Do The Apple Turnover! 10 More Tummy Ticklin’ Original Vids with TTF Produced Commercials! (Skits Part 2)

Trippy Tran Films - STAR LOGO HiResLast week, we listed 10 skits that have tummy tickling moments and we even listed all related videos including the future soon-to-be PocaHeyHey official, the reincarnate of Pocahontas in today’s society, plus character parodies like Titney Spears, Selena Stop!mez, Marie AntoiNOT!, the MSI “Prom” music video, the hilarious radio spot “Leatherware” and more. Well, you didn’t think it would stop there, did you!? Trippy Tran and Trippy Tran Films have been making professional videos and zany comedy skits since 2007 (and owner/operator Anthony Rory Tran has been writing since he was an itty bitty wittle kid.) Here’s 10 more skits! And look! You don’t have to worry about annoying ads all over the page (besides a select few of our own which we implore you to check up on it.) Also, you don’t have to click a Next page button constantly just to finish the article! It’s all listed below!

#1 Do The Apple Turnover! (Churry Churry)

In 2011, Arby’s was having a Cast Calling contest and Anthony “Rory” Tran aka artist Trippy T was on it. In less than a week, he called his local Arby’s (one with the original cowboy hat – those come few, far and between nowadays!) a flash mob of diverse folks, a killer food rap, a hot beat from Greg Durham aka Godtchie (who collaborated with Tran on the song “Mind ArC” for the COEXIST movie soundtrack – see our movies), the mixing style of Michail Sinenko aka Sonanze and the writing collaboration with Hapless aka J.B. Luckett of Eazy World Entertainment (see his debut music video) who also stars in the video as Tran’s hype man.

The video has gained the most fans and views for on a video for the Trippy Tran Films channel up until recently, now being the 2nd highest video with over 4 thousand views on the Trippy Tran Films channel with the highest count of views being our #2 video… (see below)

See the winner who worked with Owl City here:

#2 SIPPY BEARS Juice Bar, Smoothies & Wheat Grass Lemonade

Chef Dan immediately called Anthony Tran about filming commercials for his new business Panda Chefs. He hired Tran to film and edit his commercials from Sushi Bears to Bolly Bears (Indian Cuisine) to the Panda Chefs Shark Tank audition tape sent to ABC as he was being considered, Classy Beading (jewelry making) to Sippy Bears at Findlay Market in downtown Cincinnati, OH. Together, they made promos and tutorial videos to all the delicious exotic ethnic options including the emerging hype of wheatgrass being a new health trend. For some odd reason (that our market research hasn’t full grasped) the Sippy Bears is the most viewed promo and is officially now the most viewed video on the Trippy Tran Films channel at over 6 thousand views! Why do you think that is? Comment and see all the promos below!

Chef Dan with The Hunger Games star Josh Huctherson!

Chef Dan and Josh Hutcherson for Panda Chefs

#3 CONAN! Please Blow Up My Car

In 2010, Conan O’Brien had a contest for everyone in the US to submit their crappiest vehicle video and submit it to NBC for the Conan O’Brien Show. The winner was in the same town the studio was in, Los Angeles, CA where Tran now resides. Too bad his car wasn’t in LA so they could blow it up on site. We might have won!

The selection description on their site mentions:

Working in conjunction with the writers of “The Tonight Show with Conan O’brien” we created this fun promo for the launch of the Lexus HS. From over 3,000 video submissions, Conan picked a winner of the worst car in America who would win the Lexus HS in exchange for his car being blown to bits.

You can see the winner here:

#4 Dorito’s Entry feat. MMA Fighter Chad Hinton

Actor Bobby Long approached Tran about doing a Dorito’s contest entry for the Super Bowl. Always game to collaborate, Tran united a team of people to create a video, and the resources included MMA fighter Chad Hinton and his own daughter in the video! Dorito’s bags spinning around his head by graphic/VFX artist Dan Hollandsworth made this video extremely memorable and a tummy tickler for sure, even if it didn’t win the contest (like most our vids – sad face !) There’s competition out there for sure, but isn’t it really about creating and collaborating to make unique and original videos? MMA fighter Chad Hinton thinks so!

