‘Vacation In Cincinnati’ New Cut Releases, Taking Critiques From Viewers

Take a trip to Cincinnati as Troy (Chris Corman, Obliquity: Imagery of the Unknown) and Gina (Amanda Eichelberger) suddenly win a contest to a killer concert in Ohio. As the girlfriend is unenthused by going to the ‘unheard of’ land, events turn inside out. Will they find out what the city really is about and enjoy what it has to offer? Find out in ‘My Vacation In Cincinnati’.

The Re-Mastered Film! Director’s Cut Official Release.

Get ready to jam out as this comedy adventure vacation drama unfolds! Trippy Tran Films has long-awaited the official release of ‘MVIC’ and below, we tell you what we did to make it the best possible movie and are also accepting critiques and feedback from viewers like you to tell us what you didn’t like or what you did like about the project.

Watch the official new release of the Director’s Cut above for free for a limited time only (available until the end of May 2015.)

MVIC - My Vacation Promo Collage 2015 - Coming Soon DVD

It began in 2012, Tran was scheduling and filming ‘Obliquity’ so much, it was like part of him believed that on December 21, 2012 the Mayan prophecy was going to be fulfilled and that he had to get it done. In the midst of doing this, 2 new projects were presented to him: in February, the drama ‘His Name Is Walter’ was made and then in May, Brown Mackie College-Cincinnati asked him to produce for the first time since he graduated college with ‘Coexist’ in March 2009. The film we made in association with students at BMC-C then became ‘My Vacation In Cincinnati’.

With big budget movies nowadays, how do we separate ourselves from the rest? As independent film makers, we find quality in uniting talents, some aren’t as discovered, so by discovering  and collaborating with them,  we get to promote their work – which then makes our project even greater as a whole giving us additional music or talents to pull from and utilize effectively.

Recently, Tran added 2 new songs to this director’s cut. The homely “My Ohio”by Elia Burkhart (who also contributed ‘Mr. Rabbit’ to Obliquity) and Tran’s own under his current artist name in the music industry, Trippy T with a new one just recorded a few weeks ago, “Discover”.


(left) Sonanze (Michail Sinenko) & (right) Anthony Tran (Trippy T) features new song “Discover”

What else is new in the cut you ask? Everything has been brightened up and color corrected, audio has been EQ to match between cuts a lot smoother than the previous release, a lot more clips were added to the mix and even new sound effects and longer sequences are all here to wet your appetite for adventure. This is the release we plan on putting on DVD with a few minor changes.

If you want to express any changes you think need to be made (especially if you are a Cincinnati native) write a comment below or email TrippyTranFilms@gmail.com

We are currently accepting all reviews, critiques and any feedback on the Director’s Cut before we finalize the DVD Collection. You have a voice! Thanks for watching!

What can you expect:
A magician, a stoner bed n’ breakfast, and a rockin’ band from Cincinnati making this dramedy a fun rockin’ adventure! Share with friends and support local artists everywhere.

MVIC - Stoner Edit FCP

Official Trippy Tran Films Shorts Collection 2008-2015 also planned for DVD release later this year.

Music by:
“Discover” by Trippy T & Sonanze – *NEW SONG*
“My Ohio” – Elia Burkhart
“Copy Cat Killa” – The Front Runners
“Letting Go”, “Tease” – Lying In Ruins

Director’s Cut online for free. Limited viewing. Only available to watch in the month of May 2015.


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Watch the original 48 Hour Director’s Cut to see the differences between the new two cuts and check out the new bonus features released so far to the film below:


©2015 Trippy Tran Films, LLC


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