News: ART A Reasonable Truth to Release New Hip-Hop Music Video “The Recipe ft. Ayem”

It’s around the holidays nearing a close to 2018 and ART A Reasonable Truth (Anthony “Rory” Tran) is planning his new music video, second single to Centerpiece called “The Recipe ft. Ayem”. Though the subject matter doesn’t really have to do with food per se, the video itself showcases the lyrical undertones of one being such a “recipe”, one of the more parallel coorelations to the concept album.

ART A Reasonable Truth in New Music Video “The Recipe ft. Ayem”

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In the video, ART states that a lot of medical issues happened to him while on this journey to the point of a sleep study. Scientists are shown taking samples of him and building “versions” of him to control as their own “recipes” and brainwashing them to adhere to technology and their “plan”.

The idea has similar relation to Anthony Tran’s latest directed short film QK-Hilltop (coming very soon) that deals with real-life government experiments in the 1950’s including MKULTRA, mind control, cloning and more.

Directed by Tyler Mason of Fallen Light Films in Ohio, the video is hoping for an end of year/early 2019 release.

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Dirk Kubala Runs For U.S. Congress 2018 Libertarian Party in Cincinnati, OH

Politics. Some people love them, some people can’t stand it. Though it affects us in different ways, voting season for the mid-term election is just around the corner, and Libertarian Dirk Kubala wants to take a stand for his city and country running for Congress in Cincinnati, OH here in 2018.

View his website and key issues.

Director/Cinematographer/Editor Anthony “Rory” Tran (also Anthony T. Tran) was hired to create his campaign commercial that’s going to air on local broadcast. Dirk Kubala is in District 1 of Cincinnati.

What are your thoughts on a third party running and the issues he wants to work on? Are you voting on November 6th? Comment below and leave your thoughts about his campaign ad and the issues you stand for.

“QK-Hilltop” Trailer Release Has ‘Trippy’ Fans Shocked and Excited

It’s been almost 2 years since the release of our last short Denizen and now Trippy Tran Films has partnered with Escape West Films again for a subject not many are willing to talk about: Government experiments in mind control. The film is being entered into festivals and will most likely premier on Amazon Prime early 2019. In the meantime, a trailer has been released getting us both shocked and excited for the thrills to come.

Starring Charlie Harris, Jessica Larkin, Richard Watkins and Gregg Milano, the movie has already been tested on small screen audiences who have called it a “mindf*ck of a movie”, “creepy”, “intense” and, of course: “trippy af”.

Written by Charlie Harris and co-written by Anthony T. Tran, what do you think will happen in the film based on the trailer? Leave your theories below and get ready to ‘trip’ with us again in QK-HILLTOP.

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Read the previous article here.

‘WRECKFEST’ and Other Trippy Tran Films Movies to be on Amazon Prime

The smash comedy (literally) is making its way to reach bigger audiences as a movie on Amazon Prime in which you can buy or rent and stream with the app and this won’t be the last. Trippy Tran Films is planning to release up to 10 movies and have them available again, since they were taken down in 2015 to prepare for a DVD Collection that’s still in the works. See Movies.

Some may say it’s well overdue after removing such classic short films like His Name Is Walter, My Vacation In Cincinnati, Duality, and iNPersonNation. We love the F.A.K.E.S. (Fabulous Amateurs Keeping Entertainment Simple). From comedy, drama to thriller/horror and sci-fi, we have created several movies that we want to continue sharing with the world and since Indie Reign ended, we haven’t had a place to share our projects through a digital sales medium.

Expect all the original Trippy Tran Films movies to be on there, and eventually Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown will be on there too.

New Pop Album “Visitation Rights” by Master T.C. and the Visitors. ART’s Collaboration Interview.

It’s Independence Day and the steam punk-looking pop group Master T.C. and the Visitors have released their debut album “Visitation Rights” showing patriotism as well as social commentary on the U.S. of A. with songs like “On My Own”, “Gotta Be Free (feat. ART A Reasonable Truth)”, and “Mama Wouldn’t Like That” having a message to share with the listener that some could say are lacking in mainstream pop music and bring a breath of fresh air to the genre.

“Pretty Thang (feat. K-Phashon)”, and “Join My Party” play as feel-good songs for the summer that any pop fan would enjoy. Several songs on the album are dancy and electronic, however, T.C.’s vocals are strong and his higher-pitched voice makes for an energetically fun record. “Do You Want My Body?” may be reminiscent of early 2000’s pop songs as to “Standing Up” being a positive feel-good song about being on the right path. “You Promised Me” is a pop-rock jam that is what they are known from their live performances. The album showcases diversity with different vocal artists blending thematically.

