Nick to move and everyone is a queen. There’s no telling what secrets lie at this sunny LA pool party. Experience the mystery, drama, romance and the laughs that unfold with these studs (and bimbo) with the new LGBTQ webisodes of Mæry Queens.

Mæry Queens Season 1 – [Episodes 1-7] Available Now: 

Mæry Queens Fall Episodes – Available NOW: 

Episodes 5-7 and premiered October 11, 2016 at 7pm PT and included new character confessionals after each webisode written by Anthony ‘Rory’ Tran.

The SoCal Long Beach web series explores a group of gay men and a faghag who must Sherlock Holmes their way through the past and present to determine who would want to kill birthday boy Nick’s adorable kitty cat Hoto if he doesn’t put his house up for sale by midnight. Each episode is 5-7 minutes long, but plays as each hour leading to midnight. 

Follow the official page for premier videos, interviews and all your queen-tesential needs

With 4 episodes previously released and now the next batch of 4 webisodes premiering, the drama (and the zaniness) piles on as each person starts to question each other at the hottest pool party. Let the shirts fly, the screams echo and the finger-pointing begin. Can you figure out….

Which Queen Bitch did it!??

Kyle Misoyni, Anthony Moore, Felix Aispuro, Alex Correa, Ashley Hernandez, Allan Carter, Daniel Donnie Flores, Ali Cesur, and Fernando Christian and Special cameo by Trippy T

Directed by Henry Corzo
Corzo Productions

Director of Photography
Anthony “RORY” Tran,
Trippy Tran Films

Watch Ashley Hernandez “Ash Nicole” host the My Vacation In L.A. – Top 10 Countdown with Charlie Harris

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