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KoRn signed Orgy to Elemtree Records in 1998 (when I was just 10 years old.) I have followed Orgy through Candyass, Vapor Transmission (2000) and even their third release (and first independent release under D1 Music) Punk Statik Paranoia (2004) – an EP of 9 tracks. Finally in 2012, they released a new song “Grime of the Century” with all new members besides lead singer Jay Gordon, but had no mention if there was an album associated with the single.

Jay Gordon & Anthony Tran - b&w

Me, Anthony Tran with Jay Gordon, lead singer of Orgy

It’s been 11 years since Orgy has released an album and now in March 2015, we’re given a 7-track EP known as Talk Sick. Released as a download card at their first tour of 2015 at The Whisky A Go Go on Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles, CA on 3.21.15 – and according to sources – was just mastered 3 weeks before then. So what can we expect from industrial nu-metal rockers Orgy? Is the album worth the listen?
Jay Gordon live Whiskey A Go Go 3.21.15 (main) photo by Anthony Tran, Trippy Tran Films
The answer is yes, yes and YES. There’s so much presented here in just these 7 tracks, but they never push too hard to fit in with the rest of the music industry today. Implementing their nu-metal roots with synth and hints of the 90’s sound of Candyass with a sprinkled mix of the early 2000’s Vapor Transmission and Punk Statik Paranoia are all presented here, but now the sound (and even the lyrics) have gotten more defined and a heck edgier with heavier guitars and electronic sounds being the album every Orgy fan (and even nu-metal fan) will love.

The band’s unique, and considerably explicit title of a band name, Orgy (meaning an orgy of sounds) is what you’re going to get in this release because each song does offer something different, including the essential need to be provocative with sex, drugs and rock and roll.
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My favorite tracks:
Wide Awake and Dead
Talk Sick
Come Back
G Face

Orgy cardbackThe other songs had to grow on me, and some of them still are after a couple days, but are all so original that it’s worth listening to over and over again until “replay replay, let me see your G face” or “Suck It!”, or “I’ve seen the devil has got me in a spell, But I’m not one to kiss and tell” or “the monster in you is the monster in me!” is played and believe me – it will stick like imprints on your brain once you hear it.

Orgy performed all 7 songs on tour off of this EP and for good reason. See the live video recorded from my cell phone below. I listened intently to every song and wrote down lyrics from what I could understand. The lyrics link is below this video.

Talk Sick Lyrics here
Track-By-Track Review of Talk Sick here

I have listened to the songs thoroughly and have done my best to write down the lyrics based on what I could hear (mixing vocals and effects make certain lyrics harder to distinguish.) Click the song titles in the link above to read the lyrics and to see stills from their 2015 show in LA. You can purchase the album from their website at

Just a few days after the show, Orgy released Talk Sick to be purchased online exclusively at their website for $8.99, $1.99 more than if you see them on tour.

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ORGY is:
Jay Gordon – Lead Vocals
Carlton Bost – Guitar, Synth Guitar, Vocals
Nic Speck – Bass, Vocals
Bobby Amaro – Drums, Vocals
Creighton Emrick – Guitar, Synth Guitar, Vocals

Jay Gordon - Orgy live - red - photo by Anthony Tran, Trippy Tran Films

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Anthony Tran at Orgy concert 3.21.15 LA

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CELEB ENCOUNTERS (click picture below to enlarge)

I have met many celebrities on my journey. From Nick Lachey (98 Degrees), Shiny Toy Guns, Chad ‘H-Bomb’ Hinton (UFC fighter), Bill Simmons (Midnight Star), Windy Wagner (Singer/Songwriter Disney’s Planes: Fire & Rescue), Bryce Vine, Morning Parade, Brian Aubert (Silversun Pickups), Chino (Deftones), Shroom (WEBN, Cincinnati radio – we worked on the same floor), touched Wallpaper.’s hand at his show in L.A., met and worked by Jare E. J. (Kiss 107FM), collaborated on “Gotta Be Free” with Master T.C. and the Visitors and saw him live as he announced my name, met Anthony Munoz (football star/ Furniture Fair commercials), the members of Crown The Empire and now I have officially met Jay Gordon of Orgy along with 2 members from Mursic and Mike Tyson look-alike in Vegas.

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