And did we mention “La Dee Dah” was chosen for the Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown soundtrack back in 2010? The psychological thriller is still looking to release and it’s nice to see MTCATV putting this cool track, with a pinch of dubstep, on the record.

Watch the music video “Gotta Be Free (feat. ART)”

ART A Reasonable Truth released his new music video “SoCal Waves” the first week of summer after being featured in “Gotta Be Free” in January as the track and album’s initial vocal opener. We asked the singer/rapper a few questions about his experience on this collaboration.

When did you begin collaborating with the band?

It was back when I was reaching out to several bands and artists for our debut feature film Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown and both “La Dee Dah” and “Gotta Be Free” were candidates for the soundtrack. I was so impressed by how much talent Master T.C. and The Visitors have and how moved I was by these songs. Come find out to this day, almost every song they’ve released I’ve pretty much enjoyed. The EP Take Me To Heaven was good too.

So how did you get to be featured on “Gotta Be Free”?

I honestly just felt that intro was calling me and believed in what T.C. was saying. I wrote it, recorded it with my friend Ayem, and sent it to them. He released it and got it mixed and mastered with his people from different record companies and producers and then we shot the video last August at The Ohio State Reformatory.

Behind the scenes Snapchat story of making the video of “Gotta Be Free (feat. ART)”

Read that story here.

What are your favorite songs on the record?

I love all the original tracks, but all the ones he kept under wraps is what I’ve been looking forward to and they deliver some surprises. I’m so happy for their accomplishment. My favorites would be “Mama Wouldn’t Like That”, “Live N’ Learn”, and “We Are Golden”, which grew on me after hearing the lyrics. “Join My Party” is also a fun summer pool song amongst the ones I favor in our collaboration.

We are excited to be playing “Visitation Rights” and also your album “Centerpiece” on mad repeat!

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ART has not made any comment about them not including his name as a featured artist for “Gotta Be Free” on some title releases, including the digital album.

Happy Fourth of July, everyone. Be safe and remember you are all fireworks in the sky. #CenterPeace!✌

Watch the music video “On My Own”.

“SoCal Waves” Music Video by ART A Reasonable Truth is this Summer’s Jam

It’s officially summer and the Centerpiece singer/rapper ART A Reasonable Truth knows “the time is right” with the new summer anthem music video “SoCal Waves”. We won’t spoil the adventure yet, but you can read the interview with ‘Rory Man’ aka Trippy T below. Starring Anthony ‘Rory’ Tran and Karlee Marie, here’s the world premier video:

Be sure to comment your favorite parts and Centerpiece theories below!

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Interview with ART A Reasonable Truth

What was your inspiration behind the track and now the video?

My inspiration for the song comes from a string of events. When I moved to the west coast, my friend Alicia visited me and we filmed our adventures at several iconic SoCal spots – that became the first season of My Vacation In LA and while editing, I had posted on social media the need for music. Billy Burton submitted 3 tracks and all 3 ended up on my debut album Centerpiece.

“I want to see you make a move like the waves of the ocean” – ART A Reasonable Truth

SoCal Waves” is a love letter to California, how oceanic and beautiful it can be and how I want to join you on this journey and experience more now being here 4 years. The video features a girl on a farm who dreams about being in California and gets to share this time with me until she wakes up and finds a seashell on the farm. Not to spoil too much yet, but there’s a reason for the end and what could happen after.

Karlee Marie plays a farm girl who gets transported to the City of Angels.

Your album Centerpiece is a concept album. How will this translate in future videos?

I plan on doing each song and releasing Centerpiece music videos at different times and pieces. The videos will be released out of order; “SoCal Waves” is track 5. Once all the videos release, you can piece together the album’s story. From start to finish, I plan on doing big things with this project while having a fun, original visual album.

Album available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Music and more.

You’re naturally a film maker. What got you into music?

Music has always been a passion of mine since I was a kid. It went along with TV and movies. I just didn’t thoroughly explore it as much until I finished this album, though I have wanted an album out over several periods of my life. When I was about 8, I wrote parody songs being a Weird Al fan. In 2009 for our first major short film Duality, I wrote the eerie poetic song “Within” and performed and recorded it with the help of musician Izal Mane.

