ART, Formally Trippy T, to Release New Music by 30th Birthday

The electro hip-pop singer, rapper, writer with inspirational and motivational lyrics artist Anthony “Rory” Tran is now going by ART which stands not only for his known-by initials, but is the acronym for “A Reasonable Truth”, which has made its debut launch on social media platforms and with the new music page on bandcamp and also @areasonabletruth on IG and @areasonabletrth on Twitter – purposely missing the “U” conveying the message that there is only a reasonable truth with YOU and it’s up to “U” to find it.

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Before changing his name:

40 Days of Success – The Interview coming soon!

“Trippy T was cool and so many people still call me it, like, when we recently shot Master T.C.’s “Gotta Be Free” music video at The Ohio State Reformatory the band and the crew all referred to me as that. I debuted that name in 2011 with our contest entry for Arby’s going with our production company Trippy Tran Films. I’m Trippy Tran. I’m Trippy T. My middle initial is actually T but so many people knew me in the day as Rory that it stuck and it does showcase my personality.

My mistake is that I didn’t trademark it (Trippy T) and other people on social media started tagging themselves as Trippy T a couple years after and I was like – wait a minute… do a search on the internet and find my vid back then and know I’ve claimed that name. As I’ve gotten older, I decided ART was the name to go by because what Immake (I make) is ART. My music delves into the realm of understanding, but yet questioning where the truth is to be found when so many seem to be at a disconnect. Our message is a reasonable truth. It’s ART. And life imitates art imitating life. Just don’t verbatim copy it. Wink.” – Anthony T. Tran

The man behind the plan debuted his first song “Within” in his third short film Duality teaming up with Izal for the end credit eerie rock theme (performed live here in 2008) and then began working on an album in 2011. The following year, he released “Unfreeze (2012)” and “Shimmer of Longing” together on the expiration day of the Mayan Calendar 12.21.12. which got a decent amount of views when it premiered. (See the videos below.)

This year, he’s already made moves with a team of people who believe in his work in L.A. and has recorded a song in a professional studio including songs he wrote in 2015, to before and into present 2017. The long-awaited Centerpiece album is looking to make a debut sometime next year with new songs by his 30th birthday on February 9, 2018.

An exclusive verse from the demo “Astral” made its debut.

Tran’s recorded covers to KoRn, Lorde, Rammstein, GroupLove, Britney Spears, Linkin Park, Orgy and more. Parody songs like “Turnt Down On Tinder”, old school Avril Lavigne parodies and more are also on the web with a new set to be released for fun in the near future.

You can hear his music on these pages currently but mind you, some of these may not be updated once ART makes a solid name for himself. Enjoy the tracks and comment what you hope to hear from ART and the collaborative team and networks at Trippy Tran Films.

Debut music video under Tripp T

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