The Most Offensive Horror Parody Releases: The Dumbest Horror Flick Ever

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In today’s world, the media has pushed the envelope whether it’s saying “shit” on TV and radio more than ever, discussing racial topics and exploiting others for it, lots of boobage and sex on YouTube and TV (Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”, Justin Timberlake’s “Tunnel Vision” and hello – Miley Cyrus) or just plain violent programming on network TV and cable access (Hannibal or MTV’s Scream that premiered Tuesday anyone?) Needless to say, the world has changed a lot in the last 10 years.

New 2015 trailer parodies “The Gallows” TV Spot.

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Disclaimer: This film is may be rude, crude, offensive, politically incorrect and is for mature (and immature) audiences who like that. The movie in no way represents the feelings or thoughts of anyone involved in the project. Trippy Tran Films holds no responsibility for the material of this film. You have been warned. You may get pissed off – or you may just laugh.. a lot.

Parodies in #TDHFE include Scream, The Ring, Final Destination, Darkness Falls, Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Freddy vs. Jason, Saw, Taco Bell, Scream 4 (even though it was released 6 years after Tran’s short, he originally had a Scream barn scene parody) and more. The script had tons more parodies that have never been filmed yet, but the final product is still pretty awesome.

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Flashback to 2004/2005. Director/writer Anthony Tran was 16 years old and went to YMCA Summer Camp before his junior year. There, he wrote a short skit including 4 girls in his weight lifting class. The skit was then presented on stage for the end of the week talent show called “Scream Again Yo” being a parody of the Scream franchise as well as other horror films. He then wrote his “Sk8r Boi” Avril Lavigne parody called “Hermaphrodites”. Then in his junior year of high school, he went to attend the Scarlet Oaks Vocational School in Cincinnati in the program most fitting for him: Digital Television Production or DTV. He was making new music videos, skits, learning how to edit with Final Cut Pro and more. His passion for writing hadn’t stopped and so he turned his Scream Again Yo into a 50 page script called The Dumbest Horror Flick Ever. With friends reading it, some shocked and some thinking it was the most hilarious thing ever, he began to film scenes for the project and edited it at school.

The Dumbest Horror Flick Ever reaction and Meghan's Party

First reaction at to “Hungry Potentials” scene in The Dumbest Horror Flick Ever

Ring tdhfe still 2

Now the kicker is that he was 16, young, a rebel, with an imagination like no other. He implemented racial issues into his movie and began to talk about what is funny in different cultures for an ending that left everyone washed away by the flood (except for a “lucky” few) spoofing The Day After Tomorrow and realizing that without the differences and cultures in our world, it would indeed be a boring place. But that’s not without saying the film may be offensive to many with it’s racial slurs, fat jokes and mentally challenged spoofs of horror icons Freddy and Jason.

Ring TDHFE still1As Tran grew up, he didn’t really get back into putting the film together as the script was only half shot, the Scream Again Yo scene never to be found (never filmed except for the YMCA Leaders Camp skit in which he paid for and never received a DVD for) and a lot of politically incorrect teenage angst built up as he was bullied in school before he began the project by several races that judged him for being half Asian (and ambitious) for being himself.

EXCLUSIVE! Read part of the original script here.

10 years later with moving films like His Name Is Walter to even more comedy mayhem like Wreckfest, Tran decided to take a look at whatever footage was salvaged before the film was gone for good. A fresh new cut – literally – has been made for the film. Some scenes were unable to be found like the classic The Ring parody where he actually shot the side of the TV with his friend Kat crawling out with long hair asking for chalupas. Memories like that will never be forgotten as he attempted his first feature, and only time will tell if any of the other footage will ever see the new world of YouTube and social media. At least we have this. The most offensive movie you may ever see.

Dumbest Horror Flick TDHFE Barn scene Scream killeer

TDHFE lowres poster

Watch the original 2005 trailer below!

She Called The Director What!? Outtakes From ‘Vacation In Cincinnati’ Debuts

The outtake reel has finally come out, but here the main actress calls the director a name he never expected. See for yourself in the bloopers what she said and all the jokes on set from making this ambitious 48 Hour Film Project vacation comedy.

We promised a new video every Friday in May, and here we are halfway through May. Last week, we premiered the Director’s Cut of ‘My Vacation In Cincinnati’ in HD (online for free only in the month of May.) So what video are we premiering today?! Why, the outtake reel of course! But this isn’t your ordinary blooper reel. Extended scenes, jokes and clips that didn’t make the cut are available to view for the very first time and it’s got loads of laughs!

The reel is 10 minutes long, but the jokes and mess-ups get funnier as it goes. From the stoner bed and breakfast with extended items in the fridge like ‘hot sauce on cereal’, or the fake bird attempt to being thrown into the fan multiples times; we even see the outtakes of The Interview project, plus, some jokes in front of the green screen for the DVD promo with an added ‘Apple Turnover’ from the ‘Do The Apple Turnover’ commercial entry. At the end of the bloops, there is an even quirky weird moment between the couple on the Purple People Bridge that show character traits that were never expected. No wonder she hated Cincinnati and was a negative nancy the whole time! Do you agree?

Enjoy the outtakes from all of us at Trippy Tran Films and remember to share with friends. #MyVacationCincinnati to talk about your experience in the city and what they could have furthermore explored on their trip!

Comment below what your favorite parts of the outtake reel was and watch the bonus releases to the film below.

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Official Trippy Tran Films Short Collection 2008-2015 DVD Coming Soon including bonus features like this.

Official Trippy Tran Films Short Collection 2008-2015 DVD Coming Soon including bonus features like this.


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