See director/writer Anthony Tran’s “COEXIST” starring Bobby Long – coming soon to The Official Trippy Tran Films Shorts Collection 2008-2015. Read about the epic DVD release here. Future articles about the double-disc set coming soon.

(Here’s hoping everyone’s still married!)

#5 Ke$ha at LA Pride 2015

Well Ke$ha made a comeback that Saturday night at LA Pride this past year. Tran attended the aftermath and went to the parade; but when we stepped through the gates, there was a lot of trash. Needless to say, it made a funny Kesha’s “glitter trash” parody.

See PocaHeyHey and other skits here –

#6 Pimp Cups!

In 2007, Tran started at Brown Mackie College and graduated with an Associate’s of Applied Science degree in Audio/Video technology in 2009. The first storyboard project had to be done right, Tran said to himself – and even though the “Object of the Game” assignment was to film an angle, cut the camera and repeat to complete the project, Tran took it upon himself to do a small amount of editing so he could “disappear” from the pimp cups, which when premiered in front of his class, wowed the crowd.

See Tran’s “Drug Deal” featuring Izal Mane and Rel for a DP assignment he lead after he was recovering from being sick for the end of the month for a lighting class project – and the next video features them as well!

#7 “Get Looney On ‘Em!”

Whilst Tran attended Brown Mackie, they helped film videos for a whole bunch of local Cincinnati artists including big time Showtime music vid (we shot the Goonies video which never was released) as well as Izal Mane and Rel’s old group Cincinnati’s Most Wanted. The students all got to help production, but each student was given the chance to do their own edit for a grade. Above is Tran’s edit. Honestly, Tran got a C+, but looking back at it now, if we had more time, we would perfect the video, but shoot, this is a Looney Tunes anthem for real! How hot is their take on being “looney”. Fresh. Dope. Real. Why are we so underground homies?! Ha.

Video directed by Shawnna Johnson who also currently resides in California. Read her article on Tran and check out her site here –

See Izal Mane’s latest hit music video “Feed A Mouth” –

#8 Radio Shacker!

Once again, another school project makes its way on our list. This hilarious video removed the original commercial’s audio for an assignment to redub the entire commercial. Thinking outside the box, Tran not only wanted to redo all the sound effects, music and voice overs, but instead, rematch it with a lip sync parody vid having Howie from Radio Shack say “can you transfer this cute white pussy to all my friends and family”. Yeah. We went there. See for yourself how well we matched lips and recreated the audio of a popular commercial. Featuring the voice announcer of Jeff Winkelman of Who Productions, Anthony’s main instructor at Brown Mackie College-Cincinnati.


On July 16, 2015, Tran worked did more for sports as a P.A. on Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Sports awards post party event! Due to a knee injury from a serving job in SoCal, he wasn’t able to do as much as he wanted, but being at UCLA helping the team at the Lost Child Meet-Up Point and Lost and Found. With film makers Kimbra McCaul and Dustin Young.

Nickelodeon KCS postparty Lost Child Mee-Up Point Sign

#9 A Suphero Birthday Party!

Filming our debut feature Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown came with connecting with our cast and crew, and in this case, actress Tia Casey and members of the rock band The Upset Victory. Together, we celebrated Tia’s birthday wearing superhero costumes made from table cloths and styrofoam masks.

Unfortunately, later in the evening, Tran was jumped by two guys near the band mates car. Tran said “what’s up” to them and the next thing you know, was beaten to the temple with pounding fists for over a minute until his friends left the bar and realized what was going on. It was like a black out. The attack occurred at Bellevue Vets in which there were security cameras and was by a main street off of the Newport exit, but the officer let the attacker go right in front of everyone and didn’t do anything for the ruthless attack. Luckily, only the good memories were captured above and one might call The Upset Victory including the guitarist’s heroic brother for being a superhero at the end of the night.