“‘SoCal Waves’ is a love letter to California.” – ART

I did another song after called “Mind ArC” for the Coexist film credits and released my first music video “(Unfreeze) 2012″/”Shimmer Of Longing” for an album I still plan on releasing called Belief System.

What will Belief System sound like in compared to this album?

Belief System is a more serious electronic/trance album which will have pop songs that are more inspirational. Centerpiece is a sonic adventure of a pop star on the rise wanting to take on the industry as to Belief System is how I view things more deeply and I am excited to share that in the future as I work on other tracks and films.

We have to know, what are your favorite songs on the album?!

Each song holds a special place with me as they are all unique and tell different stories as a connective piece. I’d say moreso my favorites do come to last tracks like “Trip Zone”, “Jubilant Soul” and “Le Movies” as those were written lastly and more recently, so I had a lot more to share and say in Decemeber 2017 when they were being recorded. Some people may not favor the bubblegum fun pop of the first few tracks or so, but those songs lead to a level of growth that really conclude the album and is begging for a part 2. On this album, the first half is fun, the second half is more mature and “SoCal Waves” nears the halfway point.

ART and Karlee Marie walk the red carpet in “SoCal Waves”.

What was it working with Karlee Marie?

Karlee Marie is fantastic to work with. She’s positive, motivated and really shined in the video with me. She literally was 20 turning 21 the week we filmed and there are Easter eggs in the video. I’m sure she’ll never forget hitting this milestone while filming and the lyrics speak to her and all generations: “Let’s go far / No one can tell us we can’t make it”. She made me laugh a lot and I can’t wait to work with her again.

“SoCal Waves” takes you on an unforgettable west coast adventure similar to the series it’s based on: My Vacation In LA.

Tell us some fun facts and secrets put into the making of “SoCal Waves”.

Okay: The Red Carpet is similar to the one I walked at The Silver Fox as cinematographer of MÆRY QUEENS. Long Beach is where I’ve been residing for the last 3 years. The beach performance footage is mostly shot in OC at Redondo and Hungtintgon Beach. Karlee Marie was cast not even a week before the shoot. People wanted to be in the video and even asked us about the song while we were filming around Rainbow Harbor. It was a very fun experience! Oh, and every meeting and meal seemed to include tacos. (Laughs)

Production credits

Director: Bobby Duncan

Producer: Anthony Tran and Charlie Harris

Cinematographers: Cody Williams and Christopher Anthony

Starring Anthony ‘Rory’ Tran, Karlee Marie, Charlie Harris, Sal Vega, Jessica Larkin, Tony Soto and more.

Hair/Make-up/Wardrobe: Amy Casazza

VFX: Tony Soto

Special Thanks to Hamlet for the Homeless and CXL Photography.

Filmed in the City of Long Beach, Orange County, The Silver Fox and Mystic Canyon Stables.

Get “SoCal Waves” on all major music platforms including and watch My Vacation In LA and My Real Life In L.A. to see the ART man’s adventures.

ART A Reasonable Truth Premiers “SoCal Waves” as New Single With Upcoming Music Video

It’s about that time! Summer is in the air and the ‘Centerpiece’ has released another anthem, this time, showcasing beach and west coast vibes by the ocean that will take you away on a vacation. “SoCal Waves” originally premiered in February 2016 with the My Vacation In LA season 1 finale in a demo form.

ART A Reasonable Truth produced an album with Grammy board and multi-million dollar studio-taught mix and master Wendy Levin of D.M. Gremlin Studios with an instrumental by Billy Burton; the collaboration and oceanic sounds are dreamy and chillular.

Listen to “SoCal Waves”

After releasing 3 singles prior including “Centerpiece”, “Get Down With It!” and “Ready”, “SoCal Waves” is planned to be the first music video of a visual album, but unlike artists like Beyoncè and Todrick Hall who release it all at once, the “Trippy Tran Man” plans to release the videos out of order and at different times before all the pieces of the ‘Centerpiece’ concept is complete. Trippy.

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Want to be in the upcoming music videos? Trippy Tran Films and team are looking for background, actors, dancers and more to be a part of this project. Copy/credit will be provided and there will be meals on set for those who are needed more than 5 hours. Email subject: Centerpiece.

What are your favorite songs from the album and what songs are you excited to see as music videos? What do you think the story is? Comment below, share the waves and get ready for a brand new music video by Trippy T.

See ART in “Gotta Be Free” by Master T.C. and The Visitors. Their album Visitation Rights releases on July 4th.

