Trippy Tran Films LLC specializes in making unique movie projects.

See below for a list of all our film projects.


Feature Films

Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown (Psychological Thriller)
Devil’s Point (Supernatural Horror)

Short Films

Choices – An Interactive Story: Twisted Fates #ChoicesTF (Drama)

QK-Hilltop (Based on True Events, Thriller)

Denizen (Mystery)
Wreckfest (Comedy)
My Vacation In Cincinnati (Dramedy, Comedy, Live Music)
His Name Is Walter (Drama)
Coexist (Horror)
Duality (Psychological Thriller)
Universal Intelligence (Sci-Fi, Spy, Action)

Web Shows

My Vacation In L.A. (Season 1)
MÆRY QUEENS (Season 1)
My Real Life In L.A.
My Vacation In L.A. – Top 10 Countdown

My Vacation In Cincinnati 2
My Vacation In L.A. (Season 2)

Future Movies in Talks:

iNPERSONNATION 2: Crossroads
Famously Wrecked
Obliquity 2
Movie Challenge


Obliquity poster Official 2015
College students working toward their own set of goals are given a sleep deprivation study a year after a girl named Tiffany Hayes has done the study and disappeared. Dark forces, laziness, and morality are all tested as they try to figure out the potential in themselves as well as the environment they reside in.

Alternate Synopsis:
A journey into the psyche and subconscious mind when college students agree to do a sleep deprivation study for 3 days. As society feeds into carelessness and doubt, a group of people begin to see the unseen layers of the world. Reality begins to shift, and in doing so, reveals a new outlook on life for those seeking answers. Greater Cincinnati community film project about the wonders of life involving a group of people who are trying to find their way through the ultimate darkness. ©Trippy Tran Films.

Obliquity Slate

Produced by Trippy Tran Films & Sovereign Entertainment
We promote and network with bands, artists, musicians, photographers, web designers, artists, graphic designers, students, extras, and more!


How It Came To Be:
After having made 4 short films by 2009, two of them being dark and psychological, Tran wanted to do his first feature. This feature was planned to help explain the missing pieces of some of the original shorts. Whatever happened to Tiffany after she did the sleep deprivation study? What were the aliens in UI planning on doing? What was Willie like in college that made him unstable? However, most of the original ideas that were in this got scrapped for other projects, though, Willie is still supposed to be a representation of Dane.

OBLIQUITY teaser poster

The script began in May 2009 and was halfway written by summer 2009. Two scenes were then filmed with an incomplete cast and was put on hold until the rest of the script was written. In March 2010, filming picked up again and went through the summer and fall, with actors quitting and equipment lacking. Tran met producer Chris Wesley and they began teaming up together. In 2011, they had a complete cast, but some locations were missing. By August 2011, Anthony was asked to co-produce Chris Wesley of Sovereign Entertainment’s “Devils’s Point’ (2012) and take a break from filming until everything was in place again. In early 2012, the rest was getting planned out and shooting began in June 2012 to finish the rest of the movie, which was roughly around half a film still to go. 3 additional rewrites alone were made in 2012 due to numerous accounts of things going in different directions. The film is looking to wrap production in January 2013 and planned for a summer release in 2013. Film festivals, Neflix, promotions, events and more are all being planned for the release.

Read an article about the journey:

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Devil’s Point (Feature)

New supernatural thriller coming soon from Sovereign Entertainment and co-produced by Anthony Tran of Trippy Tran Films.

“Devil’s Point” is a horror/thriller coming soon.

The mysterious area of woods, known to the locals as Devil’s Point, harbors a dark secret no one suspects. After being attacked by something evil there, Michael finds that people in his life are dying with increasingly bizarre circumstances. With all signs pointing at him being the one responsible for their deaths, he begins to question his own reality and now must find some way of overcoming the tragedy that haunts him before it is too late.

Devil’s Point stars Tommy Dishman, Alexandra Sedlak, Joshua Ryan, Brahm Corstanje, Laila Hameen, Sarah Witt, Tom Shelley and Marcus Simmons II.

