MTV’s Scream – Season 1 Finale (Screamson 1)


Being a fan off horror/thrillers, Trippy Tran Films writer/director Anthony Rory Tran experienced Wes Craven’s SCREAM when he was 13 years old. Movies like this have inspired him as a filmmaker (read the Inspiring Scares article by Slasher Studios) and when Scream 5 got cancelled, a spin-off stand-alone show was announced in 2013. Now 2 years later at the tail end of summer 2015, the final episode of MTV’s Scream is here. (See below for character theories!)


Now has the series so far lived up to the original films? It’s interpretive. For Tran, he believes that there are moments that will leave chills and horrify, but are also moments that drag with too many side stories (like most TV show spinoffs of movies) and not enough scenes with long lasting suspense, minus episode 7 “In The Trenches” and most of episode 3 “Wanna Play A Game” as those never let go of the suspense we know and love in a franchise like this. A lot of people also agree, there isn’t a lot of chase scenes. The killer seems to get his dinner and go, wanting some fast food for his murderous appetite – as Noah might say.


Wes Craven born Aug 2, 1939 passes this weekend on Aug 30, 2015, the weekend before the finale of MTV’s Scream. MTV said they are doing a tribute to him after the episode. Not to be a Piper, but isn’t that a little odd that the director of the beloved franchise dies before the season finale of a not-s0-lived-up TV series of the same name? R.I.P. Wes Craven. You made some of the most unique horror films to-date.

11693855_392667700933340_1076644038504516751_n11221450_412717265595050_5095526965377941513_nSo now with the final episode, MTV is asking everyone to tell them #WHOISTHEKILLER for season 1. Could there be a new story and killer in season 2? A continuance? How long can this Brandon James story last also as it does delve into the supernatural realm a bit – which was announced when the show greenlighted in 2013.

MTV Scream season finale

Anthony Tran gives his two cents from watching this season breaking down the characters, theories and who he thinks is the killer below! The season finale is tonight!!!!! See it tonight and then come back tomorrow to hear our thoughts on the season. Watch it tonight on MTV 10pm/9pm central. (All photos are owned by the respective artists.) CONTAINS SPOILERS!

P.S. You’ll never hear the classic song “Daisy Bell” the same way ever again after watching this!

Scream cast

Emma – The girl next door is relatable to a point, but makes really stupid decisions most times. I even once blurted out “I hate you Emma” for her poor decision making. Emma and her dreams of her as the killer, seeing her dad in a psych ward and more make me think she could be unaware how she is involved. Or she really is just traumatized.

Brooke – Hot sexy chick with mayor daddy issues (major mayor) who sleeps with her teacher. She was dumb at first to leave them alone at the police station to get her fix but hey, when your family is that f’d up, you need some lovin’! She’s grown on me since then and she has genuine moments. I think she should be season 2 or 3’s lead to expand her own psychotic trauma.

Audrey – Butch and dangerous, this girl’s video started the murders or so we think. She has some fun moments with her dark side, and seems like she wants to help, but at the same time, nobody has ever called her to stalk her, she shows up at random times, and she seems to hate everyone besides Noah and Emma – but maybe to manipulate Emma. I vote her as the killer. She is a little cookie-cutter, but has is  an enjoyable character. Fun fact: Her character name was in my debut featife film script in 2009 which had an Audrey based off of a schoolmate of mine in 6th grade. I have yet to see a movie with that name since. Is she the killer?

Noah – Great references, but he has just the same amount of suspicious tendencies as Audrey. He finds the killer’s lair, the weapon, the bowling alley… is he here to move the plot along or can he do something else for once? His development died when Riley did. His indie line was funny though, especially since the filming looked a bit independent film-esque. Is it Killer vs. Killer with bi-curious and virgin?

Kieran – Dark and mysterious, but genuine about Emma it seems. We don’t know much about him besides that he just moved to Lakewood. Perfect timing for the murders, but maybe he is there to protect Lakewood. His dad sucks at his job, however. I would like to see him explored in season 2 moreso and help rather than be the killer because he seems concerned. Or is he a killer?

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Jake – The Jake gave creepy face to Brooke in the bowling alley. I think he could be a killer – or is just really really dumb. He is manipulative and selfish. His character has no redeeming qualities. Capital douche. 

Maggie/Daisy – The mom is so stressed with dead bodies every day, could she snap? Her life seems haunted by the past but is she really a whore of a mother like the killer said? If so, there is a lot of possible kids that could be her children. She also comes off wooden sometimes but she is a coroner. Her past still seems highly unexplored, just theorized. She could be the catalyst for Season 2.

Sheriff Hudson – I hate how he is written. So boring and plain.. I prefer Bate’s Motel sheriff’s anyday. He always acted like he found out who did it. You got the wrong guy. . Again. But whatever carry on Lakewood. Literally a pig. He was rude to the detective who was helping and look at where you’re at now buddy! A possible next victim. The killer is not working with him BECAUSE if he was, he/she wouldn’t need to sneak around to knock him out. I hope he moves away or gets off the show. Or give him better writing.

Piper – Our Gale Weathers of podcasting, she has a troubled past but doesn’t seem to let it get to her. She plugged in a flash drive in the sheriff’s station so she could have done something there since the police are so stupid in this show. (And in Long Beach/Lakewood, CA.. and even moreso in Lakewood, CO – don’t get me started..) She seems to be pulling some tricky moves on Emma but could she honestly want to kill her classmates? To avenge Brandon James? For her show? I don’t think so. But if she did, it would have to be like a horror broadcast and I feel like it’s been done to death. I think she honestly is trying to play everyone to see who really is the killer.

Branson – “Brandon’s Son”? I Still Know What You Did Last Summer almost came out 20 years ago. How stupid would that be to make that the cool thing to do. He is a smart teacher besides his promiscuous activity with the students. Unless he was involved in more sex scandals, I don’t see why he would risk his life in jail or for a death sentence to attack these guys. His voice does sound like the killer who calls Emma, though. If he is related, it would be against the “You’ll Never See It Coming” tagline because they shoved him as the killer in the last couple episodes. I think he is a red herring. Hopefully he’ll find his way. Would be neat to see him targeted in season 2.

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Our victims:

Nina – You didn’t last long. You should’ve had a better security system in that giant house. You seemed like a Beeyotch but maybe in college you would’ve been a better person. Well we needed you out of season 1 so Brooke could lead.

Tyler – who? Oh yeah.. you had like two lines. Him and Will were more male eye candy than anyone on the show give or take Branson and maybe Jake for the “celeb” look. Not enough of him in the show.

Riley – Just when we started to like you, you had to leave the police station. Well Emma didn’t tell you you were a target so woops! You seemed like a girl that could really help for a few episodes before getting off’d but we all digress.

Will – As you were doing the right thing and becoming more likable, same thing happened… you got killed. Or was it in Emma’s head? You began to show heart in this season. Too bad you’re gone. You and Riley should’ve lived longer!!!

Rachel – You cutting yourself and feeling bad about your sexuality made you more of a real teenage character than some of these fake manipulating liars. But here again, you were killed off way too fast. But why? You don’t even go to the school!? Did Noah, Daisy, Audrey’s dad, or the mayor do it? Maybe Branson? I vote Noah as he didn’t want anyone to get in the way of his friendship with Audrey.

So that’s what I got from this show. What are your thoughts guys? Thanks MTV for the show. We hope you enjoyed this insightful breakdown. Now make season 2 double amazing and if you need anyone on set for crew or for acting, look me up. Happy Screamson Finale!

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