#10 ACTV Special featuring German Commercial parody, The Dumbest Horror Flick Ever Behind The Scenes, Music Videos and more!

Let’s time travel back to when Tran was a senior in high school and was still (and still is) very passionate about film work. He took 2 years of German and was finishing some scenes for The Dumbest Horror Flick Ever after making the MSI “Prom” cover video before and after his Junior Prom and was asked to submit to public broadcasting featuring his works. This special is about 25 minutes and includes a lot of Tran’s earlier work.

A few years later, ACTV in Anderson Township, banned Anthony Tran from airing videos on their public broadcasting saying our work was “too commercial”. When Tran released “COEXIST” after 10pm on public broadcasting, there were some concerns about the majority of elderly people residing and watching the program that the film was so horrific that it might give them a heart attack, said by the chairman. We don’t think our stuff is that explicit, but to each their own! Now Tran is in California and will be making a new special for Long Beach and LA residents to check out his work going along with The Official Trippy Tran Films Shorts Collection 2008-2015.

What was your favorite video?! Tell us in the comments below and as always, please follow us, subscribe, like and share! Or we won’t be able to make anymore videos.. ever! Ha. For real though. Seriously. #Support – for professional films and more! – for more skits!
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All original material is owned by Anthony Tran, Trippy Tran Films, LLC.

For more comedy videos, check out professional movies like Wreckfest and My Vacation In Cincinnati which are coming soon to DVD, and of course check out our horror parody from 2005, The Dumbest Horror Flick Ever at and read the article about the film here.

More comedy, skits and vLogs to come!
NEW VLOG show coming soon!
Robbed By A White Man
Sparkles the Flamer
Sarah McClachlan Pita skit
My Vacation in LA – DocuVid

See behind the scenes of Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown now with 50 clips here: 50 BTS Obliquity Clips

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Skits Part 2 (image)

Psych Thriller ‘Obliquity’ Whets Appetite with New Behind-The-Scenes Clips

The anticipated debut feature with the tagline “More Than The Eye Can See” from Trippy Tran Films and Sovereign Entertainment has recently released (mostly) spoiler-free Behind-The-Scenes segments on – be sure to subscribe as new videos will be added. The journey shows tie-ins to Tran’s original short “Duality” with glimpses at some of the surprises in store for the upcoming full-length independent psych thriller Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown.

(watch the new behind-the-scenes adventure here):

The video clips include previously unreleased interviews, insight on the lives and thoughts of the cast and crew, waiting in the rain for location clearance, flat tires, getting lost, favorite film parts, the mishaps and the accomplishments, plus, the director himself in action giving viewers a chance to see what it really took for us to make this community-oriented full-length indie film in the Greater Cincinnati Area.

Tran also mentions future releases in the playlist are going to include bands from the Obliquity soundtrack performing live, photo shoots with all the actors for the movie poster, the original cast (recorded with old school cell phones), rehearsing, voice overs and a First-Look at the band ALTERED in the recording studio performing the song they wrote for our film – also entitled “Obliquity”. (Playlist link is above – with 34 clips currently.) We will update the playlist weekly until we run out – and that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

Dane double head promo still

Trippy Tran Films presents Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown. ©2015 All rights reserved.

Now when viewing the clips, you may notice that they are completely unedited video segments recorded per clip. Due to it being filmed off of a Sony Handycam (that Chris Hicks gave Tran in 2011) we found it to be incompatible with the MacBook used for handling the movie’s files while editing on Final Cut Pro. When we tried to view the file, there was no audio. We decided to give you the raw recordings as part of the experience because of that.

Obliquity Teaser - grab from facebook

Teaser promo for the director’s cut test screen release which premiered December 2013.

By uploading each video to YouTube, audio and video then became readily available. The behind-the-scenes preview is here to ‘wet your thirst’ for more as we prepare finalizing postproduction of the film this year. New videos will be uploaded to the playlist periodically.

