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Orgy cardfront– Meeting Jay Gordon of Orgy / ‘Talk Sick’ EP Album Review


– Orgy ‘Talk Sick’ EP Lyrics + Track-By-Track Album Review





– Aleasha Whitney Wilson Debuts ‘Pink Spades’



Trippy Tran Films - Short Film Promo Logo ss

– Trippy Tran Films – Short Films 2008-2013 (Official DVD Announcement 2015)

Hi everyone, my name is Anthony Tran – I’m a film maker who moved from Cincinnati, OH to Los Angeles County, currently residing in Long Beach, CA. As a videographer, I have a lot of passions including music under my pseudonym Trippy T and being a fan of different artists myself. I find inspiration in every moment in life, whether it be a memory or an emotion or even a dream, I continue to strive to make the most out of the journey we are given. Thank you for checking out our website and I hope your day is wonderfully the way you’ve imagined it to be. Visit my music page at and and thank you for your continued support of our work.

Anthony Tran
Trippy Tran Films, LLC

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