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Update 2018: Trippy T officially now goes by the artist name ART A Reasonable Truth. Get the debut LP here and on all major music platforms.

You know him by many names: Trippy T, Trippy Tran, Tripp T, Rory, Rory Man, Tran the Man, ATran, A-Ro, Ror Monster, etc. The director and owner of Trippy Tran Films LLC, Anthony T Tran, not only pursues his creativity through film and media (7 shorts, 1 feature: see the Movies section) and by story games (see Wreckfest – An Interactive Story) but Tran has also been working by writing and recording his own tracks since 2008.

Fun fact: Ask Alexa who Anthony Rory Tran is and it will tell you he is an American actor, singer, and filmmaker.

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“Centerpiece” and “Ready” have been selected as the upcoming singles to Trippy T’s EP entitled Centerpiece. Both songs offer something different, “Centerpiece” being the opening track is more a cruise around town song that will make you feel good and tell the world that “look now you’re the centerpiece saying, ‘everybody look like me!'” Hoping to inspire others that everyone has a voice and a place in this world, “Centerpiece” is sure to be an anthem. “Ready” is track 3 on the debut EP and is more hip-hop swag. The remix features Brownie BG who lives in Long Beach, California where Trippy T lives now. Both tracks are anthems for either getting your day started, feeling good about yourself, or even a wrestling or sports anthem.

Why is he called Trippy T?
Since 2008, the Tran man has been called ‘Trippy Tran’ which is shown in the opening credits of September ’08’s psych thriller short “Duality” (his third released short film.) The movie inspired him to write and record his first track while attending his second year in college due to him just starting out. Originally wanting to use “Dead And Gone” by JT and T.I., he wrote a melodic poem that features rapping and growling in the eerie track produced by Izal Mane Beatz called “Within”.

When March 2009 came around, the College Movie Festival was held in Cincinnati and he debuted his production name as Trippy Tran Films with the horror “COEXIST” and began to work on his debut feature “Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown”.

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Soon after he graduated, he recruited students from different colleges to work on his feature and that is when he met Michail Sinenko (aka Sonanze or Serene) who contributed all the songs which started the Belief System LP and the debut music video by Trippy T (named Tripp T in the credits) for the song “Shimmer Of Longing”.

See Sinenko and Tran make a softer version of the dark pop song below.

The songs included in the Belief System album are to take a different direction with to electronic, dance, dark pop and rap compared to his first upcoming release which will be sunshine pop with hip-hop flare in the Centerpiece EP. All of it is slated for future release.

trippyt album

trippy t centerpiece

He has been writing stories and lyrics since he knew how to.
Which album are you looking forward to the most? Leave your comments below!

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Twitter: @TrippyTran

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