Music Beyond and Non-Profit Work from ART A Reasonable Truth

It’s almost the one year anniversary of the oceanic beach jam “SoCal Waves” by ART A Reasonable Truth, and the film maker turned singer/rapper has since released the earworm hip-pop jam “The Recipe ft. Ayem”. His debut in music started in 2008 with the song “Within” from the Duality movie where he went by artist name Tripp T/Trippy T before others tried to claim the same name.

Now with the release of the Music Beyond interview, we get full insight on the making of the video, as well as what’s next in the realm of Anthony ‘Rory’ Tran.

He doesn’t stop there. Working with the non-profit Hamlet For The Homeless on several occasions (to help homeless and foster youth learn theatre and film production with housing, donate today), he has spoken to help raise money and awareness for the ongoing southern California crisis.

Recently, he has also been featured background on Santa Clarita Diet and The Goldbergs, with appearances on upcoming shows like Mr. Iglesias, Lucifer and could be on shows like Euphoria, Ballers, a Facebook commercial and more. He was also audience on The 5th Annual Red Nose Charity Event for Walgreens featuring John Legend, Terry Crews and Julia Roberts. He did P.A. work last year on Love and Listings for VH1 and continues to make skits, vlogs and more on all his channels.

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Also, the short film QK-Hilltop has had a limited release – his latest short film directed alongside the choose your own path mini-show Choices – An Interactive Story, which will be premiering episode 2 this summer.

Plans for more music videos are in the works and we are looking for freelance crew, dancers, background actors and more to be a part of several of these projects including hiring a director or team to also work together, including trade for pay work or of course just pay. Email to get involved subject: Music Vid Cast/Crew

A lot has been going on in the world of Tran and this is all just leading to what he wants to do with his short films and music video projects. He also is talking to sound designers for Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown. So yes, the updates haven’t been as frequent as all of this is being prepared, but we are working on making this all come to fruition. Be sure to subscribe to all channels and leave any feedback and thoughts on all the latest projects. Have a trippy and artful day.

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