Directed by William Chaffin
Written and Produced by Christopher Wesley
Co-Produced by Anthony Tran, Trippy Tran Films
Director of Photography by Charles Pierson

Devil’s Point was produced and will be distributed through Sovereign Entertainment in association with Few Man Crew and Trippy Tran Films.

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The movies below are all short films ranging from 7 minutes to 20 minutes

“DENIZEN” (2016)
A 48 Film Project

Genre: Mystery

Officially the 10th movie from Trippy Tran Films, our 8th short film and our first produced Los Angeles entry, Denizen is a suspenseful murder mystery that starts to get uncovered when a young woman gets invited to a dinner party. In association with Escape West Films and Shake the Sky, this is no ordinary 7 minute watch. (Premiers December 21, 2016)

Marsha Harvey moves into a lavish Los Angeles apartment when she learns that the previous tenant who lived there died. When her neighbors invite her over for a dinner party, can she uncover the truth about what really happened that night?

How It Came to Be:
In early 2016 when Tran was releasing the docu mini-series spinoff to My Vacation In Cincinnati called My Vacation in L.A., actor and owner of Escape West Films, Charles Harris approached him about making a new short. They signed up for the 48 Film Project and was waiting for the right time to get the ball rolling.

This 48 was different than any that Trippy Tran Films worked on as it is an international competition that anyone could complete between January 1-November 30, unlike the city competitions which have set times. Team and facebook recruiting/groups were made and Shake the Sky joined us in creating a mystery unlike any other.

The team began on 11/11/2016 with the plan to make a $100,000 winning film. We finished on the evening of November 13.

The premier is on both here and the website December 21, 2016 with Audience Choice votes 12/21/16-12/27/16 – the 4 year anniversary of Trippy T’s “Shimmer of Longing music video (12/21/12 – also the Mayan calendar end date) and the test screening 3 year anniversary of Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown (12/27/13) at Eastgate’s Danbarry Cinemas.

Read an article on Denizen here.

Follow the official Denizen Facebook page at

“WRECKFEST” (2013)
A 48 Hour Film Project

Genre: Comedy

Wreckfest (2015 Official Poster)

Watch Trailer:

Seventh original short from director/writer Anthony Tran. Vicky and Tori are two has-been “it” girls who travel to their 5-year high school reunion with the same attitude they had in the past: snobby, oblivious and rude. As they see how everyone has changed and encounter people of all types, it’s up to them to make the change or stay the same.

Alternate Synopsis:
Anthony Tran’s third entry in the 48 Hour Film Project. Comedy about two has-been “it” girls who get faced with the ugly reality of what they’ve left behind.

Wreckfest - Teaser Image Poster

How It Came To Be:
In the midst of finishing “Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown”, Tran wanted to make another short while recasting for the lead in “INPERSONNATION 2” (which is the next project in the works) another 48 Hour Film Project sounded good. Tran hosted 3 meetings and networked on Facebook with friends and talents that wanted to be a part of the production. Tran had an idea about incorporating every genre in the 48 (excluding Wild Card genres – Cincinnati, OH Kick-Off) and it had to be executed right knowing that they could only make a 4-7 minute film. Tran drew Comedy at the Kick-Off and it was on to make a funny and silly movie that had a moral about what it means to be ‘pretty’.

“I caught Wreckfest – funny sheeyut!” – Joshua Fisher

Tori Wreckfest

48_trippy-2407 group bts Wreckfest

A 48 Hour Film Project

Genre: Vacation or Holiday

My Vacation poster 2 couple fina2

After winning a radio contest to Cincinnati, Troy (Chris Corman) tries to convince his pessimistic rocker chick girlfriend Gina (Amanda Eichelberger), who finds happiness mostly in the hobby of bird watching, to come to the city that everyone forgets to know. Will the adventures on vacation change Gina’s mind about the lost city? Can Troy please someone with such distaste for a place? Find out in ‘My Vacation In Cincinnati’. #myvacationcincinnati


Alternate Synopsis:
Trippy Tran Films in Association with Brown Mackie College-Cincinnati presents a 48 Hour Film Project. Rocker girlfriend Gina is told by her boyfriend that they will be going to Cincinnati after winning a radio contest that features her favorite Cincinnati band, Lying In Ruins. During the journey, Gina learns to make the most out of this zany adventure. A stoner bed and breakfast, a magician, and a rockin’ band from Cincinnati makes this dramedy a rockin’ adventure!

