Aleasha Whitney Wilson Releases ‘Pink Spades’

Being an avid believer in the community, Trippy Tran Films loves to hear when people we collaborate with take52871_376444255764770_812458705_o (119x200) the initiative to get their own work out there. What better way to celebrate multi-talented writer and actress Aleasha Whitney Wilson’s first official published material than by mentioning her on our website. Ms. Wilson is featured in various Trippy Tran Films work including playing the girlfriend in His Name Is Walter  as well as the compulsive thief known as Clepto Cleo in our latest short Wreckfest, plus, was also part of the flash mob dance in our contest video for Arby’s in ‘Do The Apple Turnover’ by Trippy T. (See below)

She also approached TTF to do a cover video in 2012 for a worldwide music video contest hosted by Diddy’s Korean-signed boy band BigBang for ‘Bad Boy’ which sparked us to create ‘Bad Girl – Cincinnati’ made in less than a week with only one day of filming. (See below)

Now available on Amazon!

Now available on Amazon!

Now, after several years of hard work, her first ebook is published with original art and can be purchased for your Kindle here:

Here is the synopsis:
Pink spades begins in Groenveld, Holland in the year 1714. A young woman and her friends give a short glimpse of their lives before her tragic death. The young woman is accused of being a witch and her lover, Abel, decides to take matters into his own hands and take her life before the angry mob gets to her. Abel saves her from being burned alive and vows to continue his mysterious mission, whatever that may be. Years after his own tragic death, Abel spends his days as a wandering spirit aiming to make an impact on the world in his own way.
His chance for glory comes as he discovers the young woman that he had loved so long ago may have been reborn as the young and fiery Aseila Geraldi. Aseila journeys to Tokyo, Japan with her mother Debra and, at this time, begins to have strange dreams of Abel. Abel tries to tell her about his idea that she is the reincarnation of the woman he loved long ago, but Aseila is put off by it and disregards the whole message.
In a desperate attempt to get Aseila to hear him out, Abel uses his spirit to possess an unsuspecting Akaijin, a vampiric immortal named Kuroi Tsubasa. Kuroi, under his episodes of possession by Abel, does and says things he can’t recall later and inevitably crosses paths with Aseila. The two souls become friends and Abel continues to try and woo her through Kuroi. Meanwhile Aseila, following her dream to become a singer, becomes the lead singer of the band Pink spades. Her new band mates learn of her troubles dealing with Kuroi and their ghost friend and end up getting dragged along for the ride.
Not only do Aseila and Kuroi decide to get rid of Abel for good, but the entire race of Akaijin have their own agenda…to finally come out of the shadows and unite with the human species. The Akaijin use Aseila and her friends to do this and upset a coven of elder vampires called the Ancients. Thus, the band is placed in the middle of a war between the two breeds while dealing with a ghost on the loose! What will become of the Pink spades?

Aleasha - His Name Is Walter - phone still

Aleasha Whitney Wilson in HIS NAME IS WALTER ©2012-2015 Trippy Tran Films LLC


Photo by Kate Chi-an Lin for WRECKFEST ©2013-2015 Trippy Tran Films LLC

Aleasha Whitney Wilson has always been involved with the community and has been happily ready to volunteer and collaborate with Trippy Tran Films on several occasions. By supporting independent and emerging artists, you support creative minds that shape our future. We recommend downloading Pink Spades now and if you want something to watch, see Ms. Wilson in all of our film projects at

About The Author

Aleasha Whitney Wilson graduated from Loveland High School in 2006 and went on to study Liberal Arts at UC Raymond Walter’s College. She continued her education at Northern Kentucky University majoring in Fine Arts: Drawing. With an urge for something more, Aleasha decided to begin her career as an author, after her second year of schooling. The story of Pink Spades was born and it had taken four years for the first volume’s completion while she held various occupations in order to make a living. With the help of close friends and some members of her family, Pink Spades gained a following and was later featured in the local Loveland Magazine. Kemet Books would be the publisher to take her on and make her dream of becoming a published author into a reality. Aleasha currently resides in Loveland, Ohio and has already begun the sequel to Pink Spades. She plans on writing many more novels over the years to come, with the aim of introducing more diversity to the fiction genre.