Character Teaser #1 – Shannon Sanders

SHANNON SANDERS is down-to-earth, sassy and one of Tiffany’s best friend who got to witness how the sleep deprivation study ruined her life. When her sister Kandi disappears, she fights for justice while seeking answers and discovers that you can experiences changes and see beyond by being in tune, even if you are not sleep deprived.

From Trippy Tran Films comes the new psychological thriller “Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown”. Discover each main character as we look into their mind. Coming soon.

Character Promo 1 - Shannon Sanders

A group of students in a community college agree to do a sleep deprivation study in a psychology class that can last up to four days. With each character taking on their own agenda, their minds start to open up to a layer not normally seen. The choice for each person presents major consequences as they begin to connect themselves with a wild test of humanity.