Starring Amanda Eichelberger, Christopher Corman (“Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown”), Andrew Rudick, Shane Stephens as the Magician, and a musical performance by Lying In Ruins.

How It Came To Be:
Haven’t been to Brown Mackie in 3 years, Anthony received a phone call from his old instructor and AVP Department Chair to produce a 48 Hour Film Project with a whole new set of students. Anthony then became the director of the project and came up with some of the key concepts with the writing team. Stephen Flohn, who worked on “DUALITY” and “COEXIST” returned to work on this film. They wanted to film a live rock concert and Lying In Ruins was performing, a band that Tran was talking to about promoting in “Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown”. They were able to get access and film the band and had special cameras set up by Robb Webb, who was already planning on filming them, to add to their project. Unfortunately, it was turned in late. Meant for an 8 minute movie competition, the Director’s Cut is 10 and a half minutes proving that Anthony’s ambition once again is shown in this short film.

My Vacation In Cincinnati - DVD cover

A Film by Ren Hicks

Genre: Drama

His Name Is Walter_Official Poster1

In order to find his own idea of peace, a celebrity calls the cops on a recognizable tabloid photographer, Jim, who was innocently completing his own documentary on the homeless. He inadvertently captures a shot of famous actor, Alex Dublivay (Jonathan Gaietto. ABC’s “Final Witness”), who has a strong distaste for his profession. Will Jim ever find the freedom to express and get his work out there? How do the celebrity and cop react to the homeless man? Find out in “His Name Is Walter”!

Alternate Synopsis:
Young filmmaker, Jim Burrows, has been working on a documentary for five years. Struggling to make it as a photographer and videographer, he is upset when he finds that celebrities continue to spend millions of dollars on frivolous things. When taking a photo of his homeless friend, Walter, a local celebrity crosses paths into his camera shot and thinks he is trying to exploit him. Will Jim get to make his documentary? Is freedom in the eye of the beholder? Find out in “His Name Is Walter”

“His Name Is Walter”. Coming Soon Spring 2012. Trippy Tran Films, LLC & Ren Hicks. Directed & Written by Ren Hicks.

How It Came To Be:
Ren approached Anthony in early 2012 while he was still working on production for “Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown” to do a short film for her senior thesis at UC’s DAAP program. Excited to do a new project and to work with someone new, Tran agreed to film and edit with her. Filming took place in one day and in less than 6 hours all at one location, Burnett Woods in Clifton, OH. Ren did some edits, though the footage had conversion problems on Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro, even with both being operated on a Mac. They ended up finishing their edit and releasing it to the public on youtube to help promote events and fundraisers.

“COEXIST” (2009)
A College Movie Festival entry

Winner of Audience Choice Runner Up – Block A

Genre: Horror/Thriller (Psychological)


A man’s haunting past consumes his tortured mind, leaving him in solitude without balance in reality. As he is continuously mistreated by those around him, it seems impossible to relinquish the darker influences in his life.

Alternate Synopsis:
William Sudgrass has had a rough childhood. The only thing he can remember is the fear instilled inside his mind. Now much older, he realizes that he is coexisting between the reality world and the fantasy world, as he is being influenced by a disease that will forever plague his soul. Will he be able to coexist with those who are trying to control his every move??