Enjoy a throwback to the first music video by Tripp T “2012 (Unfreeze)/Shimmer of Longing” released on the expiration of the Mayan Calendar 12.21.12.

Filmmaker Anthony “Rory” Tran on ‘Let’s Make A Deal’ Game Show the Day After Wayne Brady Wins Emmy

Director/Producer Anthony T. Tran

Welcome to the first day of May! Today, we have a mini-interview with Anthony “Rory” Tran, director/producer/writer of Trippy Tran Films, LLC. who also just released a debut pop/hip-hop/electro album under the name ART A Reasonable Truth.

Trippy T just made his TV network game show debut on Let’s Make A Deal hosted by Wayne Brady on CBS yesterday on 4/30/18 being the first episode to air after Mr. Brady took home an Emmy for best Game Show host. Talk about epic timing!

Watch the episode here:

Costume: Gladiator. Anthony Tran and Wayne Brady on CBS.

What was it like being called to play?

It was a rush! Knowing that once you’re called, you have to make your entrance down those stairs, grab the good luck from the people waving at you and then talk to someone you’ve grown up watching and laughing to (Wayne Brady; Whose Line Is It Anyway?), it was completely surreal. I still can’t believe it happened and I’ve seen it on the boob tube with my own eyes!

You recently had surgery?

Yes, I had Lasik eye surgery done just a few weeks prior. My right eye, which still is bothering me with only 10 feet of clarity in it, felt bruised and I was hoping after that I could still make the taping when I had audience tickets.

Have you seen this game ‘CA$H COUNTRY’ be played before?

Nope! And that’s even after all the episodes I have watched… so I don’t know if it was new, but it sure was new to me. When I was up there, my senses were all over the place because you want to show respect and kindness and also make quick decisions as people are shouting and telling you to do things. It’s nuts! In the end you have to go with your gut instinct.

I picked Tiffany because her face was on California where I have been for 4 years now and her name is also the same name as the main character of our short film Duality which later became Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown. So Tiffany it was for me, though now looking back, I maybe should have showed Ohio and Cat some love. It’s still awesome that I traveled across the country and it’s officially represented here on national television.

What was it like to see the prize you missed?

It was a really great prize and though I’ve been on a yacht every year for New Year’s these past 2 years, those sunglasses looked amazing and it sounded like a fun time. I just knew after paying for Lasik payments and producing my album and upcoming film works, that taking the money was the way to go, no matter how small. And it was a cool amount. I’m so fortunate to have been able to play with the #LMAD team! Wayne, Jonathan, Tiffany, Cat, Chris – everyone was so amazing.

Wayne Brady just won an Emmy for “Let’s Make A Deal” and the day after, your episode airs. Everyone is watching in the industry. How do you feel?

Funny thing is, I was driving to visit my friend Joe in Apple Valley (in the high desert) and a truck passed me with a map of the United States on it around the time the Emmys were airing. I felt a sense of something and forgot about it being scheduled to air the next day on the 30th of April since it was actually shot last September.

It feels legendary to be the last new contestant the day after everyone is talking about it and watching it. I hope someone out there is willing to take a chance with our team and help us achieve the goals we want with our films, music, media and art. Otherwise, we will continue to make our mark with Trippy Tran Films.

Okay guys, what did you think of the episode? Comment below and be sure to connect with us for updates to see when Wayne Brady will be in our next big movie like he said on national television. 🏆

Wanna talk collaboration and make a deal with the man with a plan, Anthony Tran? Email us at and be sure to look out for the wild new film QK-Hilltop coming this summer as well as music videos by ART A Reasonable Truth.

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“QK-Hilltop” is the 9th Original Trippy Tran Films Short Movie…And It’s A MindF*ck

Recently releasing his debut album under the artist name ART A Reasonable Truth, the “Rory Man” aka Trippy T has since been featured in Todrick Hall’s visual album “Forbidden” appearing in both “Forever” as a dancer and club kid in a dystopian future as well as a more featured role on the album track “Forbidden” video starring Jade Novah and Keala Settle (The Greatest Showman).

Watch “Forbidden” starting at 1hr4min and see Trippy T dance by the stage on the right side and stay tuned for this video after!

Also, we entered #PayMeChallenge for RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars 3 front runner queen Shangela. See more of our work with the Queens and read an article about Derrick Barry compared to our icon Titney Spears – doing it again since 2008.

There are also 2 more film projects that are on the way as well as plans for shooting music videos to ART’s album Centerpiece. (If you’re in Los Angeles and want to dance or be featured, email ASAP!)