(see the trailers, character promos and more at the Obliquity playlist here):

To be a part of postproduction contact us at To help donate to the project, send via PayPal to

Be sure to check out the official movie page and all our other movies in the Menu bar.

Click to view updates on the up-and-coming Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown and visit the Obliquity website and follow the movie on #ObliquityMovie and follow us @TrippyTranFilms on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

Word On The Street: New ‘Obliquity’ Clip Premiers Next Week

 There are 5 Fridays in May with 5 videos being released by Trippy Tran Films on every one of those days. Word has it, the full-length psychological thriller from director/writer Anthony Tran is seeing the day of light soon after finalizing all the ‘My Vacation In Cincinnati’ bonus features. With 2 more Fridays left, there are 2 special features for ‘MVIC’ to premier. One releases tomorrow (Friday) and the following week, a new clip for ‘Obliquity’ will premier featuring My Vacation in Cincinnati star, Chris Corman in a more serious and darker role.

New 'Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown' clip premiers next Friday, 5.29.15.

New ‘Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown’ clip premiers next Friday, 5.29.15 featuring Chris Corman.

First, let’s look back at My Vacation In Cincinnati for recently releasing so many videos in the last month. We’ve received the 18 minute interview special – which was full of great visuals and really told the story of making a 48 Hour Film Project in Ohio. (See The Interview here – Then, on May 1st, the official trailer debuted with promises of a DVD release soon. On May 8th, we got the reamped Director’s Cut of the film – which is only available to watch until the end of May this year for free as we plan releases to sell the film online and on DVD. And last week, on May 15th, we finally got to see the funnies on set with the Outtakes + Deleted Scenes reel.

     Only two bonus features remain (all of which will be on the upcoming DVD: Wreckfest – Official Trippy Tran Films Short Collection 2008-2015) and it’s either the behind-the-scenes featurette or the photo slideshow and we can’t wait to show you the newly released work! The remaining bonus will premier sometime in June. *See all the bonus features links below!*

My, oh, my did we get a lot of new releases, but the most riveting is that Obliquity is resurfacing after a small hiatus since the director’s cut theater debut in December 2013 at the Western Hills Danbarry Cinemas in Ohio. What makes it even more exciting is that we get to see actor Chris Corman play someone completely different from his spontaneous, charismatic loveable boyfriend role who won tickets to his girlfriend’s favorite band in My Vacation... What will his story be in Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown ?

We premier the exclusive new clip next Friday here at and on our and pages. Check out our @TrippyTranFilms on Twitter and Instagram for more also. #obliquityiscoming #myvacationcincinnati #obliquitymovie #newclip #indiefilms #TrippyTranFilms

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Trailer –
Director’s Cut –
The Interview –
Outtakes –
DVD Promo –

My Vacation In Cincinnati - Teaser frontcover

Working poster for ‘MVIC’. Featuring Chris Corman and Amanda Eichelberger. Design by Ren Hicks.



‘Vacation In Cincinnati’ New Cut Releases, Taking Critiques From Viewers

Take a trip to Cincinnati as Troy (Chris Corman, Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown) and Gina (Amanda Eichelberger) suddenly win a contest to a killer concert in Ohio. As the girlfriend is unenthused by going to the ‘unheard of’ land, events turn inside out. Will they find out what the city really is about and enjoy what it has to offer? Find out in ‘My Vacation In Cincinnati’.

The Re-Mastered Film! Director’s Cut Official Release.

Get ready to jam out as this comedy adventure vacation drama unfolds! Trippy Tran Films has long-awaited the official release of ‘MVIC’ and below, we tell you what we did to make it the best possible movie and are also accepting critiques and feedback from viewers like you to tell us what you didn’t like or what you did like about the project.

Watch the official new release of the Director’s Cut above for free for a limited time only (available until the end of May 2015.)