Premiered May 2nd, 2009 at The Carnegie in Covington, KY.

tani_truck _Coexist

How It Came To Be:
After releasing the Duality and Other Challenge Movies DVD, it was March 2009 and the College Movie Festival was happening. Tran was asked to direct this movie. Group meetings for the initial script idea lead Tran to be the writer and take everyone’s solid ideas into one exciting new Trippy Tran Films project. Asked to make a 6 minute movie, the final became 8 and a half minutes long. The set even got to experience a live performance from Professor Willie (ironically, the character’s name in the film was required to be named Willie for all films in the competition) and they even filmed it while on set! (See Bonus Features and DVD). Made in one week, Jeremy Schafrick had time on set as well as the editing room. having experience from being the initial editor in “Duality” with Tran doing the final edits before turning in the tape, being really close to missing the deadline. The movie ended up premiering as the final film of their block and was voted on by filmmakers in the competition and their family and friends. This is a psychological horror that Tran says “is the darker side of ‘Duality’ that explores a reason to coexist with fellow beings, or be left to deal with the consequences of being alone.”

Danielle Pizza Car _Coexist

The psychological horror/thriller phenomenon of 2009 is being re-released on DVD and will include a live performance of “Whiskey Talking” (performed by Professor Willie), Blooper and Outtake Reel, and a preview to the upcoming feature film “OBLIQUITY: IMAGERY OF THE UNKNOWN” (which is currently in Production). See STORE.

coexist logo

This new version of “COEXIST” (now updated a year after its premier at The Carnegie) is more polished, more action-packed, and a little scarier and trippier than before!

COEXIST Comparisons


There is a sequel in the works right now (as of April 2010). “Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown” explores the lives of college students handed a sleep deprivation study. The ones who agree find themselves discovering a lot more than they could ever imagine.

“DUALITY: The Battle Within” (2008)
A Big Movie Challenge entry

Genre: Film de Femme/Drama/Psychological Thriller

Duality Poster Official

Heartache, friendship and mystery is bestowed upon a college student, Tiffany Hayes, who agrees to stay up for 80 hours to determine if illusions are figments of the imagination. Upon house-sitting, feelings surface and she comes to find that life’s opposing forces are very much alive.

Alternate Synopsis:
Self-doubting college student Tiffany Hayes agrees to do a sleep deprivation study as a college assignment. As she enters her third day awake, she soon realizes that she is not alone in the world and that there may in fact be forces that tear at us.

Tiffany Duality

How It Came To Be:
In 2007, Tran and friends wanted to do a 24 hour competition held by Apple called the Insomniac’s Film Festival, a 3 minute short. The idea they came up with was called “Split’ written by Anthony Tran. When 2008 came around (a year later), the Big Movie Challenge came around again and this time, there was an award under his belt. He lead the team into making this psychological thriller written by Nick Austin, co-written by Tran and made in 3 days, with one day of reshooting in the woods that occurred a month later. It was clear there were more movies to be made.

Duality Kyle pool

Based on Apple’s Insomniacs Film Festival 2 page story, “Split”, writer Nick Austin wrote the story of Duality in one night. Being an insomniac himself, he created a story of every day life that begins to change as a person loses their sleep.

The DVD was released December 2008 and was discontinued in April 2009. You may still find a copy at Brown Mackie College’s bookstore in Norwood, but there are only a few left making this a hard find. “INPERSONNATION” has been uploaded in 4:3 to my channel, and to see clips and more you can check out vids on this channel. The DVD is planned for a re-release soon.

A 48 Hour Film Project

Winner of BEST CHOREOGRAPHY in 2008 (Top 10 Cincinnati Film) for its unique and stellar fight sequence choreographed by Rayshawn Allen.

Genre: Spy, Sci-Fi, Action

UNiversal INTelligence official posterUI_2

Females from another planet come to earth to retrieve an ancient artifact that has the power to destroy the other planets… including the planet of men. Deep in the universe, a spy is sent to stop the evil plans of Krybesa to keep the balance of all the worlds in tact. As he uses humans as hosts to become a decoy, will he be disguised under the likes of the Queen Alien and her gang of females?!

gangsta chicks

One of the top 10 movies in Cincinnati in the 2008 48 Hour Film Project –and it had one of the best audience reactions of the entire competition. This science fiction/spy/action film was made in 48 Hours from script to an edited formatted movie file.