After producing 2016’s Denizen, and after working on the upcoming choose-your-own path show Choices – An Interactive Story, director Anthony T. Tran has been asked to direct a short film by writer/actor Charlie Harris (Escape West Films): QK-Hilltop. An odd, yet fitting name for a movie about the continuance of 1950’s government experiments. Based on true events regarding MK Ultra and Project QK-Hilltop.

Meet Jaime Helms. Waking up in a dark room, he finds himself trapped – or is it all in his head? The journey of finding himself becomes an obstacle as the world around him begins to distort. Ringing ears and voices can make or break the experimented.

Made originally for Shape AT&T film festival and to be submitted to many more, #QKHilltop is a hallucinatory trip that demands answers by its climatic finish. Be sure to follow it on @QKHilltop and spread truth about the things that are going on that no one dares talk about. Stay trippy!

ART’s 11-Track ‘Centerpiece’ Debut Album on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc.

Happy Birthday Anthony Rory Tran also known as ART A Reasonable Truth. We are beyond excited to see that Centerpiece – his debut album – is now available online for streaming, download and includes an exclusive album art lyrical book with album purchase.

Get it on iTunes. Google Play Music. Amazon. bandcamp. Listen on Spotify or any major music app on your phone. Simply look up ART A Reasonable Truth Centerpiece album and Shazam your favorites.

Physical copies can also be purchased soon for those who are looking.

Instrumental artists include A-Rhyme, Sonanze and Lenoxx – also known as Aaron Byrd, Mikhail Sinenko and Billy Burton. Photography by Victor Alarcon. Digital art book and cover by Tony Soto. Digital art images by Lance Olson AKA Kaiman Guy.

Also check out the new YouTube channel. Let’s go through the tracks and discuss them, shall we?


The lead single is full of energy and with a hip-hop pop chill cruising anthem, calling people the centerpiece shows how different many artists out there are and ART A Reasonable Truth is not exclusive talking up their own game, he wants to share it. The inspirational track paves the path for the rest of the tracks that make up a unique conceptual pop album.


This track will make you wanna bounce like a bunny with its bubblegum pop sound about seeing someone who makes you trippy but then also hits you with that acid. Such is life and even so this fun song is like happiness in a bottle. It’s also first of two tracks on the album that don’t include a rap.


A more contemporary hip-hop song mixed with some auto-tune and a dirty beat chanting “Yeah – I’m ready for it” puts the third single into full force letting us know that this is still the beginning and yes we are ready for it!

The Recipe (ft. Ayem)

A song that sounds more like a universal pop song, “The Recipe” switches gears with melodies and raps that take us to private island vibes as the song describes being the recipe with so many flavors. Shortest track on the album, featuring Ayem is a pleasant surprise and it’s a memorable jam about being a mix – which ART and Ayem are.

SoCal Waves

Hits for days. This oceanic song will paint you a picture and take you straight to the beach with 100 Cali vibes. That reprise is also highly addicting. Prepare to be taken away to the waves of the Pacific.

Get Down With It!

That first verse electronically builds up and explodes into a club banger that takes you right to the dance floor. This single released on New Year’s Eve and is a jam for years to come. Want to bring the energy at a party? This is your song.

Promotional sticker on album art showcases singles.


This song is catchy for all the right reasons as it deliberately makes fun of artists who are overly repetitive. ART makes the statement about how we can collaborate and make better releases in the mainstream even with people not caring about real collaboration and only being paper chasers. Love those bongos.


High energy fast-paced song about discovering life together with piano and electronic sounds building to a climatic reprise, it sounds like a video game as the lyrics want to take you to new territories leading to new zones.

Trip Zone

The album takes a cool slow down to this ambient track that describes the world as a trip zone as ART wants to explore and vacation the world, taking you along with him. Interesting, yet beautiful, this song has several different sections which make this song not only very original, but a fun and mellow ride.

Jubilant Soul

The last dance jam on the album, ART encourages people to show their bright exuberant souls with what we imagine will have a special dance choreographed to the hook. Those raps are insane too. It’s like “Centerpiece” introduces its cousin.

Le Movies

This dark castle piano closer takes a whole new turn as ART expresses how he wants to make his move in the movies once again and even saves some French for the end. The expression through poetry and the fact that this has no chorus also makes for a solid close to the Centerpiece album, proving a bit of what ART A Reasonable Truth can do. Isn’t that reasonable?

Anthony “Rory” Tran turns 30 today.

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