MVIC - My Vacation Promo Collage 2015 - Coming Soon DVD

It began in 2012, Tran was scheduling and filming ‘Obliquity’ so much, it was like part of him believed that on December 21, 2012 the Mayan prophecy was going to be fulfilled and that he had to get it done. In the midst of doing this, 2 new projects were presented to him: in February, the drama ‘His Name Is Walter’ was made and then in May, Brown Mackie College-Cincinnati asked him to produce for the first time since he graduated college with ‘Coexist’ in March 2009. The film we made in association with students at BMC-C then became ‘My Vacation In Cincinnati’.

With big budget movies nowadays, how do we separate ourselves from the rest? As independent film makers, we find quality in uniting talents, some aren’t as discovered, so by discovering  and collaborating with them,  we get to promote their work – which then makes our project even greater as a whole giving us additional music or talents to pull from and utilize effectively.

Recently, Tran added 2 new songs to this director’s cut. The homely “My Ohio”by Elia Burkhart (who also contributed ‘Mr. Rabbit’ to Obliquity) and Tran’s own under his current artist name in the music industry, Trippy T with a new one just recorded a few weeks ago, “Discover”.


(left) Sonanze (Michail Sinenko) & (right) Anthony Tran (Trippy T) features new song “Discover”

What else is new in the cut you ask? Everything has been brightened up and color corrected, audio has been EQ to match between cuts a lot smoother than the previous release, a lot more clips were added to the mix and even new sound effects and longer sequences are all here to wet your appetite for adventure. This is the release we plan on putting on DVD with a few minor changes.

If you want to express any changes you think need to be made (especially if you are a Cincinnati native) write a comment below or email

We are currently accepting all reviews, critiques and any feedback on the Director’s Cut before we finalize the DVD Collection. You have a voice! Thanks for watching!

What can you expect:
A magician, a stoner bed n’ breakfast, and a rockin’ band from Cincinnati making this dramedy a fun rockin’ adventure! Share with friends and support local artists everywhere.

MVIC - Stoner Edit FCP

Official Trippy Tran Films Shorts Collection 2008-2015 also planned for DVD release later this year.

Music by:
“Discover” by Trippy T & Sonanze – *NEW SONG*
“My Ohio” – Elia Burkhart
“Copy Cat Killa” – The Front Runners
“Letting Go”, “Tease” – Lying In Ruins

Director’s Cut online for free. Limited viewing. Only available to watch in the month of May 2015.


#myvacationcincinnati #trippytranfilms #TTF #cincinnati #ohio
@trippytranfilms   I

Watch the original 48 Hour Director’s Cut to see the differences between the new two cuts and check out the new bonus features released so far to the film below:


©2015 Trippy Tran Films, LLC

‘MVIC – The Interview’ Now On YouTube!

In the midst of several projects, Trippy Tran Films produced a team for a 48 Hr Film Project while wrapping the final year of production on their debut feature “Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown” (See Movies), while working on music under the pseudonym, Trippy T (See Trippy T Music) and this being all after making the touching drama “His Name Is Walter”. Needless to say, 2012 was a very busy year for Tran and team who then debuted his first music video ‘2012/Shimmer of Longing’. While filming several interviews for ‘Obliquity’, Anthony wanted to do an interview about their promotional city adventure in the film “My Vacation In Cincinnati” and now, the interview is officially released after 3 months of editing solo. See the docu-interview below.

This official interview features cast members Chris Corman and Amanda Eichelberger with director/producer Anthony T. Tran discussing the creation of the 48 Hour Film Project in Cincinnati by utilizing the Vacation genre and the many collaborative efforts in making a movie. This special interview is for the upcoming DVD release and will be available on the Trippy Tran Films Short Movie Collection 2008-2013 – coming soon 2015.

Chris Corman (Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown) reveals playing a different role and making the film.
Chris Corman (Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown) reveals playing a different role and making the film.