UI WS 3 indiang

A spy film like no other! Alien gangstas fight for an artifact. One wants to destroy Earth. The other wants to save it.

How It Came To Be:
After creating “INPERSONNATION”, instructors at Brown Mackie could tell aspiring director Anthony Tran had talent. They chose him to direct their entry for the 48 Hour Film Project and teamed up with graduate Onarae Heath aka “Dok”, who directed a movie Tran acted in the year before “Crosses To Bare”. Being Tran’s first 48, it got a little hectic, and scenes were shot without him around. On top of that, the cameras weren’t calibrated properly causing the end fight sequence to lack the other angles. Nonetheless, they were able to create a music video that was edited in the 48 hours they had and ended up going to city finals as one of the top films for the competition.

Made June 2008, incorporating both sexes as being born on different planets, a man is sent to the colonized Planet Earth to retrieve an ancient artifact to stop the females from dominating existence.

janice ui


Genre: Comedy


When it comes to competitions, the F.A.K.E.S. (Fabulous Amateurs Keeping Entertainment Simple) celebrity impersonators know how to win: Putting your opponents in their place. Dressed to impress, the F.A.K.E.S. nominees are down to the final 3 and need to sway the audience.

ibritprec sat

Napolean Dynamite impersonator, Shane Kippers, believes it’s a dorky persona and his favorite toy, Precious that will make him liked by many. The old-fashioned Elvis impersonator believes The King will rule, because he’s got the cool… And the Britney Spears impersonator (or real-life celebrity posing as a fake?) knows how to dance and take care of babies. Crude humor, rivalry and self-discovery comes to reveal one’s character in Person nation!!

Directed By Anthony T. Tran (aka Rory Man)
Starring: Robin Krebs, Dolla Bill and R.C.
Written By Anthony Tran for Brown Mackie College-Cincinnati’s Annual Fall Big Movie Challenge 2007, and was later turned into a his short film directorial/editorial debut in March 2008.

How It Came To Be:
In 2007, Anthony Tran was chosen as the writer for the Big Movie Challenge, a warm-up festival to its predecessors the 48 Hour Film Project and College Movie Festival. The script was formatted in Windows Vista and sent as an email to a school that had only 2003 Word at the time. The script was filled with symbols and other text that made it practically impossible to read. Given the week they had to make the film, the director held a meeting in which everyone voted for “INPERSONNATION” to still be the movie that they would work on. Instead, the project got canned and replaced with “The King and I”, a short film.

This movie also had an Elvis impersonator, the line of dialogue “I’ll get you my pretty”, the prop of a frying pan, and the genre picked at random was comedy.

Not giving up on the hopes to make “INPERSONNATiON” come to life, Tran had a class project in college to make a short film. He gathered people together to make his first final product come to life. Filmed in March 2008 and premiered in April 2008.

I - Elvis promo

INPERSONNATION. Inpersonnation? Don’t you mean IMpersonation? Three top celebrity-impersonators have been nominated to win the Best F.AK.E.S. competition. Some are trying to hard to win, some are snotty and rude, and some just don’t give a rats ass who wins. Find out who has the most character in a person nation full of stars and wannabes.

Made for the Out To Get You class project at Brown Mackie College-Cincinnati, iNPERSONNATION has since won the attention of pop culture fans.

iNPERSONNATION audience still

“iNPERSONNATION 2: Crossroads” (Not Greenlit – Written in 2013)

What’s Titney’s story?

The sequel to inPersonNation has a complete script ready to go and is even a tie-in with 2013’s Wreckfest. Unfortunately, there are no talks about making this project with the release of Wreckfest: The Short Films Collection and Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown releasing.

More Info Coming Soon!

Titney Interview Promo Pic -

Titney vs. Flo


Did you hear? The Trippy Tran Films Shorts Collection is coming to DVD + Digital Downloads!

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