Filmed in 2012, Trippy Tran Films entered the 48 Hour Project in the Cincinnati competition during the midst of wrapping production on Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown (which also stars Chris Corman) making My Vacation In Cincinnati one of Cincinnati, Ohio’s biggest promotional project yet: a movie highlighting some of the city’s diverse attractions with a dramedy twist. Featuring music, art, and locale of Cincinnati as the main focus of a film, MVIC is the 6th produced TTF short.

Director/Producer Anthony T. Tran (Founder of Trippy Tran Films) Reveals Filming MVIC.

Director/Producer Anthony T. Tran (founder of Trippy Tran Films) reveals filming MVIC.

When a couple wins tickets to a rock show, they get an all expense paid to Cincinnati, Ohio but what is this city really about? The Cincinnati Reds? The Ohio River? The Thompson House?  The Purple People Bridge? Or is it a bowling alley such as Eastgate Lanes? Or perhaps a bed and breakfast at Stonehouse?

Amanda Eichelberger talks about her role in 'My Vacation In Cincinnati - The Interview'

Amanda Eichelberger talks about her role in ‘My Vacation In Cincinnati – The Interview’

As Troy (Chris Corman) and Gina (Amanda Eichelberger) travel around Cincinnati’s diverse locations, what will the real prize be? Find out in My Vacation In Cincinnati – The Interview (A Trippy Tran Films DVD Bonus Feature coming soon 2015) and be sure to share the story of film making, Cincinnati, collaborations and music by sharing this article and video. Have you been to Cincinnati?

My Vacation In Cincinnati - DVD cover

Special Edition DVD with Bonus Features Coming Soon 2015

Special Edition DVD with Bonus Features Coming Soon 2015

My Vacation In Cincinnati - Teaser frontcover

Enjoyed ‘My Vacation In Cincinnati – The Interview’?
See 2008’s ‘Duality – The Interview’ below.

Duality – The Interview features Trippy Tran Films first 3 short films (iNpersonNation, UI: Universal Intelligence, Duality) focusing on the production aspects of Duality.

My Vacation In Cincinnati – The Interview is the second released official interview with Trippy Tran Films and touches on all 8 films (7 shorts, 1 feature) focusing on the production aspects of My Vacation In Cincinnati and highlighting the city, the community, collaborations and more.

Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown will feature several interviews upon release.

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Official DVD Announcement

Trippy Tran Films - Short Film Promo Logo ss

©2015 Trippy Tran Films – Photo of Anthony Tran by Frenzy Photos

Trippy Tran Films has made 7 short films from 2008-2013 and only one DVD has been released – the Duality and Other Movie Challenge Films released at the end of 2008 so now in 2015, after all the unique ideas like the multi-genre wrecked-out comedy Wreckfest, the eerie psychological thriller about sleep deprivation and the forces in our world in Duality, the dark comedy horror of people being deliberately aggressive and cruel in the twist-title Coexist, or the touching drama about a homeless man and a tabloid photographer in the Hamilton Film Festival’s Selection His Name Is Walter, you are sure to find a movie you’ll enjoy. To top it all off, the DVD will include complete bonus features release for every single one of these films and is being released sometime this year.

Films Include:

Ask our team any questions on Twitter or Instagram @TrippyTranFilms or email us at #TrippyTranFilms #TrippyTranMan #TrippyT

You can see a majority of the bonus features here for a limited time only.

Once the DVD releases, a lot of videos will be taken off of youtube to promote the release of the DVD so go to to Subscribe, Comment, Like and see all our original works.

Now during the process, we all know Anthony Tran is a busy man. While editing all these features, preparing the ultimate DVD collection of Trippy Tran Films, writing music and mixing tracks, plus preparing the final theatrical cut of Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown – which includes someone from each of the 7 shorts – Tran is also working on his life
in Long Beach, CA, where he moved to last March. On February 9th, he turned 27.

Trippy T - Reverbnation - Cover Song promotion

Check out Trippy T covering songs by Lorde, Rammstein, KoRn and a parody of a Taylor Swift song now at